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U.S. reps slam Obama climate plan

June 26, 2013

PARKERSBURG — The president’s climate change speech on Tuesday was misguided and misinformed, according to criticisms by lawmakers from Ohio and West Virginia....

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Jun-28-13 9:28 AM

FYY, you're exactly right. I, too, am still registered as a Democrat, but these buffoons that call themselves Democrats now aren't the same ones that fought for our previous generations' livelihood.

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Jun-27-13 12:53 PM

My concern is the mainstream media only covering stories like the Zimmerman trial and ignoring the scandals with this administration. I am a registered Democrat but I do not agree with anything they represent anymore. Democrats used to stand up for the poor working men and women of America and now they stand up for the poor non-working (the people that do not want to work) Americans. Impeachment would be too good for the crooks in the current administration.

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Jun-27-13 8:33 AM

The reported unemployment numbers only account for those still looking for work. If it were true unemployment, the numbers would be in the double digits. Don't blow your whistle too loudly. The country as a whole has gotten into worse shape, not better, yet you still believe the liar in the Oval Office.

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Jun-26-13 3:41 PM

Some that support this plan must already be on government programs and don't care about cost of utilities because "Obama gonna pay my rent, utilities and put gas in my car. I've got call my friends on my Obama phone."

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Jun-26-13 2:56 PM

Starvation and freezing to death, are on the way. Thanks,Obama supporters.

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Jun-26-13 12:49 PM

Suttle,I agree with your comments.However,in the SHORT RUN,President Obama's climate plan will hurt southern West Virginia,where coal has been king for generations,and those who work in the coal fields have little or no education for the most part to change their livelihood.In the LONG RUN,future generations will adjust and become employable in the new age of an era without coal and its hazardous creation(s).

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Jun-26-13 11:51 AM

Is it better to have a little dirty air, or to starve to death? If there are no jobs, there will be nobody to pay for Obamacare or food for your table.

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Jun-26-13 11:30 AM

"What does President Obama owe West Virginia??" The same thing he owes the remaining 56 of his states! However, this imbecile only cares for himself and his cronies. 42% of our electricity in the US is from coal, and he wants to cripple the older plants that can't reach proposed regulations? Suttle, you will pay the same exorbitant rates as the rest of us if these regulations are forced upon us, and we WILL NOT sit here and listen to you whine and moan about how much more you're paying because of it. You elected this idiot. Elections have consequences.

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Jun-26-13 10:57 AM

I keep saying,"Well, things couldn't get any worse and then they do." With the present technology there is no way to store large amounts of electric made by solar and wind and we cannot run the country while waiting for the wind to blow and the sun to come out from behind the clouds. Golly, if we could only harness the hot air that comes out of the white house,to make steam, and run turbines we could supply electric to every household for free.

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Jun-26-13 10:26 AM

West Virginia needs to plan a future without coal. It may come as a surprise to West Virginians, but most folks in the United States see coal as a dirty health hazard...And the slogan "clean coal" is not fooling anyone. As far as President Obama declaring war on coal, I think that West Virginia declared war on President Obama even before his first election. Politically speaking, what does President Obama owe West Virginia??

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Jun-26-13 9:07 AM

So , Manchin, Rahall, etal. are upset. This should be no surprise to anyone as to what Obama wants to do.

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Jun-26-13 9:04 AM

Well, all you brilliant people that voted Bin Bama into office should hold you head up and stand proud. Alternative fuels need to be part of the solution - we are gtting backed into a corner, in a house with only 2 walls left.

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Jun-26-13 8:20 AM

Congress has a solution. As Congress set for the statutes established with each regulatory agency, if they feel said agencies are out of line, simply let the President know that if he chooses to bypass Congress then they will have no choice but to defund the affected agencies. It really is that simple.

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Jun-26-13 7:50 AM

Hey, didn’t the people vote for Hope and Change??? Well were getting that change and there’s no Hope. There's enough people out there right now who are like Sheep… they don't care what’s going on except what is affecting them right now. Then along with that, there’s A LOT of people who are not informed, don’t understand or just have given up with the corruptness of our political system in Washington with BOTH PARTIES!. So what will happen is Obama will get his way (AGAIN), Manchin and Rockefeller will make a token gesture and follow the party line, and the idiots that believe the propaganda that they are feed will support this for …….. (Fill in the blank with whatever).

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Jun-26-13 7:02 AM

Now if the only stick to there guns. they all seem to run to his side every time he wants something

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Jun-26-13 6:49 AM

It's good to see that some people are opening their eyes. Obama is the dumbest choice Americans have ever made!! I hope the country will survive 3 more years of him trying to destroy it.

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