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Keeping Americans in the dark

June 10, 2013

Most people pay taxes, so news the Internal Revenue Service is harassing people for political reasons is interesting....

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Jun-12-13 4:01 PM

What impact does the information technology have on world terrorism as well has world ideological divisiveness? Has advanced information systems been good for the planet since it is entirely responsible for the resulting globalization it has created? Is globalization(a singular identity) good for us?

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Jun-12-13 12:07 PM

As long as people think this is a partisan issue, you will never find a solution.

Don't you realize the power the NSA has now? It's not just OUR personal data. They have every secret of every President past or future. They have every secret of every Congressman, their families and relatives.

"Hey Senator JoeBob: Don't push that law, or we'll expose your son's drug addiction." --James Clapper

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Jun-11-13 5:29 PM

Glad your short term memory of The Boston Bombing has no effect on the feeling of being safer now. When terrorists start targeting smaller, softer venues then you can not feel safe anywhere. Victories against terrorist plots recently have come from faulty devices of the terrorists and not any intelligence gathered to stop them. In other words, we were lucky not good.

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Jun-11-13 1:02 PM

I don't know why you'd feel more secure now than 5 or 6 years ago, other than truly partisan beliefs as this President is nothing more than a continuation of his precedessors foreign policies.

It's like saying your drier under a blue umbrella that is identical to a red one simply because of the color.

It makes absolutely no sense.

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Jun-10-13 10:58 PM

Secrets and security go hand-in-hand. The argument regarding the balance between our liberties and our security it a legitimate one. Like the author of the editorial I don't like keeping America in the dark. But, what happens if a terrorist is successful in delivering a nuclear attack on an American city killing hundreds of thousand of our fellow citizens? How much darkness will we have then? What would the author say to President Obama if our worst fears are realized? The President is doing a good job making us secure. His efforts may not be perfect, but so far I feel more secure now that I did five or six years ago. How secure do you feel?

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Jun-10-13 4:53 PM

Denver, your 8:25 post contains a mixture of truth & overreach, spilled out indiscriminately. As I said on another thread recently, you have taken to writing indiscriminately. You leave it the readers to find the good points amidst the trash -- if they care to. It's working for you -- if your objective is solely to stay at or near the top of the "Highest Rated User" list.

What would otherwise be seen as a downside of this torrential writing style, that some readers tend to throw the good points out w/ the trash, actually works for the above objective, b/c their overreaction stimulates further polarization. What's the formula for a High Rating? One might guess that it's Approve minus Disapprove, but it's looking like Disapprove doesn't count.

Is this what you want to be known for?

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Jun-10-13 4:15 PM

Some degree of abuse is inseparable from the proper use of everything; and in no instance is this more true, than in that of the press. It has accordingly been decided by the practice of the states, that it is better to leave a few of its noxious branches to their luxuriant growth, than by pruning them away, to injure the vigour of those yielding the proper fruits. And can the wisdom of this policy be doubted by any who reflect, that to the press alone, chequered as it is with abuses, the world is indebted for all the triumphs which have been gained by reason and humanity, over error and oppression; who reflect, that to the same beneficent source, the United States owe much of the lights which conducted them to the rank of a free and independent nation; and which have improved their political system into a shape so auspicious to their happiness.

James Madison

Enough said

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Jun-10-13 4:07 PM

"Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court."

Revealing policy is hardly treason. Anyone who thinks it is, well, they're showing their bias, especially given that the same individual now excusing Obama for his actions was raving like a lunatic when Bush was doing the same thing while he was President.

Do you spell hypocrite with a small d or a capital D?

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Jun-10-13 1:42 PM

"neocurmudgeon74" telling North Korea what we thought "they would do in response to efforts to curb its nuclear weapons and missile programs. isn't aiding or comforting the enemy in your mind??

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Jun-10-13 11:27 AM

Treason is defined in the U.S. Constitution, a more narrow definition than some other countries use. If revealing it doesn't aid or comfort the enemy, it isn't treason. No matter how much the government wants to keep it secret.

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Jun-10-13 10:11 AM

denver (definition): open mouth, spew garbage.

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Jun-10-13 8:25 AM

Myers writes "If you believe officials are in the habit of telling you the truth and nothing but the truth, I have some swamp land in Florida that may interest you as an investment." And that goes Mayers too!

Then he writes "If you work in the federal government, don't you dare spill any secrets to reporters." I think there is a word for that, its call treason!

Then he writes "As often as not, the leaks government officials are determined to plug have "little or nothing" to do with real national security." Id say telling North Korea what we thought "they would do in response to efforts to curb its nuclear weapons and missile programs." Is in fact harming U.S. security! And if you don't think so I have some swamp land in Florida....

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