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Learning true cost of new health law

April 8, 2013

It may seem to some Americans that new revelations of what “Obamacare” — the national health care takeover law — will cost have become a regular feature of news reports....

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Apr-17-13 5:23 PM

"I just see a huge train wreck coming down," Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., told Obama's health care chief during a routine budget hearing that suddenly turned tense.

Baucus is the first top Democrat to publicly voice fears about the rollout of the new health care law, designed to bring coverage to some 30 million uninsured Americans through a mix of government programs and tax credits for private insurance that start next year. Polls show the public remains confused by the complexity of the law, and even many uninsured people are skeptical that they will be helped.


Seems that even Democrats are acknowledging the truth.

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Apr-11-13 1:44 PM

RE: Suttle, Your statement that "other industrial countries can find a way to offer healthcare for their citizens" is very misguided. What countries are you speaking of? Countries such as Greece, Portugal, and other countries on the brink of bankruptcy? The UK has tried the socialized medicine experiment, it has failed incredibly, and they are now re-privatizing healthcare. Why should the US go down the same path? Our healthcare system contains many flaws, but ObamaCare solves none of them. Refusal to accept accountability for one's actions, and obsession with political correctness dooms healthcare. Until the mentality of entitlement changes, healthcare costs will not improve.

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Apr-09-13 7:51 AM

Where did this thought that healthcare is a, "right" come from? Why are other things we may need or want at some points not "rights"? Take for example: shelter, clothing, companionship, entertainment, ability to travel, etc. For the life of me, I cannot get that society as a whole must provide everything for all. Hmmmm, thus the root word for SOCIALISM?

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Apr-09-13 6:31 AM

I would argue that the US already provides health care to its citizens. From the numerous free and fee based clinics available to the fact that no one can be turned away from an emergency room, any American that wants care can find it.

And while I don't see how health care is a right, I do believe that it is in our best interest as a nation to care for our citizens.

I just know without a doubt that Obamacare is not the solution. First, it's not healthcare; it's a tax that is going to cost America dearly as it does NOTHING to address the rising cost of health care. It merely provides funding to at an extremely high cost.

If the President wanted to address cost, there was models like the Cleveland clinics all inclusive fee for care, options like purchasing across state lines, and plans that provide basic care and emergency care. Instead he passed a bill that was killed by Ted Kennedy 40 years ago. Personally, I like what Singapore does.

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Apr-09-13 12:41 AM

It is funny to see so many people having an opinion about Obamacare before it is fully implemented. Those who are against Obamacare must have an alternative to replace it to be credible. If other industrial countries can find away to offer healthcare for their citizens so should we. Healthcare is a right, not a privilage for the very rich.

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Apr-09-13 12:05 AM

You're quoting old news dennie thats part of a 10 year trend attributed to improved long term care among other things. Weve already proven you wrong on that point. Until you're willing to state emphatically that Obamacate WILL reduce the cost of healthcare AND provide a CBO estimate for that, all you're doing is regurtaiting liberal tripe.

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Apr-08-13 7:06 PM

2/12/2013 @ 9:12AM |46,522 views New Data Suggests Obamacare Is Actually Bending The Healthcare Cost Curve

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Apr-08-13 6:41 PM

Dennie is quoting the CBO before Obamacare is implemented. The CBO has a completely different outlook for Obamacare AFTER it is implemented.

“The CBO's new baseline estimate shows that ObamaCare subsidies offered through the insurance exchanges — which are supposed to be up and running by next January — will total more than $1 trillion through 2022, up from $814 billion over those same years in its budget forecast made a year ago. That's an increase of nearly 29%. The CBO upped the 10-year subsidy cost by $32 billion since just last August.”

“The CBO has long said it expects the new federal health law will prompt some companies to drop millions of employees from health plans because workers have new options to buy insurance on their own. In August, CBO put the number at four million over 10 years. Now it’s seven million.

It seems that the more we learn, the more the cost increase and no amount of denniespin can change that.

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Apr-08-13 4:59 PM

According to the new Congressional Budget Office report, federal health care spending is expected to be 15 percent less than what was initially budgeted for 2012, which will save the government hundreds of billions of dollars. This also marks the fourth year in a row in which health care spending has hit new lows. The poor economy had been credited for most of this, but now the CBO is saying that a significant part of the savings are also the result of the structural changes PPACA mandated on how health care itself is delivered. "This addresses a major concern the health insurance industry had with health care reform" — that the law did nothing to address the real problem with the cost of health services.

Like said before just {More "wingnut" propaganda form Wheeling's, Mike Myer!}

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Apr-08-13 11:14 AM

The news last week had said that 9 business are calling it quits because of the cost of dumbacare was hurting the overall business. Many restaurants are cutting back the hours of the workers. Just on the news that some companies are going to start charging their employees for any health issues like being over weight, high blood pressure etc When the Gov tries to control certain things the companies will retaliate.

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Apr-08-13 7:57 AM

Try googling "The Myth of runaway health spending" dennie and you'll see that the cost of health care has been on a steady decline since 2002. The slowdowns mentioned above have more to do with generic drugs, improved long term care of chronic disease and improved with consumer choice on health care that has come about as a result of HMO's overtaking corporate and government bureaucrats in providing health care options. Dennie can credit Obamacare but once again, he’s off the mark.

The author of this op-ed is correct. Our government needs to commission studies to fix one of the most flawed pieces of legislation to come out of Washington. If that is done, perhaps there’s a small chance that obamacare will not become the most expensive tax hike passed in American history.

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Apr-08-13 6:22 AM

Got anything to back up what you say there "MrAlex" besides Obama's bad bah.bah.bah?

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Apr-08-13 5:17 AM

More "wingnut" propaganda form Wheeling's, Mike Myer!

A new Congressional Budget Office report has the healthcare world scratching its head over the possibility that Obamacare "might—in part—{be responsible} for what is being described as a significant slowdown in the growth of healthcare costs in America." “The slowdown has occurred in both government and overall health spending. From 2009 to 2011, total health spending grew at the lowest annual pace since the government started keeping records 52 years ago, a trend that seems to have continued last year. In the 2012 fiscal year, Medicare spending per beneficiary grew just 0.4 percent. The new Congressional Budget Office data said that overall Medicare outlays grew 3 percent in 2012, the slowest rate since 2000.”

Google: New Data Suggests Obamacare Is Actually Bending The Healthcare Cost Curve

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