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Terror Ties

Brother’s terrorism ties need probed

April 24, 2013

The Russian government gave a “heads up” to U.S. officials in 2011 about Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The Russians warned he could be involved with Chechen terrorist organizations. Did U.....

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Apr-24-13 8:13 AM

There you go again.

You write as if every Muslim is a terrorist or a future terrorist, or at least must be assumed to be so until proven beyond a reasonable doubt not to be.

If that's the case, you have to also assume every Jew is the sort of person who blew up the King David Hotel. & every Hindu violently attacks people of other religions. & every Christian ... Yes, Christians too.

I prefer to assume that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

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Apr-24-13 8:38 AM

Now it seems these bombers were on the government payroll by receiving welfare benefits for periods of their lives. Using taxpayer funds to finance terrorist activities just doesn't seem right. Travel to Russia on taxpayer money to get radicalized and return to blow up innocent people is not what the safety nets of government assistance are intended for. How many more radical extremists are getting their monthly checks?

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Apr-24-13 8:43 AM

The radical extremist Muslim may only be 5-10% of their population, but with over a billion practicing Muslims that leaves 50-100 million that we have to worry about. That my friend is a heap of worry. The rest seem to be complacent with the actions of the extremists and that is a lot more worry.

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Apr-24-13 9:46 AM

Welfare reform....this country needs a major overhaul.

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Apr-24-13 10:42 AM

Even 5-10% seems a bit high. What's your evidence?

If it is that high, I'm pretty sure most of them focus their attention on their local governments. Do we really have to worry about those? Leave them alone & they may disapprove of the U.S. in the abstract, but will only act locally. It's a hard call whether to intervene or butt out -- no easy answer either way. But most people in Afghanistan or the tribal areas of Pakistan have never even HEARD of 9-11. One elder, shown a photo of the Twin Towers burning, guessed the city was Kabul. (Obviously he had never been to his own nation's capital.) What they know of the U.S. is what they see & hear of our troops & our drones.

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Apr-24-13 10:44 AM

RANDOM21 has figured out a way to make welfare even more expensive: require background checks of all applicants.

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Apr-24-13 5:59 PM

Nobody knows for sure with estimates of 2-10%. Given 1.3 billion Muslims each per cent is still 13million individuals which is a significant number. Just how many does Neo deem acceptable? Is it the millions overseas or the one that sets the next bomb on another soft target here in the US? I just think that when given multiple warnings on an individual, that individual should be checked out and at least get the spelling of their name correct. Do you want to fight them here with shutting down entire cities and going door to door, or would it be better to fight them outside the country? If you think you can sit down and smoke the peace pipe with them you will find the sound that woke you up was your throat being slit. All or nothing is what they believe, nothing is what they should get.

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Apr-24-13 6:02 PM

AS far as background checks on welfare receivers, the checks may weed out a lot of fraud and instead save money.

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Apr-25-13 12:25 AM

Disagree with you Republican, you just do not understand the word diversity. Muslims have the right to live here just as much as you do! Allah is the same person as the God the Christians worship, they just do not believe in Jesus as they have they own version. I have many Muslim friends and they are very honorable people. People with your attitude is the reason, I am not in WV, WV people said some mean racist things to my wife when we came to visit.( She is Japanese)

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Apr-25-13 8:49 AM

"I agree, these foolish Muslims accept no compromise" Republican.

Good thing I wasn't drinking anything I would have sprayed it right out my nose when I read that.

What pray tell does a REPUBLICAN know about compromise?


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Apr-25-13 8:53 AM

And Remington sorry some idjits talked badly to your wife. Probably thought she was chinese. They dont care to know the cultural differences.

Had a black manager at work. Some of the guys I worked with didn't take too kindly to him telling them what to do.

He'd say something and they would just seethe with disgust at him.

Its sickening the way some act in this state.

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Apr-25-13 9:57 AM

Republican: are these kind of statements by you necessary.???? {THE CLOSING SENTENCE IN YOUR 10:33 POST} It is my sincere hope that some radical nut doesn't decide to retaliate and bomb one of our local schools, because of your insanity. Unfortunately, our First Amendment protects this type of speech. But "common sense" should tell anyone that this is wrong. I respectfully requested that The PN&S remove this post and unfortunately they have NOT complied.

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Apr-25-13 10:50 AM

Thanks Mythravere, another thing asking, "Are you Oriental?" " Are you a Jap?" Asking a Jspanese person if they are Chinese, is not a smart educated thing to do. If you been around all of the Asian culture you can tell the difference.

I hate racist people because they are uneducated bigots.

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Apr-25-13 1:26 PM

According to the 2010 census the Asian population of Parkersburg is .05% which means most peoples interaction with Asians consist of the local Chinese/Japanese eateries of the area. While the question may be out of line how else are people to ascertain what part of Asia someone is from? While in service I processed incoming personnel onto my base and Asians that arrived were dependents of Airmen that had served in SEAsia. You could check their records and have an idea where the dependent was from but that wasn't 100% accurate. Traveling to San Francisco and visiting China Town, or Little Saigon, or the other enclaves where refugees settled would give one a better knowledge of the differences of the Asians, but with the lack of diversity here in town, one would have to ask rather than take a misguided guess. Some people are just inquisitive and ask.

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Apr-25-13 1:36 PM

"I prefer to assume that everyone is innocent until proven guilty." Nice PC of you. When one is on camera with a backpack, then without, kill a cop to try and get his gun, carjack a vehicle and tell the driver you're the bombers, get into a running gun battle with authorities, possess assorted explosive devices, run over your brother while trying to escape, have another shootout and get captured while causing an entire city to be locked down, can tip the scales of justice towards your guilt. How much proof do you need to instead assume guilt?

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Apr-25-13 2:17 PM

Random, why do you ask? That is very rude. That is like asking a Jew if he was a German, a black if he was from Congo. I will go ask a Caucasian if he was from Canada or better yet ask a Mexican if he is from El Salvordor. Living out here, you learn to not ask questions. The person in PKB asked my wife if she was a Jap, which is a very racist term and responded by calling her a white trailer r/e/d/n/e/c/k trash. Funny how PN&S blogs out that term but lets you write Jap on the forum. It just proves my point how racist this town is.

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Apr-25-13 5:44 PM

Probably wanted to know if she was a Jewish American Princess and why would she be called white trailer trash for any reason. It's important to know what Asian country someone is from so as to NOT mistakenly insult them by assuming the wrong country. They are so few here it would be almost impossible to pick correctly without asking. Where you are from should not be not be an embarrassing question any more than asking anyone what state they are from. It doesn't take long and it opens up many topics of conversation. Granted the question could have been asked with greater tact, but is it not a legitimate one to ask? Where were you when this took place? Hard to believe anyone just standing on the sidewalk would even ask. While working in chemical plants throughout the valley I met many Asian chemists and engineers and none were ever reticent to talk of their home countries. With English as their second language conversation wasn't always easy but pleasant non the less.

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Apr-25-13 6:37 PM

It was in 1994 and it was me that called the lady "white trailer trash" after asking if my wife if she was a "Jap." People do not like being mistaking for another origin. If you know anything about history, you learn to not ask questions because I learn the hard way when I asked an Armenian wrestler if he was from Turkey.. I thought he was going to kill me. Japanese hate the Chinese and someone asked my wife if she was Chinese, she asked him if he was a Polock? I under stand that WV does not have the diversity and that is why outsiders say bad things about WV.

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Apr-25-13 10:27 PM

By the at Random, Thanks for serving for this great Nation!

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Apr-26-13 10:01 PM

@ RANDOM21 regarding your Apr-25-13 1:36 PM post: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is not all Muslims, & all Muslims are not Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

I never said Dzhokhar is innocent. When we say "innocent until proven guilty" that doesn't mean we can't act on the evidence. If it did, we never would get to a verdict of guilty, & obviously we do get there.

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