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28 days ago.
by rmking93
Cross Dressing

Posts: 5 - I am a happily married, heterosexual, father, husband, and cross dresser. I have uncontrollable urges, to dress in women’s clothes, similar to addiction. I have no desire, to be with a man.

141 days ago.
by Geezer
Parkersburg News

Posts: 4 - People living out of state, wanting to get Parkersburg News, Try WTAP, it has more than others!

233 days ago.
by Geezer
Latrobe St Mission

Posts: 33 - REALLY? The 'mission' is being granted a huge amount of money to buy, tear down and rebuild apt. houses on Latrobe st to use for the people at the mission.

233 days ago.
by Caspiansynn
Please bring the comments back.

Posts: 13 - I would be the first to admit that a few short months ago the comments section of this site was troll central but there were a lot of legitimate posters as well, many of whom have very few outlets...

304 days ago.
by Larry247
Improving urban design.

Posts: 1 - The way the Vienna-Parkersburg area is currently laid out is an atrocity in urban planning.

304 days ago.
by Larry247
God, Time and Hawking

Posts: 1 - From his book, "The Grand Design", Stephen Hawking says the following: 1.

Food inflation expected to nearly double

Posts: 0 - and still cpi/ cola for many will remain pretty much flat or miniscule in their increases. exception will be taxes raised or not reduced no matter how tough it is in the area

328 days ago.
by Privatized
Charleston At RADCON 4 - Radiation Levels

Posts: 21 - Remember the nuke meltdowns in Japan? Three complete reactor meltdowns and the fourth severely damaged. Think thousands of Chernobyls as the problem continues to grow and spread.


Posts: 0 - we had all best start paying attention and do so closely. the state is broke or so they say; the county is broke or so they sa.

344 days ago.
by lysetshastighed
Revenue Shortfall

Posts: 1 - "At that rate, the state's general fund could be nearly $130 million in the red by June 30".

344 days ago.
by Privatized
Internet Speeds are very low.

Posts: 19 - Does anyone feel they are getting ripped off by their local internet providers? I for one do. I work hard for m money and expect to get what I pay for.

Eagle Scout Anthony Kist

Posts: 0 - Anthony, what a fine young man you are. You are what every scout should be. There aren't many stories about kids that are community-minded and positive thinking.

723 days ago.
by BOLO52
Why are we so taken with Christmas?

Posts: 0 - One month before Christmas the stores started their sales push for Christmas, decorations and sales appeared overnight.

758 days ago.
by Kendall78
Just how much individuals spend for Halloween

Posts: 0 - It's time for Halloween! If you have not found an exceptional costume, filled up your coffers with candy and festooned your lawn with all the functions of a zombie headache, then you most likely...

936 days ago.
by klwindland
Benefit ATV Poker Run "Relay for Life"

Posts: 0 - May 12, 2012 at Wildwood Lake Raceway 2392 Wildwood Lake Rd, Little Hocking, OH 45742. Sign up at 11 am 4 hour guided Trail Ride starts at 12 noon.

958 days ago.
by DickCheney
Is humanity coalescing into a world wide culture.

Posts: 0 - I have been wondering as of late if humanity is coalescing into a world wide culture? And if the current state of affairs in the world is evidence of "growing" pains for this new emerging...

1034 days ago.
by Geezer
Change the user rating system on this website. Yes or no?

Posts: 0 - I vote yes. The user rating system needs changed.

1359 days ago.
by intheshadows
first date idea

Posts: 0 - ok heres the deal, i am new to town, and already have a first date, problem which is why im posting, i have no clue as to what parkersburg marreita or belpre or vienna has to offer, espically in th...

1525 days ago.
by newscctv
The spammers are amongst us.

Posts: 0 - Here ye here ye! This is a call to arms.(sort of) I am calling on my fellow purveyors of the News&Sentinel Website to lay the smackdown on these spammers that have showed up on her.

1533 days ago.
by Observer
why not

Posts: 0 - put a link to the forums somewhere like at the top of the page? interaction is a great way to get people to return to your website.