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Newell to request funds to dedicate Wyndemere streets

July 18, 2013

PARKERSBURG — Parkersburg Mayor Bob Newell says he will ask city council and the Finance Committee to approve $34,000 to help bring roads in Wyndemere up to city code so the streets in the housing......

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Jul-20-13 5:42 PM

"teedoff" its already a city street

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Jul-20-13 8:43 AM

Let them pay for it themselves! As a city street it would be useless.

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Jul-19-13 4:52 PM

According to "hesafe1" in today paper "officials: Gate would remain at Wyndemere" comments, its not a gated community. "t's a limited access community, not completely restricted." Take a drive through there tonight, you're allowed to, it is a city street.

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Jul-19-13 2:34 PM

It's not just the city's initial payment. It's maintaining a private gated community for the rich. They should have to maintain their road for years to come and pay for their own snow removal. Why should we take care of it when we can't use it.

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Jul-19-13 10:09 AM

Clearly, someone doesn't know the definition of the word "public", as the article tells us that the street will be gated on one end.

This road is a cut-through from College Parkway to the street between Sam's Club and Lowes in Vienna! Making that street PUBLIC would relieve a ton of congestion from Lakeview and Grand Central.

If tax dollars are used for the street, then it needs to be a PUBLIC street. That means "available to everyone".

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Jul-18-13 11:38 PM

For the record, I'm not against the idea of fixing the streets and opening them to public use. But I don't believe that is going to happen. This entire article seems ODD. "It is a very nice subdivision up there, and the streets really need to be done" is NOT a valid argument for this proposal. And the statement "IF the road is dedicated, at least one of the Wyndemere gates would have to be removed" seems odd since only the Vienna end is currently gated. A loophole to be exploited by the community? Obviously Parkersburg can't tell them to ungate the end that lies in Vienna. This whole proposal smells fishy to me. I would feel safer if I knew city of Vienna was participating in this discussion too. I agree that the next City Council meeting needs a HUGE turnout!

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Jul-18-13 11:21 PM


You read my mind. I went back and re-read the article and Newell's quote seemed odd. It's as if he is repaying a favor to someone who resides in that area.

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Jul-18-13 11:07 PM

My concern is this wording, "After all of the work is completed, council will be asked to vote on dedicating the road as a public street." AFTER the work is done, they will vote? Are you KIDDING me? This city had better not spend a dime in that neighborhood before establishing a legally binding agreement to open the streets to public use.

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Jul-18-13 11:01 PM

I suggest that they spend the matching fund's on the streets in Parkersburg. Our road's have taken a beating from the weather. Most road's are like driving down a creek bed- with a combination of pothole's and shoddy temporary patching. When people purchase a home in a private community,they should expect to pay their own way. Parkersburg taxpayer's money should be spent on the improvement of the city, not special interest.

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Jul-18-13 10:21 PM

froggylake =

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Jul-18-13 10:08 PM

I'd be willing to bet, the homeowners knew when they signed to buy the properties, they knew it was all private including the streets, with no expectation of the city ever helping out. In fact, I'm sure that was part of the attraction. Now they can see those roads aren't going to last through their lifetimes and they want to change the deal they made.

Leaving one gate closed makes it a dead end, doesn't it. So nobody can use it as a shortcut, only for joyrides around a loop and back out the way they came in.

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Jul-18-13 7:46 PM

Froggy, Pop a top again,you just got time for one more round.BEDTIME

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Jul-18-13 7:27 PM

Hey Froggylake... Maybe you need to reread the article....

"Once they are dedicated they won't be able to gate that community," he said.

Since the road extends to Vienna, only that section would still be allowed to have a gate, Newell said.

There is only one gate and according to our wonderful mayor (thankfully can't run again), that gate will remain. We are not jealous. We pay taxes and user fees and therefore have a right to use a city street.

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Jul-18-13 7:10 PM

This feels like privatized profits and socialized losses.

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Jul-18-13 5:22 PM

If the developer "basically walked away from this project", as the story says, why can't they be held accountable for the road??

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Jul-18-13 4:31 PM

I urge everyone who reads this to post a comment and attend the next City Council meeting. Do not allow this to happen! The tax payers are going to pay to fix their road, but we can't use it! It is rediculous that they can keep the gate on the Vienna side!

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Jul-18-13 4:01 PM

If taxpayer money is going to repair the roads in the development, then the roads should not be gated on either end. The streets should be able to be used by the general public, even if its as a cut thru from Rosemar to Lowes.

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Jul-18-13 3:05 PM

If one red cent of tax-payer money goes into the work on the road then the tax-payers get to use the road. Let those who desire their "gated community" fix their road with their own money. Plus there are more than one vehicles sitting at the very top with Ohio tags (for longer than law allows). Maybe another way of keeping from paying personal property tax?

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Jul-18-13 12:39 PM

If I lived there I would absolutely NOT take the proposed matching funds because that allows the city to vote on whether the roads are city owned or privately owned.

If the city offered you 50% of the cost to pave your driveway, but took ownership of that property afterward, would you take them up on that or prefer to keep your land?

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Jul-18-13 12:17 PM

If the residents of Wyndemere are taxed, why would they be denied public services?

Sounds like a lot of you are jealous of those with money.

Well, get over it, they have a 1 million dollar home and pay city taxes (a*****of a lot more than you), and deserve paved roads just like you and me.

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Jul-18-13 11:51 AM

This is absolutely ridiculous! If Parkersburg has such an excess of money that we want to fix the roads of a private, gated community...then stop the darn user fee! That would benefit more of the "common folks" that make up the majority of Parkersburg!

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Jul-18-13 11:36 AM

Good job mayor spend our money for your rich friends I say if mayor and city council does this we have a recall election.

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Jul-18-13 11:21 AM

If they want an exclusive "gated" community.. then they should foot their own bills for their streets. Anyone with half a brain could tell what was going to happen to roads built up there. I have visited people at the Wyndmere retirement facility and the streets are ridiculous.. but rich dummies decided to built their mansions in the middle of it, so pay they should pay for it. I don't know of any other gated or private neighborhood that has whined for money from the city and of course, if you have big money around here, our elected officials kiss your butt. I can't wait until Newell is gone!

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Jul-18-13 9:37 AM

First off, there are in fact plenty of people who work in Parkersburg and would use the convenience of the Wyndemere to get home. The people of that community(Mostly the fat guy who lives at the top of the hill) decided to shut their gate one day and make everyone who was already going through go back out and around. If you need to get to Lowes or Sam's that is always the quickest way to go. Now you can go through 23rd st in Vienna or come up through the cluster of traffic garbage that is Grand Central. They shouldn't be allowed to shut their gates to the city of people whose user fee already paid for sidewalks through their.

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Jul-18-13 9:37 AM

With one gate still closed, what benefit is this except to those who live here? My problem is with the officials who, at the time, allowed this development to procede without being built to code, or to the developers who didn't build it to code. The city has no reason to get involved in spending taxpayer money on this Wyndemere slush fund. It will only benefit those who live there.

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