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Several homes raided in drug bust

August 12, 2013

PARKERSBURG — Law enforcement agencies stormed at least two structures in the city this morning during a drug raid....

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Aug-26-13 4:09 PM

Police did there job now get the Judges to do there job and put them away for a long time

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Aug-18-13 11:51 PM

And as much as I think it's a waste of time and money to do all these busts on marijuana and from someone who strongly agrees with the legalization of it,you don't got to rag on Sgt Collins,he's just doing his job!

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Aug-18-13 4:55 PM

This area is only going to get more interesting!!!.You people get so excited over a little drug bust!!?? Noone wants to talk about how the Mob and their soldiers are slowly but surely taking over! Then there will be something to talk about

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Aug-16-13 6:33 AM

Kunectdots, You are a real winner! Its know wonder drugs are a major problem in this area. You have the brain of a burnt out dope smoker from the 60s. Some people never grow up, you my friend are one of them. Sorry you took the time to read this or have someone read it to you. Now run down to your mail box and pick up your free food card or your free phone. you are what is wrong in America today.

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Aug-13-13 5:06 PM

h ttp:// om/photos/cnn-s-gupta-i-was-wrong-about-marijuana-1376329655-slideshow/

All those tax dollars - THAT COULD BE MADE FROM THE LEGAL SALES OF MARIJUANA- not to be realized because of perpetual ignorance of the subject.

Those unrealized tax proceeds to even go to pay for (gasp!) REAL, IMPORTANT LAW ENFORCMENT. .

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Aug-13-13 1:53 PM

mgdman one leads to another have to star some where

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Aug-13-13 1:37 PM

I thought it said Drugs? . what a waste of time this is mean while meth is all over the place but congrats you got some tiny pot plants

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Aug-13-13 12:31 PM

I'm 'AMAZED' that you don't think their are those of us out here that know when we're having smoke blown up our backsides. We came of age in the 60's and 70's and have a pretty good understanding of the marijuana culture. The stuff was out there then, it's out there know and it will be out there AND ATTRACTIVE to much of today's youth that don't like being told "you can't do this".

It should be legalized and grown commercially so that the people that want it, AND ARE GOING TO GET IT DESPITE SGT. COLLIN'S BEST EFFORTS, know exactly what they are ingesting.

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Aug-13-13 10:45 AM

I read the articles and comments in the paper every day and never comment. However, after reading the three comments here, I can’t help but to remark on how ignorant and uneducated some people can be. I am amazed that someone out there could actually be negative about getting drugs off our streets. Let me ask you, do you have children? Do you want them smoking this? Or better yet, selling for the people who are growing it? The officers that are taking action to get the drugs off our streets have to be very dedicated. It takes time away from their families and a lot of hard work, sometimes off the clock, not to mention risking their life. Is it that difficult to say “Thank you” instead of complaining about law enforcement doing their job? I am very grateful for the hard working law enforcement that have done a great job over the last year and I think it is time our community shows some appreciation.

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Aug-13-13 8:44 AM

More wasted money fighting a "drug" that is harmless. Legalize it and put the savings to use somewhere else.

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Aug-12-13 9:41 PM

Sgt. Collins appears to be getting ready to run for office. Voters remember how his math works! Just like "body counts" in Vietnam. Bump up the number to make people feel like we are winning. Obviously the real message here is that drug producers are not scared of the Parkersburg Police. Those people aren't scared of very much, especially getting caught. Meanwhile, police pat themselves on the back and solve nothing. I would bet they have MANY such places around town. The police will find a few and never know about the rest.I'm glad they took care of this hiccup. Let's be honest about the "street value". Probably one-tenth of the stated value. I'm not a buyer of pot, but, really? Speak the truth.

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Aug-12-13 7:26 PM

Those little potted plants already have a "street value" of $2000 a piece???

Whose doing the accounting here?

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