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State politics

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84 days ago.
Constitutional Carry

Posts: 2 - New law doesn't eliminate concealed carry permit procedure, only modifies existing process. Permit will still be needed if holder wants to remain able to carry in reciprocal states.

264 days ago.
by leonwesker
I love the state of W. Va..

Posts: 3 - We may not bend to the whim of the silver-tongued talking heads on the magic box in our living rooms but we aren't as stupid as you think we are.

436 days ago.
by Ohwiseone
Straight-ticket voting

Posts: 1 - Why does WV still have this cheap and easy way of voting? If you take the time to go out an vote, you should be able to take a few more minutes to actually vote for everyone you actually want to...

946 days ago.
by Kendall78
American Third Position Party

Posts: 1 - While going through the candidates for the upcoming WV governor election in October, 2011...I was shocked to see this political party actually being represented in the election.

948 days ago.
by mythravere
2014 election

Posts: 1 - is probably a good thing two delegates are throwing in the towel.

MONEY of course

Posts: 0 - several politicians crying "where do we get the money" for just about everything. well AGAIN, I say collect what is DUE from people.

home rule

Posts: 0 - with the state crying poormouth and an anticipated shortfall of over $40 Million up to $400 Million (depends on the reporter); the state is still considering home rule for another 15 cities.

budget shortfall

Posts: 0 - state is allegedly going to have a $400M. shortfall this year. maybe if it made an effort to collect what is due instead of ignoring the law would have more income than less?

1034 days ago.
county looking for new revenue

Posts: 1 - if the county would collect what is NOW owed to them instead of wanting to increase or add it would have a large chunk of legal money to us.