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New retirement community in the works

Developers eyeing Staunton Avenue location for facility

May 14, 2013

VIENNA — A new multimillion-dollar retirement community will be coming to Wood County. The announcement of the Lakeside Landing retirement community will be made during a gathering from 3-5 p.m....

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May-16-13 9:57 AM

If someone is going to complain about grammar, they should at least know how to spell it.

I hope the cracker lands in Wood county, just not at the old Ames plant site, the air is bad enough from the asphalt plant on Hickory St. At least our livers aren't processing the paint from Ames any longer. Yes, that plant was listed among the highest in the nation for emissions of liver toxins. Funny how you never heard of that.

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May-15-13 9:25 AM

beepbeep I see you cant read between the lines also

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May-14-13 11:46 PM

WTAP reports WVUP is getting neighbors, so it sounds as if Hobie might be right on location. To the east and now Washington county is seeing much drilling activity. Drove up at of Lowell to view one of the pads that had just been bulldozed but no rigs set yet. Ended up in Macksburg and a 10 story rotary rig high on a hill with a gateguard so no entry. Cabot plans to drill in Wood County within the year and lay a 30" gas pipeline to supplement the existing pipes. All that gas is going somewhere and hopefully that will end at the cracker plant in Washington bottom. 3 to 4 billion in construction with more plants that use the materials as feed stock. The second oil and gas boom may at last bring some economic boost the area sorely needs. Our children need more than flipping burgers as a future.

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May-14-13 9:48 PM

The Doddridge County Court House made 30,000 dollars in one month at 25 cents a copy from abstactors searching titles. They are scheduling access to the courthouse records.All up and down the Burning Springs Anticline, from Brooke County south it is the same. There are so many outsiders working here it is a boon to Camper sales. They are clustered wherever they can rent a spot with power, water and sewage. And yet the PNS has yet to report anything . This is a VERY big event. A Parkersburg Upholstery shop spent the winter making skirts for trailers to keep pipes from freezing. And the sounds of silence from the PNS. Send Todd out, he might "trip" over something!

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May-14-13 9:34 PM

I have not seen the Miller Property under water. Now that you bring it up. I did hear that the Northwest pipe property was part of the deal. They were shown property to relocate in. So far no deal. There are pyrophoric radioactive chemicals encased in a clay on the property that belong to the US in the southwest corner. I heard that there have been core sampling in the field.Personally, I think it is going to happen.Drive to Clarksburg on rt 50 . Doddridge county is looking like a pincushion. That beautiful valley on the right near Tarklin rd has been destroyed. Cement trucks, water trucks in convoy. They are hard at it.The second energy boom is unfolding all around us. And we will see very little of the money. WV has been used and abused for 150 years. We have the energy and someone steals it from us. Look at the southern coalfields, billions of dollars of coal extracted on the backs of WV miners, and yet the poorest counties in America. This has got to be corrected.

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May-14-13 8:45 PM

Northwest Pipe is also part of the land needed. Plants directly upstream are planning for overpasses across the tracks because of the number of tank cars to be parked on the tracks. Isn't the fields beyond Miller's Landing in the flood plain?

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May-14-13 7:10 PM

My guess is it will be on the Little Kanawha. Near Millers Landing on Happy Valley road. Charles Townsend once tried to build a development on it, but never got the financing. Big field right beside the North Bend trail. On another positive note, one of my friends has a high dollar residence and was looking for advice from a local bank.He was considering selling it. He was advised to wait. He was told that there was a possibility that a "cracker plant" was in the works for the property between the Sabic plant and Northwest Pipe.Larry Morehead must of had a reason to finally rehab the Uptowner Inn for weekly rentals. It has been laying fallow for decades. I heard a rumor that the folks that occupy the ground where the plant may go in are looking for another place to put their ball fields. Just a rumor. But alot of dots are beginning to connect.

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May-14-13 4:44 PM

When has Parkersburg become a haven for high end retirement types? Housing development with benefits might go over big in the Sun Belt but here in the MOV Crud Belt, not so much. Aren't places named landings usually on the water? Hope this works out a lot better than the 757's using the Airport for layovers and repair. Has the same smell, invest in Lee Hill get stuck with a whole lot of a lot.

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May-14-13 3:33 PM

Goldnblue are you a buckeye fan

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May-14-13 1:26 PM

Hope they use local workers bet they wont

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May-14-13 1:24 PM

It is not on I77 but I cant tell you where you will have to wait just start looking around and you can find it shure hope they raise they raise the $2.50 a weak to $5.00 if they are going to pocket some may as well get a bunch like to know where it all goes which has nothing to do with the retirement center just something on my mind don't live in pburg but I shure am gonna drive all over to get my $2.50 worth god bless

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May-14-13 9:25 AM

I just hope they make this a real retirement community and keep the welfare baby mamas and druggies out!

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May-14-13 9:14 AM

This should be a positive development for Parkersburg. I hope the Mayor is not the only leader who has vision for the area.

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May-14-13 8:58 AM

Well said Beepbeep. Tabledoc has the typical Right Wing attitude when it comes to anything POSITIVE or PROGRESSIVE that happens in this MID OHIO VALLEY. I wouldn't expect to see our Congressman McKinley {R} there either. He too, would be NEGATIVE because it may have some JOBS for this area and might possibly look good for OBAMA.

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May-14-13 4:44 AM

Well said "beepbeep"

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May-14-13 12:17 AM

If this is out on I 77, why is Mr. Newell involved? Is they city planning to annex Route 47 ?

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May-14-13 12:17 AM

If this is out on I 77, why is Mr. Newell involved? Is they city planning to annex Route 47 ?

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