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Mid-Ohio Valley Medical Group pulls doctors out of hospitals

Will only do outpatient clinical care

July 31, 2013

VIENNA — The Mid-Ohio Valley Medical Group has announced its doctors will no longer do rounds and other services for its patients at local hospitals....

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Aug-27-13 12:05 PM

Dumbest idea ever. Strange my comments were taken off here. I might as well go to Columbus, Morgantown or some good hospital if I can't see the Dr. that has treated me for 30 yrs. At least you would have quality Drs.Let's see if this will stay on here.

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Aug-02-13 9:49 AM

The article is misleading! Do you really believe that your doctor will spend more time on hi/her patient? That is not going to happen. The only change in the system will be that the doctor will be required to see more patients. The patient gains nothing. The company employing the doctors gain everything. Follow the money.

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Aug-01-13 12:13 PM

While I really don't understand the difference between hospitalist or private doctor issue, I do know that their will be big changes to the medical field to compensate for Obama care. If you don't think they will change and cut corners to stay in business your crazy. Besides that, people don't just become doctors and nurses for the free hand out. It is a pretty lucrative job.

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Aug-01-13 6:00 AM

Hospitalists are good idea so patients can see a doctor virtually anytime day or night. The only bad thing is that some, certainly not all, leave a lot to be desired as far as quality care goes.

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Jul-31-13 4:17 PM

Anyone who knows anybody who works at Camden Clark seen this coming, they treat everyone terrible.

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Jul-31-13 12:03 PM

I was in CCMH in 2011 for several days. I saw hospitalists then. I had one neurologist and one surgeon that came in to see me, and my family doctor didn't see me at all.

I was treated very well, and the hospitalists were very professional.

I have no problem with hospitalists--they are, after all, medical doctors, professionals, who use a combined effort to make the patient better.

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Jul-31-13 10:24 AM

About time. I never liked how your family doctor had so much control over your hospital stay. Everything has to be approved by them. You have to wait for their ok to get anything started or changed. Then, when you're ready to go home, you have to wait until the doctor makes rounds to get the ok, which may be hours or longer. I'm not blaming the doctor, as I'm sure they are under great pressure to do what they do. I would think that the doctors are relieved that they no longer have to be at the hospital all hours.

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Jul-31-13 8:46 AM

@dottie_cornell...How could this be due to Obama, when you just stated that in Florida where you lived for "35 years" they do this and in 1992 (years and years before Obama was elected) you were surprised it wasn't that way here. That just makes no sense.

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Jul-31-13 8:17 AM

This is not a surprise and it is common practice in Florida where I lived for 35 years. I was amazed when I moved here in 1992 and found that my family dr would be the one treating me at the hospital. The hospitalists are very well trained and informed physicians and I for one have no problem using them. And even though it is stated there are several reason I am sure the real reason is Obamacare.

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Jul-31-13 8:15 AM

I was wondering how long it would take for someone to blame this on Obama...I wonder whose fault it was that this kind of thing was happening before he was president.

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Jul-31-13 7:43 AM

Lights are in need of a lobotomy.

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Jul-31-13 7:19 AM

This started way before Obamacare. My previous doctor started employing "hospitalists" about 10 years ago. This is just another way for doctors to do less work and earn more money. It's all about the money, like always.

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Jul-31-13 6:36 AM

obama care in play...what in the world is to come?...

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