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Conservatives are beating themselves

June 25, 2013

Liberals insist President Barack Obama’s “stimulus” program has worked to pull the nation out of the economic doldrum....

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Jun-25-13 5:35 AM

While the republicans decry the food stamps for needy Americans they are all for billion dollar subsidies for farms, oil, banking, drilling, and just about every other corporation with their hands out. And they think that is a way to save taxpayers from a bloated government

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Jun-25-13 7:44 AM

While I agree denver that we need to end all forms of welfare including corporate, the fact remains that the food stamp budget has doubled in the past 5 years. The same cannot be said for corporate subsidies.

While corporate subsidies have increased from ~$55 billion in 2005 to more than $100 billion in 2012, entitlement welfare has increased from ~$500 billion to nearly $1 trillion dollars.

Clearly, we need to cut all forms of welfare as we cannot sustain the level of spending this country has undertaken. In 2001, federal spending was right at $2 trillion. It is fast approaching $4 trillion, a number that we cannot tax to keep up with.

Yet when our Representatives cut 2.5%, a small amount given the massive increase over the last 5 years, those who have grown accustomed to the government teat come unglued.

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Jun-25-13 1:42 PM

The food stamp program is just another way that corporate America is sticking it to the taxpayer. Most folks that receive assistance in the form of food stamps are working families. If Corporations such as WalMart paid their employees a living wage, the food stamp program could be dramatically reduced. The public treasury is being raided by Corporate America to ensure a profit for the stock holders and the Wall Street fat cats. This is nothing short of socialism being dress up as capitalism...the sad part of this shell game is that the joke is being played on the backs of the American taxpayer.

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Jun-25-13 2:49 PM

Want to save some money? Take back all the Obama phones - let them pay the monthly service themselves. I understand a land line so a disable person can call for help - I do not understand people having 30 Obama phones as I read in a recent article on MSN they had a guy try to get one said he was going to sell it for ****** and the guy giving out the phone merely said - we don't judge!

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Jun-25-13 2:49 PM

H e ro in is this a bad word?

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Jun-25-13 4:14 PM

Baker, In the typical FOX NEWS, Right WING fashion, you blatantly ""LIE"" This kind of disgusting behavior has become rampant by the Republicans/Tea Baggers. Do you folks have NO MORALS OR ETHICS???? Low-income households have been eligible for discounted telephone service for more than a decade. But the program is funded by telecom companies, not by taxes, and the president has nothing to do with it. A much more reasonable answer or solution would be to raise the Minimum Wage to lift these families out of poverty level of life and existence. But of Course you GREEDY Selfish, RETHUGLICANS can't possibly entertain that idea.

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Jun-25-13 5:08 PM

How were the entitlement requiring, government depending, and apparently unemployable due to lack of education and a work ethic record taken care of before LBJ's Great Society that in part created several generations of the "give me, I'm entitled" workless society. There are several unfortunate poor who deserve all help from governments, churches ,charities, friends and family. Most on the dole deserve NO help, and need to be responsible for their lives and what becomes of it.

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Jun-25-13 6:04 PM

Guy, ""Most on the dole deserve NO help,"".... That is a typical myth. And to answer your question... "What did they do before LBJ??? They starved or froze in cardboard shacks. They went door to door BEGGING for food. They died in the streets from very easily curable disease {like pneumonia, chichen pox and measles}. The top 5% of our nation's population own 70% of our nations WEALTH. The 7 multi-billionaire owners of Walmart won't pay the bulk of their workers a reasonable wage, thus we subsidize those workers with our tax dollars, housing assistance, food stamps, free school lunches, clothing assistance, the list goes on and on! YET The Republican/Tea Baggers have the gall to attack these impoverished people and turn a BLIND EYE on the wealthy elite. Sometimes I want to "PUKE" from the HYPOCRACY...

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Jun-25-13 6:30 PM

Having been blessed(even though being raised in a very poor family before LBJ's Great Society in South Parkersburg where my parents and offspring survived on commodity cheese,etc. and not beg,starve or live in cardboard boxes )to travel all over the world,where I have been witness to real poverty,such as exists in India,Thailand,Egypt and Iran. The poor in those countries seem happier,less dependent on others, and certainly more responsible than the indigant in this counry of plenty. WHY?

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Jun-25-13 6:40 PM

Why have the powers that be and the American citizenry allowed Mom & Pop businesses of yesteryear to go the way of nickel candy and Amos & Andy, while allowing the creation of corporate welfare that constitutes the bulk of the wasteful spending in our federal,state and local governments?

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Jun-25-13 7:38 PM

manydems the free cell phones are primarily paid thru fees paid by cell phone and land line user fees,but don't ever let thefacts get in the way of your rants.

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Jun-25-13 7:39 PM

Yes we are fortunate enough to live in this land of plenty. And we have a government that SHOULD BE responsible enough to insure that we don't have masses of impoverished and equality for all. The social programs in this country receive more than their share of critics. If this newspaper and others on the right wing would ""join in"" in denouncing corporate welfare, a truly bloated military budget, horrendously OVERPAID POLITICIANS, {like our DO-NOTHING CONGRESS} wealthy elite corruption and theft, the giant banks, tax breaks for the wealthy elite JET AIRPLANE owners, Offshore banks accounts to avoid US taxes, ETC. Yet we allow them to attack 2 1/2% of the people receiving $200 in food stamps. THE WORKING CLASS in this country have been DUPED into believing that they are making financial gains and headway. WORKING CLASS YOU ARE LOSING GROUND RAPIDLY..

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Jun-25-13 7:46 PM

Well said "manydemocrats"

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Jun-25-13 7:55 PM

mtnrbob: The president has no direct impact on the program, and one could hardly call these devices "Obama Phones," as the author indicates. This specific program, SafeLink, started under President George Bush, with grants from an independent company created under President Bill Clinton, which was a legacy of an act passed under President Franklin Roosevelt, which was influenced by an agreement reached between telecommunications companies and the administration of President Woodrow Wilson.

Wilson Phones, anyone? {mtnrbob}

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Jun-25-13 8:27 PM

Not only are the WORKING CLASS losing ground rapidly. That ground and the gains for "equality for all" are being attacked by other misinformed and misguided "WORKING CLASS" themselves. ""IT'S CALLED DIVIDE AND CONQUER."" They so bitterly resent the FEW that are lazy and do cheat our social systems, that they viciously, blindly attack the entire programs. I advocate attacking the wealthy elite and giant corporations that stash their wealth made in this country in Offshore accounts to avoid paying HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS in US taxes. TAXES THAT WOULD DIMINISH OUR DEBT> If our CONGRESS vigorously enacted and enforced our tax laws and regulations upon the wealthy elite and corporations, like they should, we shouldn't need much in social welfare programs. RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE TO $11.00 per hour and many, many of those receiving food stamps will be ineligible.

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Jun-25-13 9:03 PM

Equality for all? Where is that promised?

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Jun-25-13 9:25 PM

manydems my only objection to free phones would be the continual bloat that is involved with most things the government is involved in. As far as the involvement of the Wilson admin, I believe that what was passed there involved telecom companies being compatible with each other.

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Jun-25-13 10:19 PM

That's all nice and well md but you didn't offer anything more than a few opinions and an incorrect quote given that the Constitution states that slaves were counted as 3/5ths a man, hardly equal. There is no gurantee of equality in our founding documents.

Care to try again?

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Jun-25-13 10:59 PM

The principle of equality is so central to American ideology the word does not appear in the Constitution the word or concept of "equality" in the Constitution is found in the Fourteenth Amendment. Added to the Constitution in 1868, this amendment contains a clause stating that "no state shall . . . deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. In other words, the closest the Constitution comes to guaranteeing or advocating equality is the Fourteenth Amendment's declaration that the states must provide all people equal treatment under the law.

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Jun-26-13 5:43 AM

"manydemocrats" have you noticed every time you prove them wrong, they just come back with something else. Its like the old saying "you just cant fix stupid"

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Jun-26-13 7:24 AM

denver, I believe AaronS stated that the founding documents did not address liberty . Just because you and md state something doesn't make it so.

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Jun-26-13 7:38 AM

MN Bob. I know a justifiable social security recipient who got one of the phones. He can't figure the ADVANCED systems out. Neither can I. Two college degrees nd the phone tripped me out. It is USELESS to him and the government DOES NOT CARE. His government contact says, "SO?"

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Jun-26-13 7:48 AM

Too many drunks and druggies are on Social Security. I know a few locally who don't deserve ANYTHING. One was arrested twice, recently, for DUI. WV did not check with Ohio. This person had license revoked for DUI. Another drunk told the social worker he hated women. This woman approved his SS cause he was warped if he hates women. Geeez

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Jun-26-13 8:16 AM

Wizard; You, just like so many others on the Right BLATANTLY ""LIE"". The free phones that you speak about are NOT ADVANCED SYSTEMS. They are very basic phones, some don't have even have a camera feature. But I also note that you think, YOUR FRIEND IS A "JUSTIFIABLE OWNER" of one of these phones. At the same time you attack someone getting Social Security for having a DUI. Again, so typical of the RIGHT Wing. What does receiving SS have to do with him receiving a DUI? Social Security IS NOT a Government Entitlement Program. This man {with the DUI} has probably worked all of his life paying into SOCIAL SECURITY ""INSURANCE"" I guess I should not be surprised, with your thinking. WITH YOUR TWO DEGREES, YOU CLAIM THAT YOU CAN"T OPERATE A BASIC CELL PHONE...DUH!

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Jun-26-13 8:21 AM

Wizard 1174, you say "Too many drunks and druggies are on Social Security."

Title II or Title XVI? The former is calculated based on the paycheck deductions you paid in while you were working. The latter, SSI or Supplemental Security Income, does not require any work history.

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