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County and city politics

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369 days ago.
by Kunectdots
Welcome to Parkersburg! (home of the bums)

Posts: 37 - Drive across the toll bridge into Parkersburg and what's the first sight you see? How about a pathetic looking being bumming for money? There's a crew that work's the end of the Memorial Bridge,...

549 days ago.
by Kunectdots
Peyton Place 26101

Posts: 12 - Do we even have a clue about what is going on in this city? Just when things are going smoothly the people in power prove once again they can't be trusted.

579 days ago.
by Fastbass
pay raises

Posts: 1 - yippie weenie; city wants to raise rates for water/ sewage because cannot meet obligations on improvements. yet, first words now out of their mouths are "PAY RAISES".

660 days ago.
Bob Tebay wants to be removed from ballot.

Posts: 6 - The Wood County Commission this morning decided to seek an opinion from the West Virginia Attorney General on a candidate's request to pull out of the May primary election.

824 days ago.
by Geezer
Registration of transient workers

Posts: 3 - Should local law enforcement departments have authority to set up registrations for transient workers, who might otherwise be more difficult to track than permanent residents? When illegals can...

editorial on city of vienna budget

Posts: 0 - was a very interesting and informative editorial today on why the position of an economic development person should be eliminated from this year's budget while a $461K shortfall in place for next...

917 days ago.
Wood County Gun Ranges

Posts: 11 - Will the County officials actually use the information garnered by its committee on gun ranges, or just muddle through with anew ordinance to restrict the lawful use of personal property?

950 days ago.
by teflon
Wood County Board of Education

Posts: 2 - Once again the BOE is coming under fire, and it's no wonder. First, there is the Stadium Field fiasco.

952 days ago.
by WVDOT70
new stadium

Posts: 1 - guess the chickens have come home to roost. as with most knee jerk programs the cost over runs are just surfacing. the shoe (visitor side) has yet to drop. the school board is liable.....

Home Rule

Posts: 0 - Mr rockholds dialog on all the advantages of home rule in 2014 leave out one important aspect. that is the abuse to charge more and higher taxes/ fees/ costs on to those least able to pay them.

1000 days ago.
by Privatized
Ripped off again

Posts: 4 - got my water bill Wednesday. was estimate dated the 8th of November. the 8th had a high of 50 degrees. water dept. could not read meters at 50? estimate is supposed to be last 3 month average.

County Revenue

Posts: 0 - Commission is complaining about revenue.

1058 days ago.
by Kendall78
Fort Boreman Park VS Point Park

Posts: 8 - Which park should Parkersburg be focusing on?

1093 days ago.
Stadium Field is Out of Control

Posts: 7 - ...and the BOE is behind the wheel. The malcontent and mistreatment of Parkersburg's "second-class citizens" has come to a hea.

1152 days ago.
by Tinfoilhat
Parkersburg City Park Fourth of July Carnival 2013

Posts: 2 - FAIL! It reeked of urine, body odor and cigarette smoke. The rides look damaged, repaired and damaged again and their restraints were laughable at best.

1472 days ago.
by Kendall78
$3 Parkersburg User Fee

Posts: 0 - So the council wants to impose a tax for working inside the city limits of Parkersburg. But is imposing a $3 weekly fee really the best way to solve this problem?

1708 days ago.
by slingblade
Don't tell the MOV Health Dept!

Posts: 0 - "ICELAND is considering banning the sale of cigarettes and making them a prescription-only produc.