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Dog killed after attacking family

September 10, 2013

MARIETTA — At least one person was injured Monday night in a dog attack in Palmer Township that ended with the animal being shot and killed....

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Sep-11-13 12:14 PM

Citycomplainer,: As a matter of fact, I am. And partially paralyzed. It's a shame humans don't have the compassion of dogs. At least they don't voice their ignorance.You have a great day.

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Sep-11-13 9:21 AM

@city, so sorry to hear that your family is legally stupid. There is a fix for that but its in the other article about the gun range. I bet your one of those anonymous posters too. You know, the one that will talk trash then hide behind an anonymous name or the police. You are a coward.

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Sep-10-13 9:01 PM

@citycomplainer13...I hear ya! My family doesn't cause me any trouble, but I'd sure protect my dog before I'd protect a certain neighbor I have. He!!, I'd protect someone elses dog before I'd protect my neighbor!!

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Sep-10-13 5:56 PM

The most horrifying example of the lack of breed predictability is the October 2000 death of a 6-week-old baby, which was killed by her family's Pomeranian dog. The average weight of a Pomeranian is about 4 pounds, and they are not thought of as a dangerous breed. Note, however, that they were bred to be watchdogs! The baby's uncle left the infant and the dog on a bed while the uncle prepared her bottle in the kitchen. Upon his return, the dog was mauling the baby, who died shortly afterwards. ("Baby Girl Killed by Family Dog," Los Angeles Times, Monday, October 9, 2000, Home Edition, Metro Section, Page B-5.)In this case size didn't matter. BTW: The spaniel wasn't our pet, but a stray that came around.

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Sep-10-13 5:01 PM

I own a Bullmastiff who weighs 140lbs. He lets kids tug his ears, hug him, etc. Any dog that supposedly "attacks" a whole family, there is something else going on. ANY dog can react in an aggressive manner if not properly trained. Size does NOT matter.

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Sep-10-13 4:51 PM

Hey citycomplainer13.... My mastiff mix weighs in at 130# and he blends in so well with the carpet that he is so hard to see. He has been tripped over many times, but, he's never freaked out and bit anyone. He's a good boy.Not mean, but any dog will bite.

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Sep-10-13 3:52 PM


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Sep-10-13 3:44 PM

@citycomplainer...Sometimes I disagree with you, but not this time. Granny lived with this dog~~not a small dog, either. And, she tripped over it? And one dog attacking the whole family~~at the same time? Dang, I bet a pitbull couldn't attack a whole family simultaneously!

I think there is more to the story.

And @ RANDOM21...A cocker spaniel, seriously? And no one shed a tear over the dog. Yeah, it sounds like you and gramps are a couple of caring pet owners. I wouldn't trust you with a goldfish.

"Peaches" has spoken.

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Sep-10-13 3:09 PM

Quite possible for a GRANDMOTHER to turn to leave and not see the dog lying on the floor. But any dog looses it right to live by attacking multiple family members and turning on its owner. Glad he didn't hesitate any longer and where would the dog go if it had lived? A dog bit my brother many years back, but Grandpa dispatched that cocker spaniel in less than five minutes after it happened. Never shed a tear for a dead mad dog.

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Sep-10-13 2:00 PM

Poor little puppy. Yeah right. Full grown it would weigh in excess of 120 pounds of solid muscle, bred to protect. Grandmother tripped on dog startled it and it lashed out in reaction. Then it attacked those that came to woman's aid. Owner attempted to use 12 gauge shotgun and dog turned on him. Owner finally used 30-30 to dispatch the Hound of the Baskervilles. I've tripped on my 90 pound yellow retriever and all he'll do is move out of the way. He's a good dog, with no bad attitude, ever.

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Sep-10-13 1:35 PM

A Mastiff (or mix) is capable of extreme viciousness! As is any animal. So much goes into their personalities. All from the humans that raise them. If they are raised with love and kindness, talked to gently and corrected firmly but consistently, they are less likely to be a threat, but you should never let down your guard. I saw someone called it a "puppy". I have no idea how big this dog was, but even a young Mastiff is capable of killing. Sad story.Feel sorry for the dog. He is in a better place. I think people should have to have required training before they can own a Mastiff, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Pit Bulls, etc. Those kinds of dogs need to be socialized constantly. A good owner is the Alpha male to their animal. This prevents a lot of trouble with your animal.

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Sep-10-13 9:23 AM

Should have talked to dog quietly and instigated a family intervention to determine underlying aggressiveness. Problem more than likely caused by stressful youth when raised by a *****. Biggest problem in my experience with trying to determine intent....Oh, he won't bite... is that most people don't speak "dog". People are nuts when it comes to animals!!!

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Sep-10-13 7:10 AM

There you go: "Let sleeping dogs lie."

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Sep-10-13 3:41 AM

Yep, they always say, "they're such a loving breed".

Just saying, they have that capacity, so I don't want one around and won't turn my back on one.

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