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City street paving may begin this week

July 16, 2013

PARKERSBURG — Officials say a summer street paving project may begin as early as this week....

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Jul-16-13 12:39 AM

I wonder why the mayor gets his street paved when there are worse streets. Sounds like we need to do investigation could this be misuse of city funds.

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Jul-16-13 1:41 AM

Froggylake like I said before iam not Rick moddessitt. You sound to me like you don't like to hear the truth . Like I said before we need an FBI investigation into misuse of city funds. I can name 10 streets in worse shape than the council won't stand up to him like they said they would.lets start recall of our mayor so we can get our great city back.

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Jul-16-13 2:32 AM

Looks like a long list, I hope it's enough make a difference because it's bump, bump, bump everywhere. I once considered hanging banners on the p-burg signs, change the name to Bumpersburg. Maybe Bumpyburg?

Generally, if it's dark (ashpalt thrown in a hole) or round (manhole covers), I automatically try to dodge it.

Can we get a special lane for manhole covers? Can I get a contract to weld those up so they're all nice and level?

And those speed bumps all over, you know, those raised humps that cross the whole traffic lane. They definitely compress the spine. Hey the chiropractors could sponsor those, paint their name and phone numbers on them.

Anyone planning to work on the main routes at all?

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Jul-16-13 4:40 AM

Well said "froggylake" on both comments. I agree!

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Jul-16-13 6:33 AM

32nd Street Between Dudley & Broad needs to be redone badly. So doesn't Elm Street from 30th to 36th. If I wanted my car to thump up an down I'd put hydraulics on it. Liberty Street between Washington Ave & 23rd really needs redone!!!

I drive St. Mary's Ave. every single day and I don't think it's in that bad of shape?

I still don't see why the Mayor's street needs redone? A good sealer would be perfect for that street. Since it's not heavily traveled one.

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Jul-16-13 12:32 PM

I've got a call in to charleston waiting on call back to see if anything can be done for misuse of city funds. If I was mayor my street would be last to get done I would put citizens first. I could't run for mayor because iam honest look at all politicians they say one thing and they do another look at our great mayor and city council .

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Jul-16-13 12:42 PM

Power corrupts...absolute power corrupts absolutely!!!

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Jul-16-13 3:12 PM

Hey Rick. Why don't you just shut up. You are forever irrelevant.

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Jul-16-13 5:43 PM

Froggylake, how uninformed. Per my councilman Reed and the publicworks department. The mayor picks what streekts from the list. Maybe you should do a little research before you quote how government is run. Again, fatman is not Rick. Fatman lives on my block. Please visit your city building and local library to do that much needed research.

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Jul-16-13 6:24 PM

"froggylake" I was thinking the same thing, about the people in Charleston rolling on the floors laughing and wonder just how stupid some people can be!

And by the way, before one of you bleeding heart conservatives hit the abuse button Google: stupid

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Jul-16-13 6:30 PM

As for who picks what streets to be paved "The city uses a Micro-PAVER pavement management system, which rates roads by reviewing condition and volume of traffic. Based on those ratings, roads are prioritized for repair during the summer months."

Google: City street paving may begin this week

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Jul-16-13 7:45 PM

I don't give a flying flip who picks the streets, how they are entered into any system, or who says who about what!!

Quit wasting the city's money on bull$h!t stuff and pave ALL the streets that REALLY need it, not just the ones mostly travelled on.

If someone goes down Boo-Boo street once a year, and hits a pothole big enough to bury a semi, they don't deserve to have their car ruined. Not to mention, swerving to miss a hole the size of Montana is dangerous for anyone else on the road. Newell and his road crew are worthless--as witnessed every time you see one man "working" and 10 men watching him do it.

Yes, I'm cranky today. :[

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Jul-16-13 8:32 PM

Id say somebody needs to learn, how to drive!

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Jul-16-13 9:42 PM

The micro paver rates the streets and Newell pickes the streets he does not do the worst ones first so why waste money to rate them. Like I said before Newell is a tax and spend dem. if his pay was based on job performance he would owe the city money same with city council . Just remember a little over 3years we can vote them all out and make parkersburg a great city to live in.

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Jul-16-13 11:25 PM

You have been wrong before Denver and blowhard troll Remember you said I did not live in CA but in Wheeling? You were WRONG! You must love our Google ( California own and operated by Californians)

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Jul-17-13 4:49 AM

"Fatman" where does it say Mayor Newell picks the streets!

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Jul-17-13 8:09 AM

Whoever wrote this, i would check and see if Stmarys from 19th to Dudley is correct. Most people know that stmarys and dudley run into each other so the area they would be talking about would be the area between the lights.

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Jul-17-13 1:00 PM

Must be the 50ft from the corner to the stoplight. Pretty sure there's a rut right there that almost put me off course. Those are everywhere.

Adding to a comment I made the other day... How about we invest in a couple buckets of paint? Every hump, bump, and hole that won't get fixed, gets highlighted in white. Then we can see them better. Maybe a job for the graffiti artists?

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Jul-17-13 1:09 PM

We keep paving over the same old faults that have been there for decades, only to have them reappear within a year or so. Why not fix those before paving over them? Then maybe they're gone for good.

Seems like paving over a sheet of steel in some places would work better than just covering a fault with blacktop. Build short bridges over reoccurring slips instead of dumping dirt in them. Not multimillion dollar spans, just a rigid structure to pave over. Some bad spots are older than I am and have been paved over and over. Fix it right once and be done.

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Jul-17-13 1:33 PM

Denver I was told by my city councilman that Newell picks the streets that council has no say in it only to okay money in budget.

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Jul-17-13 6:56 PM

And we are suppose to believe that right? How about if your councilman gets on here and confirms that!

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Jul-17-13 7:03 PM

Denver. Why not call and ask your councilman. Better yet, great story for the paper. Ask to have all the ratings published so Parkersburg residents can decide if the worst streets are being paved.

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Jul-17-13 7:15 PM

Denver my councilman reed wont even awnser emails you have to call and hopefully he will awnser the phone . That why we need new blood he doesn't care about the people in his district. But of course he backs everything the mayor wants to waste money on.

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Jul-17-13 7:39 PM

Thats what I thought "Fatman"

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Jul-17-13 8:31 PM

Denver that's correct our city council and mayor doesn't care about citizens all they what is your money.

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