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President Obama's Proposed Budget

The recently proposed Presidential budget seems to have enemies on the right and on the left. The left doesn't like that some social programs are getting cut and the right objects to the proposed tax increases. This will generate some useless 'debate' on TV and in the papers for a while as the 'experts' weigh in. My opinion is that it is a complete and utter joke. We do not need to make some little tweaks here and there. We need real changes. We are on an unsustainable path. We need a budget that nobody likes because there needs to be drastic cuts in spending and increases in some taxes. Defense spending, Medicare, and Social Security costs must not only be considered, but dratically cut despite the political opposition to do so. Even if you disagree with my take, I would love to hear how any sane person actually believes that Federal revenues will increase by 65% in only a 4 year period. That is what the President's budget is counting on and it is absurd.


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