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Manchin to public: Read gun bill

April 19, 2013

PARKERSBURG — A West Virginia senator who brokered a compromise on a bill requiring background checks on gun sales encouraged everyone Thursday to read the legislation....

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Apr-19-13 6:52 PM

Remington- The song by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Fortunate Son was for people like Dick Cheney

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Apr-19-13 6:00 PM

So is this the same NY Times that has voted for Bo Man of the Year and has him on their cover almost weekly? Yea I would believe anything that comes out of NY.

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Apr-19-13 5:58 PM

Exactly right!

"shall not be infringed"... by definition: limit or interfere with (a person's freedom or rights)

The amendment to the Constitution would be breached if any sort of restriction would be placed upon this American right.

It's must remain as all or nothing, otherwise, we give the Government the key to Pandora's box.

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Apr-19-13 4:27 PM

What is so hard to understand about 4 little easy to spell and clearly defining words "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED"?

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Apr-19-13 4:17 PM

WV state code states all able body firearm owners arevthe state's unregistered militia. This was to protect those who own firearms from any form of registration and protect our state from attackers (terrorism is used far too loosely anymore) foreign and domestic. Most of those posting here have done little research past parroting something another said. The federalist papers and personal diaries from the founders make the intent on every amendment in the bill of rights clear. There really is no need to guess. The "well regulated militia" was added to protect both those engaging in training and keep a provision spelled out clearly for their activities to future government. No where in the founding father's documents left be hind did it limit individual's to a certain type of weaponry not with the militia or under any other circumstances limit a person to any provision other than to protect themselves and others from tyranny. Also no founding document says 2nd is for hunting.

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Apr-19-13 4:06 PM

Sorry I thought a shot gun was a gun. The NY Times said Cheney dodged the draft 5 times,I bet they lied about that.Oh Well I got about 12 shot guns and I didn't even know they wasn't a gun,talk about not being informed ,that's me.

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Apr-19-13 3:47 PM

Marvin, it was NOT a gun but a "shotgun." Besides Cheny is a very well respected man in the Military ranks. Accidents happen, happens everyday. It was not intentionally. Big difference!

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Apr-19-13 3:15 PM

Dick Cheney shot his hunting buddy , there is a example of a D- Ranged man with a gun.We need some control of nuts using guns,right?

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Apr-19-13 12:54 PM

He should also ask residents to read the 2nd amendment. The first 3 words are "a well regulated." Hard to imagine a background check does not fall into the scope of that verbiage

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Apr-19-13 12:25 PM

So, with Joe, he's not really focused on the issues most West Virginians think are important, wants to make it harder for law abiding citizens to purchase guns, and doesn't seem to even really understand the issue he's talking about (and accusing others falsely of certain misrepresentations).

Why would he be voted back into office?

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Apr-19-13 12:23 PM

"The problem is, we have far too many people WITH guns who SHOULDN'T have them."

Newtown was done with guns not owned by the perp. More "gun control" won't really solve the problem. Also, I don't think people receiving mental help are put on any "don't sell" list, so they won't show up. Only certain criminals. Criminals don't need background checks to get guns. The entire idea is either based on a lack of understanding of how the system (and our second amendment rights) work, and a naive belief that criminals will obey the law when it's been proven time and time again that they won't.

All this will do is inconvenience law abiding citizens, and it's stupid to do that for something that simply isn't going to be of much benefit.

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Apr-19-13 12:18 PM

Remington: I stopped voting for Byrd back in the early 90's. I believe he started thinking too much of his self and was enjoying all the "naming" rights he was getting for all the pork he was pulling in. However, I did appreciate until towards the very end of his career he stood up for most traditional, WV values when most Democrats where going the other way.

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Apr-19-13 12:15 PM

"Senator Manchin is a Democrat. Stop expecting him to act and/or vote like a Repubican."

I don't. I expect him to act and/or vote like a West Virginian. I'm betting the majority of West Virginians don't think that more gun control is either an answer to any existing problem, or a very high priority. The fact that Joe is spearheading this despite that likely fact has nothing to do with party affiliation, and everything to do with who he represents. "It just makes sense to me that EVERYONE be subject to a background check in order to buy a gun"

Why should we have to get permission from the government to practice a Constitutional right?

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Apr-19-13 11:54 AM

Good post Matt!

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Apr-19-13 10:19 AM

To quote my Rightie friends from a few years back...."if your doing nothing wrong then you have nothing to worry about. Every seller at a gun show is your "long time friend" wink wink.

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Apr-19-13 10:05 AM

Stupen , then explain why WV is the 2 BS poorest state in the Nation and 1st place in the fattest state in the Nation. The laughing stock of WV was the idiot you people kept voting in was Robert Byrd, who was the biggest pork spender in the Senate. People tell me why would a bunch of hicks vote for a 80 year old fart, that was a KKK member? Arch Moore was a good governor when I lived there.

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Apr-19-13 8:38 AM

Am I missing something? Senator Manchin is a Democrat. Stop expecting him to act and/or vote like a Repubican. For those who think he will not win re-election, think again. He is the most popular Governor West Virginia has ever had. He will most likely be on the ticket for Vice President of the United States in 2016. I took the time to read the 49 pages before the vote in Washington. I believe Manchin. No rose colored glasses here, just an informed opinion based on what I read.

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Apr-19-13 8:32 AM

I love how all posters (well, excluding Denver) keep sayinng that Joe doesn't represent WV voters and what we want. I have to respectfully disagree, he is representing my views and beliefs quite well. There has been a required national background check for nearly 20 years...anyone ever hear of a little thing called the Brady Law? It just makes sense to me that EVERYONE be subject to a background check in order to buy a guy. Otherwise, anyone can go to a gun show and just buy up whatever they darn well please. I don't understand all the hub-bub...if you are afraid of the government knowing you own a gun, then that sounds to me like you have something to hide.

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Apr-19-13 7:26 AM

I voted for Joe. Since he's gotten into national office it's clear that like Jay, his brother on the left, he's forgotten who he represents and instead wants to please his buddies on Capitol Hill and possibly have a career in national Democrat politics which means he'll have to toe the party line at some point, which doesn't reflect what WV Demcrats (the majority of them) think.

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Apr-19-13 7:22 AM

"None of that is in the bill" Uh, yeah Joe, it is. If I can't go to a gun show and buy a gun off a guy I've known for years without having a background check ran, and therefore alerting the federal government of the weapon I'm planning to purchase, it's doing pretty much what the NRA has said.

When the government has a record of the guns we purchase, it's a defacto "gun registration" scheme. Joe is toast.

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Apr-19-13 7:21 AM

Is there a provision that makes it a crime for doctors who dont report mental illness? There is already laws on the books pertaining to mail order purchases. It has to go through a dealer at both ends of the transaction.Joe is scared now or he wouldnt have put out this appeal for us to read the BS that he started. Also there is plenty of ammo on the shelves in Ravenswood.

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Apr-19-13 7:17 AM

I think Joe is finishing his final term. No way WV voters will put him back in. You forget your job is to represent your state not your president!

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Apr-19-13 6:50 AM

You can't believe anything he says anymore. he is Obama's biggest supporter

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Apr-19-13 6:19 AM

Once again we are plagued with the political party bias. How long will we tolerate this.

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Apr-19-13 6:08 AM

Joe has turned against the people of WV. He has become a tool for BHO and will do what ever BHO wants.He has lost my vote. Never thought Joe would cave. BHO must have promised Joe a great job in the Kings government. Joe is a turncoat and now belongs to the people that want to destroy America.

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