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New bill will cut soda from food stamps

April 5, 2013

PARKERSBURG — Officials with the local health department are backing a new bill in the state House of Delegates to limit food stamp benefits to no longer allow the purchase of soft drinks with the......

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Apr-05-13 6:38 AM

This will not work they should just cut off the food stamps all together and have food pantries that dole out healthy food. Then the children (the ones who dserve it) might get more food that the taxpayer pays for. People will sell their foodstamps and get what they want, anyway. Also, will they be banning liquor and cigarette purchases with welfare funds? NO, so they need to stop waasting time and more money on these stupid control moves. Either give them the money annd food or cut it off all together.

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Apr-05-13 7:47 AM

Good move.

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Apr-05-13 8:05 AM

This bill will die at the front door of the capitol because the soft drink industry has an army of lobbyists bankrolling our legislators.

PS: It's not 'foodstamps' anymore, its called SNAP and is a debit card. Welfare people 'loan' the cards to others in exchange for cash, dope, cigarettes, etc.

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Apr-05-13 8:44 AM

20 years ago, when there were 'stamps' - I saw a little girl maybe 5 or 6 go into a convenience store. It was Nov., snowing - she had a coat & dress on, nothing on her legs no shoes. Went to get a 2-liter with a $20 stamp, so momma could come back in a bit with the real money in change to buy beer. Store clerk knew the child and mom. So now they just loan their cards out. I say have a food pantry - its a lot harder to trade mac & cheese for drugs. That money is for the kids they have and don't care for not for their bad habits.

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Apr-05-13 9:46 AM

I agree with the food pantry idea, recently at gro. store person ahead of me in check out line using a snap card had six 12 can packs of soda, cake, cookies, chips and several bags of candy.

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Apr-05-13 11:23 AM

When I lived in Pkb I remember seeing a family of 5 come to Krogers and pay for their food with food stamps, then drove away in a brand new pick up truck that was really expensive. Generation after generation of WV people has lived off these types of welfare handouts started by the idiot FDR

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Apr-05-13 11:24 AM

MOVHD always have their nose stuck in peoples business. Not everyone buys unhealthy "pop". Some do buy sugar free. Thank God I can buy what I want as I am not on any of their programs. They have already run roughshod over the people here. They have entirely too much power.

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Apr-05-13 12:05 PM

God forbid some of these mouthy people ever have the need for SNAP. We are not all drug/alcohol addicted. I worked 40 years and ended up disabled and unemployable after major surgery. I needed help and someday you or your family could be in the same boat !!!

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Apr-05-13 1:00 PM

I agree with the drug testing.

I don't agree with the idea that everyone on welfare is lazy or addicted to something--probably most are, but not all. Drug testing should weed out the druggies (no pun intended, but it is funny).

By now, most people should have learned how to prepare healthy meals. Only lazy people (in my book) stuff their kids full of pop and chips and call it supper. Cooking is not rocket science.

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Apr-05-13 1:10 PM

Well said "usawva"

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Apr-05-13 2:28 PM

A little of everything you guys are saying is correct. Some on the system is good some are scamming. Most are just lazy. Including about 1/3 of my family... My aunts used to trade their stamps for money from my grandparents. My sister as well. All lazy A.S.S.E.S. On the other hand I was working a job in Morgantown, had you man with me he was getting a sustantial raise and it scared him to death because once he got the raise he lost his welfare. He had my upmost respect becuase he stuck out and wanted off the system. No many would have it was sad to watch him go thru that but it worked out well. Its like a drug once your on it, its hard to stop!!

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Apr-05-13 2:55 PM

I have a hard time believing that one out of four adults have no teeth in WV.

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Apr-05-13 3:28 PM

That is smart real smart who came up with this how about the 15.00 steaks I cant afford

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Apr-05-13 3:58 PM

SNAP is a federal program so not sure the State of WV can make that decision. There are a lot of people that work, but do not make a lot of income and FA helps supplement their needs.

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Apr-05-13 8:33 PM

I understand the part where working citizens pay into the system that benefits these people but from people I know that have "been on the system" I would not trade a day of working and supporting myself and my family for a "free ride" even if I could buy sugary soft drinks. Until you have been to the bottom you don't even know that you have it pretty good.

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Apr-05-13 8:35 PM

According to the USDA Food and Nutrition Services website, prohibited items include alcohol such as beer, wine or liquor; tobacco products such as cigarettes; non-food items such as cleaners or paper products; pet supplies; over-the-counter medicine or vitamins; food that is meant for on-site consumption; and all hot foods.

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Apr-06-13 6:47 AM

We need to drug test the parents and if they fail, take the kids away from them so the kids will have a chance in life. Set up a food pantry in each Welfare office and give out healthy food only.

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Apr-06-13 10:46 AM

If they used the funding from SNAP (yes Geezer, I'm aware that they aren't stamps) to buy healthy food for food pantries for the poor, ewveryone would be better off. It would cost the taxpayer less, the poor would eat healthier, and it would be harder to trade off for cash.

I have been poor enough to need government asstance and I don't feel so entitled that I would have a problem accepting healthy food!! I feel when one is "asking for a dollar they have no right to complain if you hand them 10 dimes instead".

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Apr-06-13 2:43 PM

This infringes on personal choices! Because people happen to live in poverty does not mean that choices that the more affluent may enjoy maybe freely removed from the poor. This merely emphasizes socio-economic divisions: The haves trying to regulate the lives of the have-nots.

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Apr-06-13 7:27 PM

hannahROSE, no one is taking choices away from people, only changing options for handouts. People needing free food should not have a right to complain about what people who work for choose to give them. The poor have the right to better themselves so they can purchase what they choose. Soda and other expensive or inhealthy treats are not a neccessity and it's not fair to expect the tax payers to purchase such items for those who can't afford them on their own.

I don't need, but would like to have a brand new truck. Should I expect those more fortunate to buy me one???

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Apr-06-13 7:28 PM


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Apr-06-13 8:29 PM

Snaps is for the KIDS not so much the parents. If they didn't have kids they probably wouldn't qualify. Now who can honestly tell me a little child can think well at school with a tummy full of pop and chips?

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Apr-07-13 1:37 AM

Water has zero calories, maybe a few minerals, depending on the source and how it is processed, no fats, carbs, protein, etc. Will it be banned, too?

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Apr-07-13 5:56 AM

Wake up BakerKat!! SNAP is for everyone! An able bodied, adult male, with no children can receive 190 to 200 dollars per month in benefits. I still say the food pantries would be a better option for all Americans.

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Apr-07-13 10:17 AM

I am awake and I wish they had the pantrys too.

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