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Buckwild’s Future

Consider how stars, viewers were affected

April 10, 2013

MTV television network officials have suspended work on the upcoming season of the “reality” show “Buckwild.” Good. Let’s hope they think about the message being sent by the program....

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Apr-12-13 8:54 AM

What does it say about the youth of WV when even MTV decides that to continue filming a reality series here is a bad idea? If the show got a bad rap it was because of the cast and their immature antics. I thought the show depicted a very realistic image of WV youth! They made Snookie look like Princess Di!

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Apr-12-13 8:36 AM

Don't think for a second that MTV won't fill the roles of misguided young lads for cash. It will just be filmed somewhere else. It would be nice though to see a story on just who these youths really were. Of course that type of writing would be way over the heads of anyone at MTV. Rest in peace young man...

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Apr-11-13 5:56 AM

Well said "robnjess" and "Geezer"

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Apr-11-13 5:45 AM

Its amazing how quickly people turn into grumpy old fuddy-duddies. In my younger days I drank lots of beer, chased girls, and spent a lot of nights four-wheeling across the Laurel Creek 'high road' back when 'muddin' was done in trucks. My friends from those days ended up being regular moms and dads, business folks, doctors, lawyers, and blue-collar workers. I feel sorry for perennial moaners like Mr. Alex who apparently has never had a day of fun in his entire life. I miss my 'Buckwild' days, am glad I survived them, don't want to relive them, but enjoyed the he11 out of them at the time. Live a little, kids, there's plenty of time to be old later on, and it s u c k s.

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Apr-11-13 12:10 AM

"Where you from?" "West Virginia." "oh, I have friends in Richmond, maybe you know them." Typical conversation with anybody in the other 48 states.

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Apr-10-13 6:18 PM

My generation did not condone Buckwild;BUT we did condone,and I was there in the muddy fields at Woodstock!! Is that hypocritical?

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Apr-10-13 6:02 PM

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt or in this case died. Shain Gandee, his uncle and friend might very well be alive today had they not been drinking or drunk. Maybe MTV is climbing out of the gutter.

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Apr-10-13 4:21 PM

MTV has said that the show will not go on and filming has stopped. The producer/agent for the cast has said it's not a done deal. The cast had received a raise to $3000 per show versus $1000 the first season. I think the fat lady has sung.

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Apr-10-13 12:08 PM

Just my opinion-but how come no one in WV raises the integrity flag when it might count for something. All during Bob Wise's cheating scandal, Heather Bresehs's fake degree scandal and the fiasco that was the Sago Mine Disaster-no one seemed to point out the obvious and call out the people who needed to be called on the carpet?

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Apr-10-13 11:07 AM

Thanks for my laugh of the day, Mr. Alex.

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Apr-10-13 6:38 AM

Well MrAlex... those rosy necked folks are the base of your side of the aisle in politics. Muddin.. NASCAR.. Guns.. God..the South will rise again..etc. All of these things are held sacred by those individuals. Does this mean you're calling the base of your party idiots? Indeed friends, this must be a banner day.

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