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846 days ago.
by Geezer

The Big Ten Eleven Twelve-Maybe thirteen

whooda thunked. intellegent leadership in the big ten. I dont think so. legends and leaders and 12 teams in the big ten. if any thing is wasted, it has to be the intellegent quotient of the so called big ten. I believe my five year old grandson was on the commitee with his buddies to come up with the names of the divisions and were also responsable for the poor math in counting the teams. Big Ten, how is that again. Excuse me about what I said about my grandson. I believe his IQ is somewhat to large to serve on the "Big Ten Twelve" Commitee. Question. Why do all Big ten fans have a shiny face and hold a bad opinion of all other conferences. The news media rates Ohio State in the top every year and every year Ohio State proves that they really dont belong there.


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Posted 846 days ago.

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