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A Good Plan

Manchin student loan effort is fair

July 5, 2013

The average U.S. college student walks off campus with about $26,500 in student loan debt, much of it in government-subsidized low-interest loans....

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Jul-05-13 6:04 AM

Just Another Fixed News editorial supporting a NeoCon position. Educating our young cuts into the cheap labor pool. The right wing has always opposed any education of the working force for that reason.

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Jul-05-13 8:26 AM

I have a better plan. Make anyone who got to go to college courtesy of the tax payers via welfare start paying back the money they got for school and books as soon as they graduate. I know a welfare mom and recovering drug addict who got a psychology degree and is now planning to go to Grad school courtesy of welfare? Is that not insane.She may not even use her degree when she's finished. How crazy is that? WV sends plenty of welfare folks and recovering alcoholics and drug addicts to college. Many go to nursing school and make big money. Why shouldn't they be expected to pay any of that money back? Instead of a gift they should make this more of a loan. If welfare bums knew they had to pay the money back many of them would not abuse the system by taking money for degrees they will never use.

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Jul-05-13 9:48 AM

If Manchin wants real political clout he should draft a bill to propose that welfare moms/recovering drug addicts and alcoholics who go to college via welfare be required to pay back the money they got from the taxpayers for their classes and books. Not only would he be helping put money back into the state but he would become a working class hero and gain the kind of clout that could take him right to the oval office.So what's he watiting for?

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Jul-05-13 9:50 AM

QUOTE FROM THE ARTICLE: """Largely for political reasons, President Barack Obama and liberal lawmakers are accusing conservatives in Congress of failing their responsibility to young Americans.""" It's is these SAME lawmakers {OUR DO NOTHING CONGRESS} that are {ON VACATION} this entire week, while issues such as this remain in limbo. It's only $22 per month, but these same REPUBLICAN/TEA BAGGERS that voted down an proposed increase in minimum wage that would assist these ""WORKING CLASS"" college students to avoid these LOANS. BUT JUST GUESS, WHAT ""WEALTHY ELITE"" BIG BANKS WILL PROFIT FROM THIS INCREASE IN STUDENT DEBT...

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Jul-05-13 10:01 AM

JANEYERE QUOTE: ""I know a welfare mom and recovering drug addict who got a psychology degree and is now planning to go to Grad school courtesy of welfare? Is that not insane.""--- NO IT'S NOT INSANE..., It proves that programs like that work extremely well and a GREAT INVESTMENT FOR OUR TAX DOLLARS. Being A RIGHT WING/TEA BAGGER, you probably would prefer to SEND THIS YOUNG WELFARE PERSON TO JAIL for the INDEPENDENT PROFIT MAKING PRISON SYSTEMS OR SEND THEM OFF TO FIGHT IN A GEORGE BUSH/CHENEY ""WAR FOR OIL""

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Jul-05-13 10:26 AM

Our government loans money to the WEALTHY ELITE BIG BANKS at .075%... THAT IS 3/4% of {ONE PERCENT}... But yet people like JANEYRE OR JOE MANCHIN will never complain or point out the inequality in programs like that. They attack the poor, the welfare, the working class, the "leaches" on social security, the "LAZY" government workers, the sick & dying that need health care, preventive health care, the college student, school lunch programs and EVEN A PERSONS RIGHT TO CONTROL THEIR OWN BODY...

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Jul-05-13 12:42 PM

Oregon has come up with a plan to help provide higher education for FREE at their 7 state universities. Advocates of the legislation are calling it the “pay it forward” model. Students will be able to initially attend state universities free of cost. Upon graduating students will pay 3 percent of their paycheck for 24 years in order to help fund the program for future students. The model is partially based on the Australian model which has been fairly successful. Students will be able to enter college without the fear of being buried in debt by the time they graduate. Currently students who attend universities in Oregon graduate with an average of 24,616 dollars in debt. Oregon will become the first state to implement the Pay it Forward program. Students can only hope that plans similar to these will spread around the states in order to help relieve the burden of student debt. This is the first step to empower the future middle class of America. Finally a state has the right idea...

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Jul-05-13 4:36 PM

Dear Manydemocrats, So what you're saying is hard working people should continue to go into debt to send their kids to college but they should not have a problem with providing welfare bums with money so they can go to college for free and should be expected to return one penny even if they choose never to use their degrees and get a real job? I don't think so!

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Jul-05-13 4:56 PM

JANEYRE, YOUR use of the term """WELFARE BUMS""" is very telling and goes to PROVE MY CLAIM of the hate, bias, bigotry, dis-compassionate stinginess, racism and discrimination of YOU PEOPLE, the RIGHT WING/TEA BAGGERS. I didn't state any opposing view that RE-PAYMENT was not a valid suggestion. I did suggest that the program in itself obviously has MERITS and BENEFITS that you people always ignore or attempt to dismiss as waste. In fact, in reality, I and many others, believe that a BASIC COLLEGE EDUCATION should be FREE or GREATLY SUBSIDIZED for all classes of people that have the drive and ambition to ""go get it""...

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Jul-05-13 6:06 PM

The government can't afford to educate our young, but we can afford to send them to two foreign wars? We can afford to bail out the banks? We can afford all the offshore tax havens? I'd think spending money on education should be the least of our worries.

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Jul-05-13 6:14 PM

ARTICLE QUOTE: ""Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., has an idea on student loans. He wants to tie interest rates to the financial markets. When the economy is sluggish, interest rates are low. When it picks up, they rise. It is a simple, reasonable idea - yet liberals are lambasting Manchin over it. He and other fiscal conservatives should ignore the political flak and proceed with the plan."" ---- I can assure you that Joe Manchin who inherited millions made by his parents and grand-parents from "WORKING CLASS" coal miners, NEVER had the burden of student loans. This NOW "coal industry MULTI-Millionaire, HERO" calls himself a DEMOCRAT and yet has adopted the policies of the RIGHT WING. SIMPLY PUT, He is trying to play both sides against the middle. AND SOME BLINDLY FALL FOR IT!!!

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Jul-05-13 6:24 PM

People who get a college education because they're a welfare mom, recovering drug addict or alcoholic should have to repay they money the taxpayers gave them for their education. Why are we rewarding people who choose to have kids they cannot support or because they have addiction problems by giving them college educations? If we give them free educations then everyone should get them too.

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Jul-05-13 7:29 PM

AGAIN JANEYRE, wants to state her case for forcing "WELFARE BUMS" to re-pay for education benefits as though, these cases of WELFARE EDUCATION is COMMONLY RAMPANT and ABUSED BY THE ""ALL"" of THE "BUMS" on welfare. Which IS NOT THE CASE... There are very strict income eligibility requirements to qualify and maintain like {PASSING GRADES} for the help, that these state programs provide. I don't believe that the "worthy poor" or others, should be singled out and required to continue to live in poverty while re-paying for minimal help from the state. "UNLESS" that education has provided them an employment level {INCOME WISE}is at an affordable wage.

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Jul-05-13 8:51 PM

Robbing our nation of future brain power because it might cost a few dollars now is penny wise and pound foolish. If America is to compete on a global scale we must have a well educated work force that includes doctors, engineers, teachers, business leaders and bankers. If we follow the advise of this editorial we will not only be buying most of our goods that bare the label "Made in China" but we will need to learn Chinese when we take advantage of Obamacare, or find our selves in need of legal services, or when we will start rebuilding all of the bridges that have fallen in because they are sixty or seventy years old. The mind set of this newspaper and its editorials is at times appalling.

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Jul-05-13 10:52 PM

I don't always agree with you Jane - but today I do. Have a friend who just got her nursing degree - she said her classes are full of people being paid by welfare. She said that most are only there for the money -they don't study, pay attention, and generally disrupt the classes. If they had to pay it back or even a portion - maybe they would take it more seriously instead of I just have to be here to get more money from the government.

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Jul-06-13 1:07 AM

Baker: Why do you Right Wingers always LIE and totally distort the truth? The Nursing Program at WVU-P {if that's where you're referencing} and all other schools { that I know of} are extremely difficult to get into. I can guarantee you that WVU-P doesn't tolerate the type of FICTIONAL SLACKERS that you describe. I challenge you to PROVE your outrageous LIES with evidence and facts from a reliable source and NOT JUST YOUR IMAGINARY FICTIONAL FRIEND! WHO ALSO IS PROBABLY A LIAR!

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Jul-06-13 3:42 AM

As a displaced worker who returned to school and earned 2 degrees, sat on the Board of Governors and held student government leadership positions, I can tell you the descriptions below are not the norm. While there very well may be some who are returning to school simply to receive welfare benefits, with financial aid and academic progress requirements, if they are in school, they are displaying adequate progress or they are being denied benefits.

As for paying back, in addition to WV Works benefits, most subsidize their tuition with loans that require repayment. Additionally, repayment comes in the form of employment that results in a new taxpayer contributing to society and ends the welfare cycle.

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Jul-06-13 3:51 AM

As for the interest rate problem, the first issue we have to look at is why the government took over student loans. The reason our lawmakers are concerned with profiting from student loans is because it is a key ingredient in the formula of the lie that Obamacare actually reduces the budget deficit.

If Manchin wants to right the student loan fiasco and prevent the next 'bubble' the first thing he should do is propose a bill to separate student loans from the ACA. From there, figure out the administrative cost of student loans ade vand the interest needed to cover those and set the rates at that level.

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Jul-06-13 7:04 AM

I've just gotta hear this! How is the interest rates, on student loans, the "key ingredient in the formula of the lie that Obamacare actually reduces the budget deficit." ??

Let me guess, you heard this from Rush Limbaugh?

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Jul-06-13 7:14 AM

Dear manydemocrats, stop attacking Bakercat for speaking the truth. WVU-Pis full of people on welfare. We're not talking about Harvard here. We're talking about WVU-P. No program there is hard to get into! Her comments about the students who are there only to keep their welfare coming in are right on target. If they upset you so much then it must be because it's the truth.

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Jul-06-13 8:40 AM

This addresses the point I'm trying to make. Instead of funding Pell Grants, the deficit and the largest tax imposed on the American public, the entire $61 billion savings from the federal government seizing control of student loans should be put back into the student loan program.


For the non-partisan hack willing to accept the truth, there is a link to the CBO estimate created during reconciillation when Obamacare, against the desire of the populace, was shoved through Congress.

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Jul-06-13 8:59 AM

Google; "Democrats Double Student Loan Rates, Use the Money to Fund Obamacare"

And then you have to ask the question, who said the Democrats Doubled the Student Loan Rates?

I wonder if Rush Limbaugh is a non-partisan hack willing to accept the truth

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Jul-06-13 9:05 AM

Now Google: "Obamacare is not being financed by student loan borrowers"

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Jul-06-13 9:06 AM

"manydemocrats" To answer you question, "Why do Right Wingers always LIE and totally distort the truth?" I just don't know! Maybe, because that's all they got

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Jul-06-13 10:31 AM

Anyone who wants to know the truth merely has to look, do a little research and take a look at the sites they Re quoting judiciously. Personally, I first try to look at non-partisan sources such as the CBO. I'll reference sites that link to such sites as well.

The drawback to such sites is the data they interpret. If they are liking at historical information, it's accurate. When looking at future information, they can only consider the parameters given to them.

That is the case with this topic. The $61 billion savings is an estimate. What is not are the percentages. The reconciillation bill uses that percentage in Obamacare.

All of this begs the question as to why the Obama administration is using ANY student loan profit to cover health care cost? Is Obamacare so bad that it cannot stand on its own?

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