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Networks touting Hillary?

August 11, 2013

Would it be “fair” for NBC and CNN to air programming on the life of Hillary Clinton in 2015 when she has not said if she will be a candidate for president in 2016? That’s the issue being raised by......

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Aug-14-13 11:38 PM

Wow, You people really think she has got a chance? She is a known pathological liar ( but then they all are) her best friend off himself on a park bench after watching the "A few good men" numerous times to prevent him from testifying against the Clintons. She also told reporters that she was under sniper fire in Bosia as well as lied about how she got her name from a famous climber ( she was born before he made the climb) Women hate her and she is not very good with people under her. Bill will always be better but not much

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Aug-14-13 7:19 PM

She got beat by a political novice meaning she wasn't as strong as you guys want to believe and it's no getting any better as 4 in 10 voters view her unfavorably. Keep telling yourself she's a lock.

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Aug-14-13 6:40 PM

Had the concept of "hope and change"not captured and/or imprisoned the political choice of the active youth vote in the election of 2008,gender voting would have been successful in 2008.

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Aug-14-13 6:23 PM

Wasn't essentially the same gurantee made in 05? How'd that work out?

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Aug-14-13 6:15 PM

The only thing final I have to say is: Gender will determine heavily Hillary Rodham Clinton's Presidential legacy,beginning January 20th 2017.

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Aug-14-13 5:37 PM

Personally, I though Hildog was the best candidate in 2008, which is why I voted for her. I like she, realized that Obama was an elitist blowing smoke who lacked the ability to do all he promised. Charlatans rarely do.

Saying that, with all Hildog began the campaign with, the presumptive nominee with the name and money to win handily, to lose to an unproven no name phony, regardless of what you think, is a shellacking. That's as simple as it is regardless of how much one wants to deny the truth.

Anything else?

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Aug-14-13 4:26 PM

Hillary did not get "spanked" in the 2008 presidential election as one obviously biased, yet unquestionably incorrect poster would lead you to believe. I remember the election clearly. The young voters -akin to the current president-came out in droves to vote for "hope and change",that not only upset the opportunity for Hillary to correct the calamity "President Cheney" got this country into,backed by the blessing of his boss, one Mr. Bushy,but also angered the young voters 4 years later by not going to the polls. The astute Hillary Clinton has learned from this;the reason she will be our next President,who was restore this great country to its glory years of her husband,one President William Jefferson Clinton.

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Aug-14-13 2:47 PM

Au contraire mon frère, you’re the one that claims Hildog is the greatest thing since sliced bread and has empathetically stated that she is “squeaky clean.” The problem with your assessment of the former first lady turned Senator turned Secretary of State is despite your claims is that she got spanked by a novice, a nobody with no experience, a relative greenhorn.

I would submit that the ONLY thing Hildog can add to her resume since that humiliation at the hands of a tenderfoot is a subpar performance as SOS in which her biggest claim to fame is either covering up Benghazi or getting drunk with the troops in Brazil, you choose. Hardly the stuff of ‘squeaky clean.’

Now you say that as Obama won’t be running, a legitimate question needs no answer to which I would submit, you’re either petrified of the answer or you don’t know. At any rate, the Presidency was handed to Hildog once and she choked. It will happen again.

In May.

Not November.

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Aug-14-13 9:52 AM

AaronS...Obama will not be running for President. The question does not need to be answered.

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Aug-13-13 3:30 PM

You've yet to answer suttle how HIldog, being all you claim she is, lost to an up and comer novice like Barrack Obama.

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Aug-13-13 12:10 PM

I don't know why the Republicans are all upset? Hillary, if she runs for President, will win. The Republicans know this, they just don't want to accept it...Like they thought that Romney was going to beat Obama...and then folks voted...Romney lost big in Romney got wacked. The Republican Congress is the best friend for Democrats. The Republican Congress has attacked the blacks, Hispanics, women, college kids, the middle class and anything else that resembles a voter...other than a white guy. The Republicans have not figured out yet that there are not enough white guys...must be that FOX bubble that Republicans call home.

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Aug-13-13 11:39 AM

(Pounding on Desk) WHAT DOES IT MATTER?

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Aug-12-13 2:24 PM

MD, I do not consider Jimmy Carter an imbecile , bad president of course. Now I did look that definition up online and found that a synonym for imbecile is manydemocrats.

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Aug-12-13 1:32 PM

The latest twist in the neverending story of the Republican National Committee's opposition to a pair of television projects about Hillary Clinton turned RNC chair Reince Priebus into a figure of mockery by Monday morning.

Priebus vowed to ban NBC and CNN from upcoming Republican debates if they aired the two programs, even though both were being developed separately from each networks' news division. On Saturday, though, the New York Times reported that the television division of Fox in talks to produce the NBC miniseries. Fox News, of course, would not be involved, but there was still a neat parallel to be drawn.

On Sunday, Priebus spoke to CNN's Candy Crowley about the Fox involvement, and she asked the salient question about his stance.

"If we follow your logic, do you think that there then is a connection to Fox News and would they be subject to the same kind of scrutiny?" Crowley asked.

From the Huffington Post.


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Aug-12-13 12:33 PM

I think we all are acutely aware of who struggles intellectually.

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Aug-12-13 11:49 AM

ROFLMBO AaronS: Of his quotes, I like his political affiliation as it closely mirrors mine. ENOUGH SAID, I NOW KNOW THAT HE IS AN IMBECILE TOO!!!----------And joeblow: You also made me chuckle with your ""Racist"" remark, absolutely TOO FUNNY!!!--------------And wvubob: Not only will I call him an imbecile, he is a MORONIC IMBECILE {IN CAPITOL LETTERS}... Like all veterans, I thank him for his service. BUT, Just because he served in the military does not make him someone to be WORSHIPED. Jimmy Carter also served in the Military!!! DUH!!!

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Aug-12-13 10:40 AM

ManyD - that sounded sort of racist.

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Aug-12-13 10:39 AM

denver, CNN and MSNBC both ran documentaries before the conventions last year on Obama and Romney. Very different than a feature length film or two.

md, Col West is someone who served with honor for 22 years in the military so that true imbeciles can spew their hatred. I do not know if you are a veteran or not, but if you are more the "shame on you" for calling him an imbecile.

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Aug-12-13 10:05 AM

Dr. Ben Carson is a world renowned neurosurgeon famous for separating the first set of conjoined twins. He later wrote about the experience in a book that later became a movie titled Gifted Hands. He’s won numerous awards for both his medical practice and his work with disadvantaged in neuroscience. In his later years he’s become somewhat of a political figure with his views on many issues including political correctness, taxation and health care. Of his quotes, I like his political affiliation as it closely mirrors mine.

“Carson has identified himself as being independent of any political party. "If I were part of one, it would be called the 'Logic party,' and it would be dedicated to commonsense approaches we all should be able to see." This would include "recognizing that our debt is so great we have got to stop digging the hole and spend less."

He is a very intelligent individual. I’m not surprised in the least that you’ve not heard of him MD.

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Aug-12-13 5:16 AM

Last year before the elections, the so called liberal media at CNN, showed a very nice Romney documentary. What did the republicans say about that? Hypocrites!

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Aug-11-13 11:44 PM

I have never heard of this Dr Benjamin Carson..... But Col. Allen West? Is the same Radical Black Imbecile from Florida that you would vote for? .....Have you been drinking, smoking, shooting or sniffing some illegal substances?

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Aug-11-13 11:24 PM

Lots of old white guys refused to vote for the lesser of 2 evils in the last election.If DR.Benjamin Carson or Col. Allen West---Both black men,were to run in 2016,both would get my vote.

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Aug-11-13 11:13 PM

Blah--Blah--Blah.Hillary this and Hillary that.What a bunch of hogwash and tommyrot.This country is ran by people who have never done an honest days work,but if you play on name--gender or race your are sure to get elected.Right or Left--Republicans or Democrats--not a nickels worth of differance in all of them!!!

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Aug-11-13 10:37 PM

Correction: The last sentence should say"She was robbed of the election in 2008...."

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Aug-11-13 10:35 PM

That state senator (Joseph Manchin) will be Hillary's Running mate!!! No, I do not think the election in 2008 was racist. In that election, many young voters desiring "hope and change" supported one of their kind-the young, which unfortunately tilted the election in favor of Obama. To their dismay, Obama did not deliver, and in 2012 did not go to the polls. The blacks did however, while the older whites stayed home instead of voting for a Mormon, an act which can be described as an indirect vote for Obama. The Clinton name will help Hillary get elected in 2016. She was robbed of the election in 2016 because of the young voters.

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