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Fracking begins locally

June 2, 2013

ADAMS TOWNSHIP — A well-appointed, bright sunroom might be the perfect place to read a book, have a cup of tea or just relax and enjoy the breeze....

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Jun-04-13 9:40 PM

Protect the planet(environmemt)!!! Eliminate fracking and those ilk who want to destroy the planet!!!

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Jun-04-13 12:14 PM

Sea shells 5700 feet down in the Earth! For those doubters, this is just further proof that the historical fact of Noah's world-wide flood is true. How else could sea shells get there, except for "billions of dead things, buried in rock layers, all over the world." Credit to Buddy Davis, AIG song writer. If the world-wide flood happened as the Bible says, this is exactly what one would find. Sea shells 5700 feet deep in the Earth in Ohio.

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Jun-03-13 4:07 PM

I vote early and often for who I believe will serve the citizens best.

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Jun-03-13 2:25 PM

Proof of your ignorance, I'm not republican and I don't listen to Limbaugh either. I'm just not a narrow-minded twit with blinders on voting straight ticket.

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Jun-03-13 11:55 AM

DNFTT - Do Not Feed The Troll ...I'm guilty today.

Has to be trolling, nobody could be such a complete idiot on purpose.

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Jun-03-13 10:59 AM

The reason it's not on the news, is because ALL the news outlets are owned by just a few corporations that do and say what they're told, and allowed.

Naive people believe news on tv is all real and reported by people with integrity. Far from it, it's just der propaganda machine.

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Jun-03-13 10:56 AM

I agree with Jugglez and believe we can be for a clean environment and for fracking for natural gas.

At the next radical tree huggers convention I would like to turn out the lights and cut of the air-conditioners. Then listen to find out who the huggers will blame!

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Jun-03-13 10:55 AM

kittypiddle, you're a fool if you think any of that is "fabricated".

Your next name should be Ostrich. And trust me, there WILL be a next name for you. Your last brain cell must have drowned in the rancid swill you prefer. You're obviously not a beer lover either, lol.

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Jun-03-13 10:27 AM

That's not a bigfoot - that's your reflection in the window after one of your many many beers.

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Jun-03-13 9:38 AM

Try looking up Bayou Corne in Lousiana, you won't hear about this on the evening news or any 24hr tv news source. The sinkhole at a salt dome containing millions of gallons of stored butane, along with oil, brines, and natural gas, has been growing since it appeared over a year ago. People were forced out of their homes and have not been allowed to return. The sinkhole was growing so fast it almost swallowed the boats and people trying to contain the oil and study the hole.

Things can and do go badly with fracking, and the long term costs can far outweigh any short term benefits. That little aspect will not be televised, you aren't allowed to hear it. There's plenty of Youtube video and other websites if you open your eyes.

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Jun-03-13 9:23 AM

A lot of people obviously haven't had their water wells ruined. Once that happens to you, you know it's a bad deal for the environment.

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Jun-03-13 8:44 AM

Ignorance is bliss they say. Catepillar must be happy as a pig in, well, you know. Screw the environment eh? Those folks living in Arkansas thought the pipe line companies knew what they were doing, still, two months after the spill that has somehow been kept out of main stream media, they are still unable to return to their homes due to high toxin levels from the oil in their yards. Folks in Louisiana thought BP knew what they were doing's that working out for them? If you think these companies give two ***** what they do to your back yard, I got a bridge to sell ya.

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Jun-02-13 11:13 AM

These companies know what they're doing and there are no issues, just people trying to stir the pot. They're meaning they are and it's not possessive so it's there instead of their. I'm all for fracking and I hug trees. People need to quit complaining and go out do something to better yourself and the world. I'm pro fracking and pro environment, I'm only against idiots

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