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Coal future a concern to all

July 15, 2013

Very few Americans really care much what happens to a coal miner’s family in West Virginia or Ohi....

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Jul-18-13 9:19 AM

denver do you work for the government? Electricity prices WILL rise it's basic economics and Obama's stated goal. If you work in the private sector and your boss pays an electric bill the cost of producing anything in the U.S. will go up. Businesses will shut down or move to China and India where a new coal fired power plant goes on line every week. Not to worry though, I'm sure China and India have strict environmental regualations just like we do.

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Jul-16-13 8:24 PM

If you don't know how much longer there is a viable supply of coal, why would you want to cease using it without a replacement?

Surely you know renewables are not a viable option to replace coal?

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Jul-16-13 6:58 PM

littly buddy who said anything about being opposed to coal, other than you?

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Jul-16-13 5:47 PM

I cannot answer how long we will still have coal to be utilized by a planet that is undergoing exponential population growth. However, the demand of the rapid population growth for coal will diminish the supply. You know what happens when demand exceeds supply in all commodities. Price for that commodity increases until the supply and demand curve levels out due to an increase of the commodity to satisfy the demand. However, one cannot increase a natural resource for consumption.

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Jul-16-13 5:35 PM

With between 112 and 147 years of PROVEN coal reserves left as of 2011, we may have more than a short time frame to actually come up with a viable replacement for coal. A prudent plan would, should, and could still use coal as a cheap source of energy along with Natgas and nuclear. Natgas production of electricity has decreased in the past year when it's price went up and the use of coal produced energy has increased. Capitalism at it's best. To regulate the use of coal out of the equation is not the best option at this time.

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Jul-16-13 5:28 PM

How long until coal is depleted?

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Jul-16-13 5:21 PM

Coal, which by the way, is currently the most viable source of energy, will eventually be depleted!!! No one, not even God or politicians can replenish what is being rapidly used by the 10 billion + populated planet. What is the best option to replace this rapidly depleting energy resource?

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Jul-16-13 2:58 PM

Another question or two to those so opposed to coal. Suttle claims part of the demise of Appalachian Coal is the “Coal out west is cheaper to mine and the western coal burns cleaner.” I’m curious, don’t you think the regulations the EPA puts in place that many fear will decimate the Appalachian Coal industry apply to coal mined in the Powder River Basin?

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Jul-16-13 11:09 AM

Yes Suttle, well said. You have hit on a few of the external reasons for coals decline from supplying more than half our energy to the current ~42%.

Perhaps now you can explain what will replace coal as a cost efficient source of the current movement against coal continues.

Specifically, what will replace the bituminous coal produced in the east needed for its high Btu's? And what happens to natural gas when the current environmental challenges catch up to that fuel source?

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Jul-16-13 5:10 AM

Well said "Suttle"

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Jul-15-13 10:11 PM

Capitalism has more to do with the decline of coal mining in West Virginia than President Obama's policies. Natural gas drilled here locally and the coal that is mined out west are more to blame for the closing of our coal mines for the following reasons: 1) Coal out west is cheaper to mine and the western coal burns cleaner. 2) Natural gas will be cheaper to fire electric generating plants than coal, while at the same time natural gas will be better for our environment.

The demise of coal mining in Appalachia is caused by economics. Mike Myers knows this, but still chooses to pursue the false lie blaming President Obama.

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Jul-15-13 7:01 PM

If anybody really thinks the reason Mike Myer wrote this article is because he cares what happens to Coal Miner's and their family's in West Virginia, and household electric bills going up, I got some Ocean front property in Wood County Id like to sale!

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Jul-15-13 1:47 PM

Numbers do not lie. I posted many of them on another thread a week or so ago and the response I got was lies, spin, mistruths and outright lunacy. Renewable energy sources CAN NOT replace coal in supplying the energy we need in our daily lives. That is a simple fact that no one can dispute. Could it, companies like the former aluminum plant in Ravenswood and thousands of others would install them to run their operations and take advantage of the free energy.

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Jul-15-13 10:08 AM

Sorry but there is just no getting around what will happen to electricity costs if we make a hard turn off of coal.

I like the idea of renewables but they just aren't there yet in terms of being able to shoulder the weight of power generation for this nation.

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Jul-15-13 5:06 AM

I'd say Mike Myer would have a problem with anything President Obama and the Democrats do! So what else is new?

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