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Clean House

Firings only way to rein in IRS

May 15, 2013

It is hard to know which is worse: The IRS was singling out conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status for extra scrutiny or agency officials’ refusal for more than a year to admit it was......

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May-15-13 8:11 AM

This was nothing more than a bunch of guys taking care of their own. They fear a conservative government that favors small government for they fear they will lose their jobs, which is silly. They should know that once something becomes law, the US doesn't repeal them. We're going to need all those IRA agents to ensure that the largest tax increase forced on the American people to ensure citizens are paying “their fair share.”

And to be honest, this is nothing new. Part of Nixon’s Articles of Impeachment was that he used the IRS to go after their political enemies. That’s simply how Washington works. The sad thing is, there are those out there stupid enough to believe their side doesn’t act that way as was evidenced by a ‘moderate’ poster on this site trying to blame one mid-level employee in Cincinnati, a Bush appointee he claimed, was responsible. Yes Virginia, people really are that stupid.

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May-15-13 7:17 PM

Google: Douglas Shulman

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May-16-13 1:43 PM

The IRS -- an agency loved by no one and responsible for stocking the Treasury with federal tax proceeds, due under the law -- appears to have devoted unique effort to making sure that Tea Party organizations were not fudging the paperwork in their bids to secure tax exemption. Good for the IRS. In castigating government as the root of all evil while portraying taxation as a form of tyranny, the Tea Party is no less than a mass celebration of the evasion of the basic responsibilities of American citizenship. Common sense alone tells you that people drawn to its ranks may feel extra temptation to find ways to limit what they surrender to the rogue federal bureaucrats who have supposedly seized the nation.

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May-16-13 1:44 PM

The cover-up is the bad part here, as in nearly all Washington scandals. It's not the act itself that delivered the real trouble -- in this case, a campaign unleashed in the Cincinnati offices of the IRS to scrutinize with particular rigor the applications for tax-exempt status submitted by Tea Party-affiliated groups. Rather, it was what happened afterwards that poses the problem: Officials at the IRS lied to members of Congress about what was actually going on.

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May-17-13 10:39 AM

No group should be issued a nonprofit status if they engage in political activity of any it a liberal or conservative organization. These groups are just ripping off the honest taxpayers so that billionaires like the **** brothers can continue eliminating the middle class.

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