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Baseball study kicks off with public meeting

May 22, 2013

BELPRE — The first phase of a two-phase feasibility study on bringing baseball to the Mid-Ohio Valley was off and running this week, with the first day culminating in a public forum in Belpre....

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May-30-13 10:19 AM

I have seen some of the architectural drawings of the proposed stadium and it looked very impressive. I think it had a capacity of 2,500-3,000. Minor League baseball games are very entertaining and whenever I come back to town and they're playing a game I would, without a doubt, spend my money there. Come on Parkersburg, get into the 21st century.

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May-30-13 10:13 AM

For those of you who said that you have "zero" interest, why then did you have enough interest to make a comment on the matter? I'm from Parkersburg but live out of town but, I come back about every 6 months and would love to have some place to go other than than the mall or out to eat.I think having a minor league baseball team would be great! I find reading some of the comments on here very amusing. The guy on here who doesn't know how to spell REPUBLICANS, for one cracked me up. He refered to them as "do nothing republicans", when in all likely hood it'll be the do nothing "rich'" Republicans that will come up with most of the private donations. Not to mention Republican or Democrat shouldn't enter into any of this. The other thing that baffles me is that how the people on here seem to want nice things that the public uses but, are dead set against using "public" or taxpayer money. Private donations will not pay 100% of the cost.

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May-25-13 11:40 PM

If they build it, I will come. I really enjoy live baseball games. However, this needs to be done privately. No taxpayer dollars, as far as serving beer, sure, why not? At the stadiums I've visited it's too danged expensive anyway, so I doubt there be much problem with drunks.

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May-23-13 11:46 PM

The Parkersburg area will never have a civic center or a ball park that are on or near the same level as Charelston because of people that arent looking at the long term potential. It wouldnt be just baseball, the stadium could host many other events that would draw in tourism money. And yes having beer sales would greatly help the chance of success. It get old hearing people say that there is nothing to do in the area but when there is an oppurtunity people shoot it down.

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May-23-13 2:01 PM

MADASHECK....the reason it didnt work the first time is because it was in the CITY PARK! You couldnt buy beer and it was a bad place to enjoy a game. Concerts can be held in a new stadium and the possiblity of a civic center could be built later on if the area grows. I agree with a civic center but not we tried it before. Just because your not a baseball fan doesnt mean its not going to work.

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May-23-13 12:43 PM

@catepillar2013 - Please take the time to read the ridiculous statements you make. Your ignorant rhetoric is uncalled for. This has absolutely nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats. This is about improving our area, period. Comments like yours is one key peice of what is wrong with society. Idiots like yourself spouting off at the mouth for no reason. Keep it to yourself!

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May-23-13 10:44 AM

Total waste of time and money. We've had baseball in this town, nobody cares. I've lived here all my life and the single thing people have begged for was a civic center, not a baseball team or field.

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May-23-13 5:28 AM

Sounds like somebody will take a Money Bath on this one...Like the tax payers. Only people that this will benefit is the consulting firms, cleaneing business and of cource constrution firms. Tax payers will get stuck with the Bills

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May-23-13 12:32 AM

@catepillar2013...really?? "Do nothing republicans"? I dont think that has anything to do with this subject but since you brought it up let just do a quick survey of what Barry and his crew od criminals have been up to lately. End of story.

FYI...I'm all in for a baseball team for the area. But we would need a real facility. Much like the one in Charleston. This could bring in $$!!

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May-23-13 12:06 AM

Out of town players will just hit on the local girls.Have you seen the team bus with on-board comfort foam mattress?

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May-23-13 12:04 AM

Would there be any possibility of a shuttle bus from and to Marietta for us wheel-challenged fans?

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May-22-13 3:40 PM

The dozen who attended the meeting will be the fan base.

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May-22-13 1:17 PM

I am interested and know quite a few that are too. If this happens I will be a season ticket holder. How many vacant stadiums & arenas do you see in the area? None. Thats the problem with this area we have nothing to do except go out to eat at the numerous restaraunts around. This area is far different than Athens. They have a major university that fans follow while our area has no sports anything except high school. Were not going to pack them in but I really think this could work with a new stadium and the right location(fort boremen)

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May-22-13 11:22 AM

If only a dozen people showed up, that is enough to tell anyone there is not much interest in this. Someone commented here the other day and said they thought the attendance would be around 2000 for games. Not hardly. The Southern Ohio Copperheads of the Great Lakes Collegiate League for the Summer in Athens averaged 757 a game and these kids are actively being recruited by major league scouts and it is much better athletes. Remember, this league is made up of young men not drafted, mostly, after there college career is over.

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May-22-13 10:23 AM

I see no mention of " Minor League baseball"..will there be affiliations with MLB? another taxpayer funded,privately owned stadium?

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May-22-13 9:39 AM

Just for the record, I'm not "determined to see it fail". It's just that I don't care about it at all.

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May-22-13 9:39 AM

1.) Why is there a study about this thing about which no one cares?

"The opportunities are boundless"?????? Dude, do you sell used cars, or what? Opportunities for what? To have yet more vacant buildings and overgrown fields dotting the area?

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May-22-13 8:03 AM

I look forward to the results and the future*********of the stadium. The opportunities are boundless and will invoke some interest from many different venues. Thanks to all involved for moving forward with the project.

For those of you who seem determined to see it fail, please let us know what your ideas are to make Parkersburg move forward in our economic climate. I can understand hesitation and trepidation but since you are so positive this is going to have a negative impact, please, by all means, shows us some of your sure fire positive ones.

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May-22-13 12:11 AM

zero interest

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