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Walking on Nixon’s path

May 28, 2013

President Barack Obama and his liberal supporters have made it very clear their philosophy of government is that it is their way or the highway....

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May-28-13 5:55 AM

Obama has saved this country from a complete meltdown and turned the economy around, killed bin Laden and 22 of the worst terrorists, overseen, the revival of the auto industry, signed into law the greatest advance toward universal health care in history, repealed DOMA,"Defense of Marriage Act" and overseen the DOW doubling. People like Myer see this as "destroying the country". He is laughable.

The real truth here is that the republicans are imploding by the month and becoming totally irrelevant. All they have done is obstruct progress and recovery. Their out of ideas, out of solutions, and out of luck. So like back in nineties all they have left is to sling mud and hope something sticks.

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May-28-13 11:22 AM

I would think that Mr Myer would realize that his tripe is very DESTRUCTIVE to this nation and even more significantly "HIS PARTY". His party for the last 4 1/2 years has attempted to undermine the Obama administration on every aspect and front. What we {the working class} call OBSTRUCTION. Mr Myer, WE the "WORKING CLASS" {THAT'S US the voters} have spoken loud & clear" as to our choices of government policy. Your Parties lies and distortions of the truth are patently obvious, even to the POLITICALLY UNEDUCATED. You make ABSURD ACCUSATIONS without any evidence of facts. WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT TOTALLY STUPID, MR Myer!!!

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May-28-13 3:24 PM

Great post Mr Meyer!!!! The people will see soon enough...Impeach Bo!!!!

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May-28-13 5:06 PM

Our Congress (both Democrats and Republicans) have passed laws that have eroded our rights as citizens through fear of terrorism. Now Mr. Meyer, with righteous indignation you are accusing President Obama of having a heavy hand with the press. It is ironic that Senator Obama introduced a Federal shield law for those who work in the "press" similar to what many states have already enacted, only to have it stopped in the U.S. Senate by....guess who? The Republicans!! This "I Spy" game between the Republicans and Democrats has got to stop. Our political leaders need to solve problems that we as citizens are facing. Enough already Mr. Meyer!!! We want solutions to our problems that we as working people with our children are facing everyday... not your dribble.

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May-28-13 5:15 PM

Great article. This President has proven to be Col. Klink and his subordinates Sgt. Shultz.

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May-29-13 1:24 AM

denver, I have a bridge for sale.

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May-29-13 5:51 AM

I addressed this comparison in another thread. Legislatively, Presidents Obama and Nixon are very similar.

Despite the fact that Obama likes to compare himself with Luncoln, his positions on guns, healthcare, the environment, our world standing and how we are viewed along with numerous other issues make him the mirror image of Richard Milhouse Nixon.

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May-29-13 6:07 AM

Nixon was a popular President who genuinely seemed to care about the citizens, who despite personal conflicts regarding war was resolute in ending the war but not at the cost of tucking tail and running as was displayed by his increasing the number of troops, proposed legislation regarding health care and gun control, stabilized relations abroad and despite a admirable challenge from a worthy opponent easily won reelection.

Despite all of that, his ego was his downfall. His take no prisoner tactics and not only winning but embarrassing the enemy mentality led him to obstruct justice and abuse his powers.

It all sounds vaguely familiar.

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May-29-13 6:08 AM

"Privatized" Alaska does too, it's called the Bridge to Nowhere!

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May-29-13 11:46 AM

If you believe Bin Laden was killed and dumped at sea, you may as well go ahead and send a check for the bridge. Why do you suppose so many of those SEALS are now deceased? Because they are careless? Or to shut them up?

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May-29-13 11:53 AM

Nixon was next in line and placed in power because he was so helpful with the Kennedy problem. Why do you suppose he couldn't remember where he was when JFK was killed? It's proven he was in Dallas the night before, then he gave two other versions of where he was on Nov.22,1963. Oh, but he's "not a crook!"

I was a teen when I randomly wrote.. "Nixon will flee in '73." Sure enough, he did. Although his term is listed as going to Aug. 1974.

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May-29-13 4:06 PM

OH GOD another Republican conspiracy OBAMA is now killing off the SEALS. I bet you will claim that Bin Laden is hiding in the Lincoln bedroom, in the white house. I am gonna call FOX NEWS and report this latest TRIPE... ROF****

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May-29-13 6:51 PM

"Privatized" I see where Waliur Rehman Pakistan Taliban No. 2 Reportedly Killed In U.S. Drone Strike today. Make that 23 of the worst terrorists overseen.

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May-29-13 7:02 PM

Like I commented on a different article "Tarnished Legacy" knowing President Obama record "for ordering" known terrorist killed! I bet the ones responsible for the terrorist attack in Benghazi hasn't been sleeping to good here lately!

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May-29-13 9:02 PM

The first post says it all, and the only comparison evident is that of the GOP and a spoiled little five-year-old. You couldn't believe you lost an election with so many racists and rubes in your party. Where did they all GO? People have become more educated and all your BillyBobs can read now.haahaaaa

To add insult to injury Obama has done a pretty good job. And that's what really gets you mad.

But, the real kicker is no matter WHAT Obama does, he can't come close to the damage caused by giddyup Bush.

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May-29-13 9:24 PM

Were Benghazi a simple terrorist attack I might agree with you Denver. After, when it comes to foreign policy, Obama does adhere to the Bush Nation building doctrine.

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May-29-13 11:32 PM

Do what they did to Bill Clinton. I've voted Republican before, but when they impeached one of the BEST Presidents we've ever had, well......You made permanent Dems out of people who were borderline, and lost support from your own party over nothing. The entire world lost respect for the GOP on that one, if they had any.

So, do it again, it's alright. That's the GOP platform now: nonsensical accusations, inane comments. He lied, he knew, he killed, blah blah.

Act like you've got nothing to lose...... you do. And, go on believing you have all the support you need..... you don't.

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May-30-13 2:12 AM

Clinton was not the best President, the recession was beginning under his term. Try telling the Military who was over in Somialia that Clinton was the best ( Be prepared for some face time) He screwed them over by dealing with the Italians. Clinton was smart but everything he built was going down hill on his last year. I would vote for the BEST man period! Many of you cannot say the same.

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May-30-13 3:21 AM

mon Dieu! Six people disagreed with proven facts. Haha that's about right for Pburg.

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May-30-13 9:24 AM

Clinton was impeached for Obstruction of Justice, a charge he admitted to when he surrendered his law license in 1999. His saving grace on removal from office was the 2/3rds requirement in the Senate. Essentially , Senstors said "we know he's guilty but his crime isn't bad enough to fire him."

Though Nixon was not impeached, had he not resigned and had been impeached, he would have likely been removed from office even though his actual crimes were no worse than Clinton's.

I don't know if that speaks more to the integrity of the political party or the times but it is disturbing that 50 US Senators voted a guilty man innocent.

What's sad is that if and when Obama's smoke does lead to fire, partisan hacks will not hold him accountable either.

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May-30-13 3:13 PM

Denver,Obama hasn't saved anything. He gave the order to kill Bin Laden, any president would've gave that order. It's also awful funny how the "meltdown" started after the Democrats got control of both houses of congress. When Obama took office in '08 the price of gas was $1.84 and unemployment was at 6.1%. Obama has also added over $7 trillion in new debt and climbing. Gas prices today are @$3.59 and unemployment is @ 7.8%. It would be more but they don't calculate the number of people who have given up looking for work. The three worst presidents in my lifetime were Carter, Clinton and the worst has been by Obama. Not even close!

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May-30-13 4:32 PM

I am hoping this is my buddy that I went to school at PHS that graduated in 84 name Bud?

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May-31-13 10:31 AM


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