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Complaint filed against compliance officer

Reed says he was asked to mediate dispute

May 8, 2013

PARKERSBURG — A Wood County man filed a written complaint against Wood County Compliance Officer John Reed....

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May-11-13 8:33 PM

Everyone that has a problem with John Reed should be calling his boss and reporting his lies and threats he will say any thing to get his way he needs fired

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May-10-13 7:48 AM

When you buy at a tax sale,you take the property "as is".It is the buyer's responsibility to search the title and discover things such as a right of way.Mr Jones bought a "red herring"and it was his fault

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May-09-13 10:37 PM

Seem that Jones has a fan club about as bright as him.

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May-09-13 10:09 PM

tuber, we will see what happens, i bet the city pays up and i bet he uses it for storage or the residents of his street pay up, u r the failure and i bet he has way more money than u, where r u coming up with 710 anyway? ur a loser, go away!

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May-09-13 9:42 PM

OMG Tracymoore you call Jones an Entrapeneur? Thats funny! When the federal amount earned income is $710mo how can you justify this as a business? Now making a bad purchase then trying to extort the county and load owners because he's not a business man and cannot make it in the real world... I call that a failure!

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May-09-13 7:41 PM

hey toehead, have you ever heard buy low and sell high, i am sure he is not trying to kill them on the price, or you I mean, let me say this again for those of you that are slow, the people that lived on that road did not get notices because they did not have deed to the property because someone else owned it, and as far as jones ebook, join the military and become a veteran by serving your country, that would Owqbe a good start, also, by the way, I am a regular contributor on these blogs yet everyone sticking up for reed or the city or the county have new usernames, coincidence?? except for the ambulance chaser, ditzler. For everyone's information, there are infomercials on every day about tax liens and how to make money from them, toehead, tuber, and gee, GROW UP!!

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May-09-13 6:26 PM

Are you kidding me??? every single Entrapeneur is where he is because...he made a deal for 0 and sold for 10+++.. So what if Jones chooses to use his disability $$ to purchase delinquent tax property and turn a profit while others are on drugs/drinking and working Construction under the table. Seems like he is investing his. Good idea Mr. Jones. I see he has aquired a piece of property big enough to store things on. Whats wrong with that? Mr. Reed should be fired. What was his kick back to record and share that with the homeowners? if u think NONE then why back stab if he was negotiating Peace in this situation. Good ole P"burg Gov. at its finest. If it was easier to just record Mr Jones than pick up his pen..ha ha ha while he was pushing RECORD button he could have said "By the way Mr Jones this conversation will be recordered. Took me 3 sec. to type it. The Tax info is listed in the front of the Classifieds every day..pages of them. Maybe read the paper and make your own

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May-09-13 4:59 PM

Itsnottolate, You sound like a mother defending a delinquent child. The story sounds more like an extortionist being exposed.

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May-09-13 11:08 AM

Can someone post a link to Jones's eBook on how to make money on property and slide by disability? I just love paying for people like this!

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May-09-13 8:58 AM

If Jones makes money buying tax liens and selling the property why is he on disabilty? Maybe someone should look in to that??

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May-09-13 2:29 AM

Harry, I pay taxes on a public road every year.

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May-08-13 11:50 PM

Mr reed had NO RIGHT sharing what was recored with out Mr Jones knowledge. Nor should have have shared what he paid for the property that is no ones business but his

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May-08-13 11:49 PM

It was my understanding that you are not permitted to record someones conversation unless you inform them of it prior to the conversation. The county should go after the contractor and the county is at fault for selling it for taxes if it is not taxable... What Reed done was not right, If mr jones bought the property and cannot use it he should be able to sell.. everyone that lives on that road should pay their fair share and at least let mr jones recoup his investment

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May-08-13 10:47 PM

I dont understand how you think this is ethical to extort money from home owners that were not notified of a tax bill on a right of way that is a public/private road! Only an idiot would buy something like this! or maybe an extorsionist! Get a real job!

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May-08-13 9:08 PM

I like hot chocolate :)

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May-08-13 9:02 PM

Its; Dirty Harry is still pis sed that he lost the election and can't full fill his unholy promises to whom ever he made them to, and may now have to pay the piper. He wants to be on the commission sooooo badly, I bet he cries at night.

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May-08-13 8:58 PM

Oh by the way, property owners did not receive notice of delinquent taxes because they were not and are not the owners of this property. I believe they did not ever own this property so it would probably be hard to "buy it back". I have had many properties that have had rights of way yet I do not get a tax credit because part of the land is unusable. Harry, you might want to study this case a little more before you do your lawyer rant, maybe its time to retire for you.

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May-08-13 8:53 PM

Also, I heard the adjacent property owners had a chance to buy the property in the past for $500 and chose not too, what is there like 8 houses out there, so that would be about sixty some dollars per homeowner. The city needs to fire Reed for at least being totally unethical in recording fiasco, and the pay Jones a reasonable amount for screwing up his investment, and then just maybe the adjacent property owners can come up with the money for "their road" and then keep up the taxes on it. Lastly, everyone knows that Harry is just an "ambulance chaser" and looking for the next client to make absurd money off of. Parkersburg, just pay this Jones guy and get this under control.

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May-08-13 8:46 PM

No Harry, here is what happened. The news story is pretty accurate. From what I heard, Jones invests in tax liens, not because he wants something to waste his money on but to try to make a little extra money. By the way, tax liens is written in WV law which oversees the practice of tax liens. The purpose is to help counties that have a hard time collecting property taxes from people or businesses and lets them collect from outside sources and then gives the taxpayer 16 months, yes 16 months to pay their back taxes before they lose possession. Next, 41 foot right of way which has a 12 foot road on it, there is no unusable land there is the there? I guess we should punish Jones for trying to make a little extra money and let the adjacent property owners out of ever having to pay the taxes for "their right of way". I also believe the recording is surely skirting the professional line but playing the same recording for the adjacent property owners is crossing the line. c

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May-08-13 2:38 PM

seems pretty serious to be overlooked? Why is Ditler anti Dupont involved? He is legal counsel for Reed or the County?

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May-08-13 12:02 PM

Talking out of school Dirty Harry? Who moved the rock for you to crawl out from under? Doesn't Chucktown need your expert guidance and leadership?

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May-08-13 11:21 AM

BTW nothing in WV law prohibits recording a conversation to which you are a party. Reed did nothing wrong.

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May-08-13 11:20 AM

Here is what really happened: The developer sold the homes and did not pay the taxes on the road right of way. Property owners received no notice of the "delinquent" taxes. Jones bought the road at a tax sale which should never have occurred. (Since when are roads taxed as private property? Why did the county sell the road to Jones?) Jones then put the trailer on the right of way to try to force the property owners into buying back the right of way from him at a profit to Jones.

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May-08-13 9:46 AM

I always wondered how and why John Reed gets to collect multiple checks for duplicate work hours? Check his employment history. He has zero qualifications for the jobs he's been awarded.

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May-08-13 9:31 AM

Why was he even allowed to purchase the property if he could not use it for anything I feel that he was scammed from the beginning if he was not informed of the right of way taking up the entire property?

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