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15-year-old girls are not women

May 21, 2013

Political correctness has sunk into absurdity in a situation involving access to the so-called “Plan B” birth control drug....

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May-21-13 8:31 AM

Hello! Yes these young women may technically be children, but they are making adult deccisions and having sex. I don't care who is to blame. Regardless of wheither it's the media, poor parents with no skills, peer pressure-the fact is young girls are having more babies than ever. When I was a teen having a fellow student who was pregnant was rare. Now it's the norm. When we stop rewarding these girls with welfare, food stramps and low income housing the problem will get better. Halfway houses are full of teens with drug problems and babies. We need this drug.

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May-21-13 8:37 AM

Today 15 year old girls are not children. They are young women who have had more adult experiences than women double their age. Also their parents should start actinglike parents and not allow them to date. 15 year old girls should not have boyfriends.

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May-21-13 11:46 AM

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS???? What a CROCK! This is an issue of Personal Control of one's BODY. For thousands of years, 15 year olds have been having sex, without any birth control methods and getting pregnant. I will predict that they will continue this behavior.... DUH!!!! This is not a subject of abortion, that has debatable and moral issues. You Right Wing PRUDES, always want to stick your self righteous noses into society business and legislate issues of personal morality and choice. Virtually, NO ONE, with any common sense believes, endorses or approves a 15 year old to be sexually. active.... GET YOUR NOSE OUT OF SOMEBODY ELSE'S CROTCH!!! THIS IS THE 21st CENTURY....

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May-21-13 1:50 PM

The government should not have the right to tell parents that they have no say in what their children take as medication. If they want to say a 15 year old is adult enough to choose their medications then do it across the board. 15 year olds are adult enough to choose to drink, pay their own bills, choose to smoke. It infuriates me that they pick and choose what defines an adult. Either they are at 15 or not.

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May-21-13 4:17 PM

I do have a 15 year old daughter and she is a CHILD. End of discussion.

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May-21-13 7:21 PM

So your child can go buy a pill - something horrible goes wrong - and you the parent don't have a clue what is going on? Messed up. Kids are kids are kids very simple. If the government wants that much control of your child - maybe they should pay all the childs bills?

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May-21-13 9:21 PM

Baker, The other scenario is something goes wrong and she's pregnant at 15 and you the parent, "didn't have a clue." Often times, 15 year old "children" have adult bodies and adult sexual urges. The reality is we live in a world today, that the word "SEX" is no longer regarded as TABOO. Today's "CHILDREN" are very learned and informed. This is not a matter of "GOVERNMENT" controlling your child. That's your job!!! And if you don't do or fail to do "your job". Then the government has simply given the ""CHILD"" a safe method to get herself out of the mess she's put herself in.

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May-22-13 5:14 AM

Maybe the Government shouldn't be involved. But just remember where that old welfare check comes from every month for the next 18 years,

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May-22-13 8:05 AM

Lol! Boy the explanations people come up with to keep government in your business. I believe the saying is keep drinking the kool aid @Demo.

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May-22-13 8:18 AM

I don't oppose them having access to ******s - killing a child is something totally different and I don't think 15 is the age to make those kind of decisions alone.

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May-22-13 8:18 AM

You can call people names on here but you can't spell con doms?

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May-22-13 8:24 AM

@Baker: I agree and some kids at 17-18 are not mature enough to make choices about drugs/medications.

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May-22-13 9:43 AM

The fact is that young girls and boys are having unprotected sex which many times results in an unwanted pregnancy. Unfortunately if they are old enough to make a baby, then they are old enough to take the pill. You might not like it, but this is our society and our culture we have provided our children.

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May-22-13 10:20 AM

Suttle, you are 100% correct. It is not desirable for "children, youngsters, teen adults, or whatever term we want to call them, to be sexually active. The bottom line is they are having SEX. Fortunately today, because of education, many of them are using protection against unwanted pregnancy. Unfortunately, some do not. Burying your head in the sand and pretending that this isn't so, is such a typically antiquated Right Wing thought process. If your parenting skills have been successful, then hopefully your children are abstaining or are using protection. If your 15, 16, 17, year old "CHILD" had unprotected sex last night. Do you honestly believe they would come to you and ask for a PILL to AVOID PREGNANCY...????

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May-22-13 1:04 PM

BOY! These so called responses are getting quite a laugh around the office here :) So if they are sexually active then they are mature enough to choose medication related to the activity (age 15) then if they are smart enough to get the booze and cigs then they are mature enough to use them? You would probably advocate for minors using alcohol and tobacco since they are going to do it anyway. Keep the reasons coming, we LOVE the thoughts!

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May-22-13 6:30 PM

Hey DIPPY "SOCIAL" the consequences that go along with using alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs are NOT COMPARABLE to a 15 year old ending up PREGNANT. Your desire to come up some kind of """LOGICAL""": argument is failing miserably. Your stupidity is beginning to show... I don't know how you adopted the name SOCIALWORKS, But it is quite obvious, that if you have EVER had any education in SOCIAL WORK you obviously FAILED..... DUH....

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May-22-13 6:37 PM

Baker.... understand what is being proposed... The """PILL""" only prevents insemination sucess.... NOT ABORTION... this is a totally different perspective on UNWANTED PREGNANCY...

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May-23-13 3:09 AM

So the author thinks more 15 year old girls should get pregnant? Excellent idea. I'm sure she won't mind providing services for that child until it's 18, not to mention prenatal care. Not to mention children of teenagers often (not always) have difficulty becoming productive members of society. So she will be pleased with an increase in crime, still more social services, etc. BTW, Plan B is simply a birth control pill. It just a higher does than a regular pill. It PREVENTS pregnancy, it does not terminate them. I am for almost anything that prevents individuals from having children before they are ready and if the author cares about our society she should be too.

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May-23-13 3:12 AM

janeeyre1, while we agree about the need for this drug I hardly think social services are a reward. Straight welfare is difficult to obtain (as it should be), you have to work to get food stamps and when I applied for low-income housing (years ago when I was a single Mom) I was turned down for having bad credit. Social services are hardly a ticket to easy street. They are a way for the poorest of us to survive.

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May-23-13 11:30 AM

Am I from another planet or should parents be involved, and dictate, what their 15 year old daughter should be doing and how she should be behaving? Show me a 15 year old girl who is sexually active and drinking/smoking and I will show you parents with poor values, most of whom got pregnant when they were 15. I keep seeing social workers be against this drug. Sounds like they want these girls to keep having babies. More job security for them.

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May-23-13 12:03 PM

Some of you on here really confuse me. You agree that the teen pregnancy problem is out of control. But you don't think this drug is a good idea because a 15 year old girl is not mature enough to make decisions about medications. Yet you do not the government to be making decisions for the same girl? Sometimes you have to stop debating and pick a team. I don't see this as a should they or shouldn't they make this pill legal issue. This is a parents need to be more responsible and teach their kids some values issue. There has never been more access to information about birth control and STDs yet these problems are out of control. I see a lot of moms on here proclaiming how much they love their kids and what good mothers they are. But they seem to spend the majority of their time on these message boards? Just sayin people!

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May-23-13 12:10 PM

@Demo: They say when someone resorts to calling names they feel like they are losing the argument. Just saying....

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May-23-13 12:14 PM

@Jane: I see nothing on this board about people wanting teens to be pregnant, and yes poor parenting is the problem. However the argument on the board is related to the government telling parents they have no choice in the medication that their children (yes 15 is a child) take. Everyone keeps saying poor parenting, but is every pregnancy a product of poor parenting? Not every time as Demos would have you believe. Everyone keeps pointing out maturity is a cause for these kids to have sex, maturity has nothing to do with it in a lot of cases (thus the unprotected sex)

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May-23-13 12:15 PM

BTW @JANE aka 4thebetter and various other names on to you.

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May-23-13 12:17 PM

Nobody had better try to tell me what medication my daughter can take at age 15. I am her guardian, caretaker and provider till they list her as an adult at 18.

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