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Senators talk background checks for gun sales

April 9, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia remains in the thick of the discussions for a compromise on background checks for gun sales, according to Associated Press....

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Apr-10-13 9:37 AM

I think most of you are missing the point. Background checks are not the problem. The problem is all of the other rhetoric that will be imposed with the bill. I have nothing to hide but that does not mean that I want anyone dictating what I can and can't do with my personal property. It's "personal", not open for debate.

Blue, it is people like yourself that are the downfall of society. You believe anything the media tells you I bet. It appears to me that you don't own guns becuase you're not man enough but let me put it to you in terms you will understand.

You buy a car and let your child drive it to the store. On the way, he gets in a wreck. Insurance covers it but you still go to jail for loaning him the car and causing damage. Makes about as much sense as wiping before you poop.

Do a little research before you spout such ridiculous comments. I was born with the right to obtain what I want and use it how I want as long as I don't impune on someone elses rig

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Apr-10-13 6:37 AM

Id say, that people that has something to hide, would have a problem with universal background checks for firearm purchases!

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Apr-10-13 4:35 AM

And Blue, you just proved how ignorant you really are. Turn on the tv to ID channel once in a while, or watch the repeats of American Justice, they have many stories of people shoved into jail by authorities in a hurry or with an agenda.

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Apr-10-13 2:40 AM

bluelink, you are a tool, big time. When you consider that kids are suspended from school for chewing their pop tart into the shape of a gun in this country, do you really think that you should trust the authorities? The jails are full of people like you, innocent people who trusted the government and got the shaft.

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Apr-10-13 2:38 AM

Suttle, are you serious? Even if they just close the private seller and the gun show loopholes, do you really think this will make a difference? It won't and here is why. All of the last several mass shooter, except one) legally passed the current background check and bought their guns. How, their doctors knew they were dangerously mentally ill, but didn't report them as required to, or the local police did not pass the info to the FBI. Now, as far as regular thugs are concerned, do you really think they get their guns legally? No, the background checks won't affect them one bit.

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Apr-10-13 12:04 AM


You're not a citizen, you're a subject. We The People will prevail in the end against thugs like you. We are in control, the only "power" you have is what we give you. You are a publc servant, if you really are, deal with it.

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Apr-09-13 9:49 PM

Background checks will reduce the number of guns in the hands of criminals and those who have mental issues. We all know that as fact. Will it keep all criminals or those who are mentally ill from obtaining firearms? No. But such legislation will reduce reduce the kill rate. The killing of our children and loved ones is a price too high. Enough is enough! Background checks will become law, it is only a matter of when.

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Apr-09-13 3:56 PM

No, Joe they don't, however under the language of this background check bill you could if your wife uses your gun to shoot at or shoot the burglar.

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Apr-09-13 3:47 PM

Do burglars need to have a backround check?

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Apr-09-13 2:56 PM

judgeroy - i definitely agree with you that riders are not a productive part of the legislation process and does not help brighten the image of politics and government in general.

however, i firmly believe that even without these riders, the NRA strategy would be against it. the power that the NRA holds has reached its tipping point and going forward, politicians will be less concerned in earning an A+ grade by the gun industry.

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Apr-09-13 1:58 PM

Another favorite that's in this bill is if you go to Uncle Henry's farm and let your wife shoot your gun, you could go to jail.

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Apr-09-13 1:55 PM

Why are gun owners against the current background check bill? It isn't because we object to closing the "loophole" on gun shows or private sales, it is all the other crap that is on that bill. Like so many other federal bills, it's the riders that make the difference. Under this bill, if I loan my gun to my brother to go hunting, I could go to jail. Under this bill, if I try to sell my gun that I've owned for 5 years to someone, I have to have a proof of ownership when I take it to the FFL dealer to do the background check. If I don't have it, then the dealer is to confiscate the gun and I could face jail time, and lose my right to own guns. These are just a few examples of the riders and it is these stupid add ons that we object to. This bill proves what the NRA and gun owners have been saying for years, if you give them and inch, they take 5 miles.

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Apr-09-13 12:30 PM

statement: each gun sale must be accompanied by a background check.

if you disagree with that then you are part of a dying minority, my friend.

this struggle versus the modern-day NRA is similar to the people's fight against the cigarette industry and auto industry (safety) of years past.

the NRA is against losing any ground on any gun issue, thus is against background checks on ALL gun sales. this stance will shed light to the public on how crazy some of their viewpoints and policies actually are and will diminish their grasp in Washington going forward.

some of you will eventually realize that being the party of 'hard-headedness' will not serve you, or this nation any good.

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Apr-09-13 10:10 AM

...cont ...We don’t restrict other people from buying fast cars that are designed to exceed the posted speed limits now? PEOPLE…. Wake up and pay attention of what is happening these last few year’s… THE PEOPLE are slowing losing their rights and liberties.

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Apr-09-13 10:09 AM

First of all, theblueline26142… You are either another account of our “resident progressive liberal” or just an idiot. Having dealt with Federal, State and local agencies for over thirty years, they DO NOT NEED any more power to perform their assigned mission’s. They can do that now with what they have on the books. But what they do need, is proper lawful supervision and control to ensure that the “newer and younger generations” don’t just do whatever they are asked by the federal government to be one of the boys… or to get another “new item” so they can be equipped or look like our military. There are enough laws on the books for mental health now. Let’s take a case in point on this… if a parent in a New England State has so much trouble in trying to commit her son because of the mental health advocates and laws in that state, then how can any more new feel good laws or trying to restrict other people Constitution Rights are going to help? We don’t restrict other people from b

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Apr-09-13 8:35 AM

I bought a hand gun at Cabelas in Wheeling 4 months ago. I had to wait for about an hour to pick up the gun after I bought it because they needed to do a back ground check. theblueline26142, explain to me what you are talking about not agreeing to back ground checks. We already have to go thru them to purchase. I do agree that they should also have to do the same back ground check at a gun show as well (I didn't know they didn't do it). So please explain what type of new check you are wanting. Is it one that will exempt a person because they got a simple speeding ticket or someone got arrested for a P.I. Anyone getting the point??

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Apr-09-13 8:02 AM

A background check is one thing...what they do with their information is something else.

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Apr-09-13 7:45 AM

Would love to see the mental health evaluation of the blue line. What's this inkblot look like? " A cop having a brewski after feeding that perp an asphalt sandwich." How about this one? " A cop having a brewski, after rifling through his car, while feeding him an asphalt sandwich." Give up an inch, they'll come back for a mile. They realize this is the last ditch effort to save face and say they have done something. Not that it will help, but something.

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Apr-09-13 7:27 AM

"Firearm transactions online" or through the mail? If a person purchases a gun online or mailorder it has to be sent to a dealer and then the purchaser does the background check there when they pick it up. This is already a law.I have been a licensed dealer for 31 years and that is how it has always been. Enforce the laws already on the books instead of overlapping what you have with more. Our elected officials continue to show their stupidity on this and other matters.When will they wake up? They can't solve the economy problems so they have to do something else to cover their butts.

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