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Officials: Parkersburg development on upswing

Division Street an area of interest for businesses

June 9, 2013

PARKERSBURG — South Parkersburg is an area ripe for development, and city officials hope various incentives bring new businesses and housing to that area....

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Jun-12-13 8:45 AM

Yeah, because he's done such a great job so far. Time for a change.

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Jun-10-13 4:03 PM

Well said Denver...Parkersburg has too many citizens/leaders who have little vision of the future for the MOV. So many resources such as our rivers and highways are under utilized...We need leaders such as Mayor Newell to think outside the box to move this city forward.

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Jun-10-13 2:08 PM

Forgot to mention Ashley Furniture.

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Jun-10-13 2:07 PM

What a crock!

Having just returned from a weekend in Morgantown, I can tell you that Parkersburg is the forgotten afterthought of the entire multi-state region.

Development? What development? Dunkin Donuts? Morgantown has Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, NICE neighborhood shopping centers, NICE restaurants, one of the largest Krogers in the country, AND a Starbucks!

Parkersburg has.......well,..... hmmm...

Not only is Parkersburg MEDICALLY under-served (where do YOU go when you need medical care? Columbus, Morgantown or Cleveland, right?), but we are also totally under-served in terms of commerce. We have abandoned shopping centers, empty fields and abandoned houses/property, all within city limits. And someone has the nerve to mention "development"? This area is doomed! Get out while you can!

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Jun-09-13 6:17 PM

Well said "Marvin"!

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Jun-09-13 3:33 PM

Who all remembers when the delivery boy in Parkersburg, rode a bicycle for his deliverys? Now some nerd has a truck and a computer,lives in his mothers basement and has to drink cheap beer ,but does the same job. That is why we need minimum wage ,to replace the BOY on the bicycle.

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Jun-09-13 2:31 PM

Wages were paid with the contracts that were signed. We also worked under 90% maintenance agreements and every ten years we worked a year basically for free. I don't cry too hard for the furloughed Government workers for that reason. Should have cut them 10% across the board and been done with it. As they told us; "you won't miss it."

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Jun-09-13 12:39 PM


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Jun-09-13 12:37 PM

$20.00 an hour is still 17% below average wage in the US last month. About three minimum wage jobs will get you to average. But then those jobs are less than 30 hours a week so you had better pickup job umber four just to get to weekly average wages. when I worked 7/12's I was paid 142 hours for those 84 hours, but was taxed like I made that every week. Good money but big chunk to IRS. Those days aren't gone but not as frequent, especially since the war on coal has shut down completely many powerhouses that used to shut down just for routine maintenance.

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Jun-09-13 11:52 AM

If business A sells widgets and Business B sells widgets, both will only split the customer base. People will buy only so many widgets and if the new business C also gets in the widget selling game the market gets spread pretty thin and some of the widget dealers will not survive costing them their business and their employees their jobs. Small independents will be the first to go because they can't afford to compete with the big chains. Overall jobs remain the same only shuffled among the big chains.

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Jun-09-13 11:21 AM

Minimum wage is not really development by any stretch of the imagination. Yes, it is a developed property, but it is still paying minimum wage.

I'm happy there are jobs, but not happy about how those jobs are not good paying jobs.

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Jun-09-13 9:47 AM

As a community, I think we are doing a great job attracting new business, developing unutilized parcels of real estate, and providing a variety of attractions and activities for our residents and visitors. We will always have a few folks with negative attitudes but that's not a big deal, they aren't 'movers and shakers' and aren't involved in the process. What -is- important is we now have people with money investing in our community as the economy continues its upswing. The activity along Division Street will continue across Blizzard Drive to meet Pettyville and also along Route 95, filling Fort Boreman and Marrtown with new businesses. It will take a few years, and it may or may not include the mayor's baseball stadium, but it will happen.

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Jun-09-13 9:06 AM

Myth: one of the few times I will agree with you.

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Jun-09-13 9:04 AM

They forgot to mention the new car parts store on East 7th roughly two blocks from the other car parts store. More parts for those that need to keep the old clunker running in order to get a job at the gas station, fast food place, or new car parts store

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Jun-09-13 8:56 AM

Honestly what does it matter when the business that do come here are more of what we already have here?

And if they do put a speedway on lets hope the design it better than the one on Murdoch Avenue which is a cluster puck if you catch my drift!

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Jun-09-13 8:21 AM

It will take a few more businesses being developed "because of Corridor D" to equal the number of businesses that went out because of Corridor D.

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Jun-09-13 7:12 AM

Unfortunately, in Parkersburg, Dunkin Donuts is considered economic development.

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Jun-09-13 6:44 AM

Mayor Newell said: "South Parkersburg along Division Street is one of the areas I think is really ripe for development. There are actually several pieces of commercial property available there, and we've seen other businesses coming into that area."

I say good news for Parkersburg, Bad News for the naysayers!! Now let the negativity begin!

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