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Reps vote to repeal health reform

May 17, 2013

WASHINGTON — West Virginia’s two Republican representatives Thursday voted to repeal the national health reform bil....

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May-19-13 10:53 AM

Not everyone who doesn't have health insurance goes to the ER - contrary to popular belief they can and do turn people away. Some of us just don't bother to go -period.

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May-18-13 9:28 PM

"BakerKat" wrote {What do they do now Denver? Nada - nothing they have no insurance and not likely to. So they go without any care at all. It will only get worse.}

And he or she would be right if it was left up to Capito and McKinley!!

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May-18-13 9:18 PM

Who said all the Doctors are going to quit?

And what people do now that can't afford health insurance. they go to the ER. and we pay for it. Under Obamacare {Affordable Care Act} if you are 133 percent of the federal poverty level you are eligible for Medicaid. Just in West Virginia' there will be 91,500 working West Virginians, that will have health insurance that don't have it now after 2014

So tell me again how Obamacare {Affordable Care Act} is not going help anyone.

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May-18-13 8:22 PM

Read Denver - its all over the news how by 2014 if you don't have healthcare and they will know because you will have to list it on your tax forms - you will pay a $1,500 fine. Don't have $1,500 sure don't have over $500 a month for healthcare. What do they do now Denver? Nada - nothing they have no insurance and not likely to. So they go without any care at all. It will only get worse.

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May-18-13 9:25 AM

"BakerKat" where did you get that information from? And for the people who can't afford healthcare, where do they get their healthcare form now?

Whats Capito and McKinley doing about that?

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May-18-13 8:41 AM

If all the docs are going to quit - how is that helping anyone? What about the people who work - make minimum wage and can't afford healthcare? For older people the cost is $500-$2000 a month. They can't afford to pay that - its half a months salary or more. So then they pay a $1,500 fine - with what? How is this helping that set of people? Its NOT.

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May-18-13 5:35 AM

Capito said, "I am proud to support the full repeal of Obamacare today," "Americans deserve health care reform that lowers costs, improves the quality of care, and protects jobs."

If that's the case then where is their alternative? McKinley and Capito can vote on something that has failed already numerous times, but they can't send legislation through that that has an alternative to Obamacare, {Affordable Care Act} and helps with jobs or the economy?

Remember that come Election time!!

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May-17-13 10:18 PM

Should have checked what year that estimate was made, 2004 by the CATO institute and even that estimate then was 9trillion. Add nine more years to that, Mini, and you'll get a much higher number especially since the election of your new lord and savior , Obama. Google something newer and the estimates range from 15-19.8trillion. I just rounded up. A trillion here a trillion there, pretty soon you're talking real money.

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May-17-13 10:05 PM

Random in your stupid right wing FAUX manner of lying about the facts. I just googled {LBJ war on poverty cost} it quoted 8 trillion. I would also remind you of how many Republican Presidents that we have had since LBJ. Those Republican Presidents have also worked feverishly to oppose and dismantle most legislation that would benefit the working class. HOWEVER, NO REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT OF THE PAST HAS DONE AS MUCH HARM TO THIS NATION THE GW BUSH AND OUR CURRENT REPUBLICAN CONGRESS.....

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May-17-13 9:18 PM

democrat mantra: It'll work this time if we just spend more tax money on it. LBJ's War on Poverty has had more than 16 trillion dollars thrown at it and how well has that worked out?

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May-17-13 8:39 PM

The mind boggling fact is they are at an all time LOW in popularity among the American people. But, they continue to oppose the WORKING CLASS {the REAL ELECTORATE} and allow their votes to be bought $$$$ by the wealthy elite... Their only supporters are the FEW hardcore, radical, dummies that we see on these pages and FAUX News. They appear to have embarked on a course of political suicide. Any reasonable person could conclude that by the results of the last two elections. DUH!!!!

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May-17-13 7:22 PM

The republican mantra: "If at first you don't succeed, and you know that no matter what you do, you won't succeed, just keep on doing the same stupid thing over and over again anyway. Taxpayers won't mind."

I guess that, there is nothing else of importance for them to vote on.

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May-17-13 2:54 PM

Phoenix, I have heard people like yourself complaining long enough. If there ever was a good time to stand up and take control, it would be now. But nothing will happen and America will get screwed by crooked politicians yet again. We heve become lazy and ineffective as citizens, do we rally expect the gov. to be any different? So Phoenix keep waiting for somebody else to take action (it will not happen) as you complain and do nothing but shout behind your keyboard. We need real action and that will happen only when Americans get off of their fat butts and march to Washington and show we still have a voice in how our country works. Why we sit and let the government control us is beyond me, I guess it is the fear of them. It should never be this way but we sat back and let it happen and now it is too late. Sad.

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May-17-13 2:04 PM

It is amazing how the Right Wingers, lie and distort the facts to support their own GREEDY AGENDA. Health care is a human right for ALL. Not just the fortunate and wealthy elite. I remember WELL, hearing my dad tell about the Republicans opposition to the implementation of Social Security. It was going to bankrupt America and kill all the small businesses. The same line of CRAP was spewed, when minimum wage laws, overtime pay, and thousands of work safety laws have been implemented. It just never ceases to amaze how these right wingers will advocate for the wealthy elite, while cutting their own ""WORKING CLASS" throat... MORONS

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May-17-13 12:29 PM

Suttle, you should get your facts straight. When you spout off without them, you show your ignorance. If Obama care is upheld the have nots will rejoice for a short period until the realities of the law kick in and our economy collapses. My own Dr. said he will not take new patients. He is not happy about the low pay he gets for treating medicaid patients. I would say that he and many other Dr.s are looking to retire instead of being controlled by the govt. The IRS will do the regulating. Does that make you feel safe? Then again, you maay be one of those folks who pays no tax yet gets some kind of credit from the IRS and therefore sees the entity as benevolent. 45% of $ I make goes to state & Fed. taxes. I want to keep what's left. Otherwise I have no incentive to keep working. People who don't have no insurance have my sympathy. I am sorry, but I see no reason for me to be forced to pay for them to have it. A rebellion is coming.People are sick to death of being raped by the gov

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May-17-13 11:11 AM

Our debt is 16trillion and climbing, our deficit is being reduced due to raising taxes and stopping the explosive spending of this administration. Obamacare is not reform, it s just redistribution of more tax dollars to pay for more to get insurance and fine those that don't want it. Cost is still going up and debt is still increasing.

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May-17-13 10:21 AM

The Republicans are just ignorant. The Obamacare will help thousands of West Virginians to qualify for health insurance who otherwise would not be able to find or buy health insurance. Voting against the self interests of so many citizens is un-American. It is obvious that two of our Representatives are controlled by the healthcare industry. It was just reported that our debt is being drastically reduced due to Obamacare. How do our Republican Representatives explain that fact???

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