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Drivers cited for cell phone usage

Deputies taking a stronger stance

July 20, 2013

PARKERSBURG — Since the beginning of July, a driver in West Virginia found to be using a handheld cellphone — for texting or talking — while operating a motor vehicle can be cited by police....

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Jul-22-13 10:42 AM

Stupidity is not a crime, and no one has the right to tell an adult what to do. If you voluntarily put your life in danger, make sure your family is prepared to deal with the consequences. Other than that, the government needs to stay the heck out of our business! Don't Tread On Me!!!

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Jul-21-13 1:01 AM

why do you keep changing your name on here "lakeoffrogs" if your opinions are so important to you why not stand by them and use all this deception? can it really be that tiny?

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Jul-20-13 11:09 PM

Hit me while you're on your phone being "important" and 365 days ,from then, you will have been dead EXACTLY one year. Conduit bender behind the cab, easy to beat what brains you have out, there frog; both go togather: Tell me on the way down, just how GREAT thou art?

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Jul-20-13 11:00 PM

Police, firemen and even the EMS is a public servant business. They are NOT excused from using their cell phones for personal business. I ran down a police officers by flashing my headlights, getting his patrol car # and badge number. Went to the civic center and filed a report. Within 30 days I got 2 reports. 1. A report on the officer being repremended 2. An apology from the officer.

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Jul-20-13 10:18 PM

What "MUST" be takes priority over what "IS"!!!!

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Jul-20-13 10:18 PM

"It helps to know the right people.......""

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Jul-20-13 8:08 PM

I wonder if those under 60 could survive with only the possession of the old fashioned black rotary phone,to say the least of the old floor model tv without the use of remote control. I lived one half of my life without cell phones or remote controls for tv being thought of.

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Jul-20-13 8:04 PM

lakeoffrogs, it matters if you are being responsible, conscionable an selfless in your daily activities, which may do harm to the law abiding. Do you have a sterling record on these 3 essential qualities for required decency?

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Jul-20-13 6:00 PM

It is a good thing that drivers are starting to be sited for illegal use of cell phone usage while driving. Those of us possessing a conscience indeed know it is not a choice to wear a seatbelt nor to refrain from utilizing the cell phone for non emergency situations while driving a vehicle. First responders usually are using a cell phone for emergencies. Using the cell phone while driving for business reasons or for checking to see if your friend wants to go to the mall after work are neither emergency situations; and the irresponsible, selfish and unconscionable guilty of these dangerous acts should be fined to the nth degree to protect those of us that count(the good law abiding)

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Jul-20-13 4:52 PM

@380AUTO: No offense taken. I understand your feelings.

I only carry my cell in the event of an emergency, or if I am lost from my husband in a store!! LOL. ^..^

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Jul-20-13 4:26 PM

Those who use their cell phones and not their seatbelts while driving are increasing every ones' auto and health insurance. However, those same legal offenders are also increasing the profits of the funeral, burial and cremation businesses.

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Jul-20-13 4:13 PM

l..o..f- "All emergency responders are exempt from this law and do not have to have hands free,this also applys to former emergency responders even though it may not be written in the law as I still use mine quite freely even while driving by law enforcement." Really?? Gigs up & throw in the bs flag.

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Jul-20-13 3:42 PM

After reading this, I'm convinced YOU CAN'T CURE STUPID.

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Jul-20-13 1:35 PM

IFHEAD I wasn't being a smart a-- I just wondered

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Jul-20-13 11:01 AM

I forgot, the nurse, whoever she was that stopped. I want to thank you for getting in the wrecked car and pulling my face back together and saving my life. I was ten years old then and would not be alive if not for you coming by the accident. Thank You for life.

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Jul-20-13 10:58 AM

Any simpleton who would talk on the phone and drive or text and drive should get a ticket. It is about time this is done. I work from home and drive everyday. My work requires cell phone use. But I pull over and return calls or wait until I stop. As far as seat belts any idiot that is in a car and does not wear a seatbelt should be cited not only for the seatbelt but for being stupid to boot. Why should we need to enforce something that everyone should not do? Years ago before seatbelts I went through the windshield of a car after it was hit by a drunk driver. It changed my life forever. I would have given anything to have had a seatbelt. They did not expect me to live.

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Jul-20-13 10:50 AM

Froggy You know very well that law doesn,t cover bicycles.

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Jul-20-13 10:48 AM

If the officers were issued hands free devices, that might solve (maybe) the public's perception and criticism.

They are on the phone because they must limit radio traffic. You can't have the whole shift trying to get on the radio at the same time, so the evil phone is a necessity.

Plus, Newell probably can't afford to buy hands free devices, since he wastes money on other bullsh!t.

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Jul-20-13 9:41 AM

Good question! I saw a deputy talking on his handheld phone the other day while crossing the Fifth Street bridge. Real leaders lead by example.

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Jul-20-13 9:21 AM

can law enforcement use theres or do they have hands free as I do

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