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Manchin fires back at gun manufacturer

July 2, 2013

WASHINGTON — A senator in the crosshairs of the National Rifle Association called a gunmaker’s excuse not to locate in West Virginia a cheap political sho....

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Jul-05-13 6:23 AM

It,s like I wrote Beretta never planned to expand into West Virginia in the first place" And Like you said they were courted by West Virginia like West Virginia does a lot of businesses. That's all!

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Jul-04-13 11:43 PM

They were courted by several states including WV. They were wooed by state officials to entice Beretta to expand here. They announced WV wasn't in the running and why. Now WV can feel free to woo someone else. Having a state-of-the-art gun manufacturer locate within a state would be an economic boost and after the tax breaks wear off a tax revenue might be produced. Any company even thinking of moving or expanding will be approached by many different state's officials. Usually goes to state that gives the most "help" in financial ways. Wait till you see what deal the proposed cracker plant finally ends up with.

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Jul-04-13 8:15 AM

The answer to the question "when did Beretta plain to expand into West Virginia in the first place" "they never did!" This is just another example of somebody out side the state West Virginia trying to influence our elections, and form reading the comments on this article, its working, about like the so called war on coal!

And then you wonder how Inmate No. 11593-051 "Keith Judd" serving time at the Federal Correctional Institution in Texarkana, Texas, got over 70,000 votes for President Of The United States in West Virginia.

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Jul-04-13 12:07 AM

Old Joe has sold out to the luminous ones, a lapdog for BO, Harry and Nancy. Progressives taking God given rights not theirs to take. Joe is a traitor to Wv. Seems we hear a lot more about him nipping at our gun rights than loss of natural resources jobs and the murderous Obabacare. Do we really have to endure this creep until his term ends. How about a recall?

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Jul-03-13 5:35 PM

OK "PeterFitzwell" when did they consider our State for our future plans of expansion?

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Jul-03-13 12:37 AM

Good job Beretta! I am going to buy another to add to my collection. An old Japanese saying, "If you spit in the air, it is going to land in your face!"

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Jul-02-13 9:35 PM

That's what I thought!

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Jul-02-13 6:48 PM

PeterFitzwell plays a ST:TNG card. Hmm, I'm pretty strong in that suit.

Captain Picard didn't say, "Make it so!" when nobody had an idea what might work against the threat, he said it when someone came to him w/ an idea.

I haven't heard that idea.

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Jul-02-13 6:16 PM

When was Beretta planning to expand into West Virginia in the first place?

Can you answer that "PeterFitzwell"???

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Jul-02-13 11:31 AM

Perhaps a better metaphor comes from sailing. A sailboat can move against a headwind, not by steering directly into the wind (you just get blown back), but by steering diagonally (tacking into the wind). The boat has to have a keel for this to work.

Metaphorically, the keel is Joe Manchin's principles, & the headwind is the backdraft from Sandy Hook.

But if you're confined to a narrow channel where you can't move sideways, you can't tack. That's why I think Sen. Manchin's critics are making a big mistake by trying to restrict his freedom of movement. He's on our side, let him seek the best set of the sail.

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Jul-02-13 10:13 AM

Manchin has not done a 180-degree turn (a complete reversal of direction). Not even 90 degrees (going sideways w/ no progress either in the original direction, or away from it). If you want to put it in that geometric metaphor, I'd say it's about 45 degrees.

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Jul-02-13 8:53 AM

When is Manchin going to be smart enough to realize its not the background checks, its the amendments that will be attached to it by others before it can pass, like the last time banning certain semi-automatic rifles and shotguns. Wake up America

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Jul-02-13 7:14 AM

Better question, Denver: Let's see how many WV voters remember how Manchin hosed them in 2016.

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Jul-02-13 6:19 AM

Lets see how many West Virginians wants to buy a Beretta now?

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