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445 days ago.
by neocurmudgeon74

Power Shortages Now and in the Future

Are the power problems in some western states an indication of troubled times in the future? The Obama Administration's war on coal and oil is already taking its toll on Americans' lives.


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Have to slightly disagree w/ mythravere. China is not "content" w/ its air pollution, they want to catch up to the West in air quality, as soon as they can afford to.

Not just smog, they're taking action on carbon dioxide emissions. They have introduced a carbon tax -- not nationwide, a pilot project. & they're bringing on renewable energy faster than any other country. All dwarfed by their use of coal, of course. But it's hard to say they're doing less than the U.S.A.

Posted 445 days ago.


Why do some people believe predictions of the future climate change with such furor but refuse to recognize the damage of such faith in the hare and now? This area is such a small consumer of electrical power that we are an exporter of the excess power to the bigger users of the Metropolitan East Coast corridor. When push comes to shove as to who will receive power, do you think we of the little valley or those of massive users will maintain power? The bigger market will win out if we follow the way things usually work. We will be left in the dark while the Liberal cities will still have their lights on to keep the inner city, parasitic dwellers pacified. If the streets go dark in those areas the animals will come out and take whatever they feel they are due. Bread and circuses, bread and circuses. Our smaller populations would be much easier to control than the hoards in the big cities.

Posted 445 days ago.


Do the power companies even have the excess generation capacity to provide massive amounts of electricity for aluminum smelters like Ormet or the Ravenswood aluminum plant? With the number of old coal plants that have been discontinued can they make enough to support a manufacturing base that once existed along the river? Ampo was going to build a newplant around Racine but when the cost of building exceeded estimates by 100% (2billion then 4billion or more) the plan was scuttled. You can't sell more than you make but you can raise the price to where people turn almost everything off to afford the bill. Welcome to the '90s the 1890s.

Posted 454 days ago.


With the exception of the occasional wind power outages around here. None due to Obama that's for sure.

Posted 454 days ago.


We have to quit burning OUR coal so we can ship it to China and India to feed THEIR manufacturing bases.

Posted 542 days ago.


Instead of increasing our standard of living King Obama seems quite content to lowering ours to third world levels and doing his best to make sure we get there. Rolling brown and black outs will be remembered with fondness as "the good old days".

Posted 585 days ago.


Did anyone notice when the Central California Coastal area lost power they had to call in extra police due to the roaches coming out when the lights were off? View of the future.

Posted 585 days ago.


This might make sense if you know the whole world was game for doing the same thing. But places like China...yep they are content with turning noon into night still from their pollution.

Curtailing our emissions will do nothing for the environment while everyone else is content on burning as much fossil fuel as they can.

It will cause energy prices to go up.

Posted 586 days ago.

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