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College Sports

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1334 days ago.
by Antisthenes56
PA governor to sue NCAA

Posts: 3 - N&S Around Sports column. Harrisburg, PA - Pennsylvania Gov.

1377 days ago.
by slingblade
Welcome Coach H! Now, lets go win a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

Posts: 0 - With H & JC, WVU has the makings to win it all in 2 - 3 years!

1575 days ago.
by PCC1981
Predictions on the Mountaineers first year in the Big 12?

Posts: 0 - Let's here how you think the Mountaineers will do during their first year in the Big 12. Will they catch people taking them too lightly or will the Big 12's offenses wear our D out?

Does the governing bodies of college sports need to limit the number of foreign players!

Posts: 0 - Look at the rosters of our college tennis, baseball, golf, and volleyball teams; well over 90% of the team is foreign. Wake-up America!

2057 days ago.
by joe1cr
Should the Big East expand to 10 or 12 teams? If so, who should be added?

Posts: 0 - The latest rumors of TCU being added are circulating around the web. Now, who else should the Big East add to even the numbers?

2083 days ago.
by PCC1981
What's Up With WVU? What kind of team are they this year?

Posts: 0 - The Mountaineers haven't been consistent at either the run or the pass. The defense seems to having good spells. What's your thoughts?

2161 days ago.
by Kendall78
WVU vs LSU Predictions!

Posts: 0 - Here's mine: WVU 24, LSU 21 Geno goes for 250 - 270 yrds passing with 3 TDs and 1 int (LSU has a great safety/corner). 1 TD each to Tavon and Steadman, 1 to Noel on a screen pass around LSU's 25-30.

2169 days ago.
by PCC1981
Will the Big East/WVU have a fair chance this year?

Posts: 0 - Of course the main criteria is if WVU and the rest of the Big East plays well. But let's assume we have one really nice year. Will the NCAA be fair to us and give us the ranking we deserve?