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Senate budget not worth the long wait

March 29, 2013

Well, it wasn’t worth the wait. The budget approved Saturday by the U.S. Senate, that is. Under Democrat control, the Senate has not approved a budget in four year....

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Mar-30-13 5:20 AM

Well said "Suttle"

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Mar-30-13 12:00 AM

The Republicans were given a balanced budget on a silver platter by President Clinton only to squander a trillion dollars on a war that they lied us into...And now they claim to be God's appointed budget keepers by proposing a budget that would cut spending so much that this country would be pushed into another recession...if not a depression. We witnessed what President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and their Wall Street thugs did to our economy in 2008, all the while Vice President Dick Cheney was quoted on several occasions that budget deficits did not matter. Now that President Obama has boldly taken charge of our economy and is now putting Americans back to work, the Republicans are screaching and moaning about the pending doom about our deficit. The American people were fooled once by the Republicans and that by the 2012 election results they were not about to be fooled again. The Republicans have shown that they are not fit to lead this Country.

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Mar-29-13 5:19 PM

Is that the best you can do "Tinfoilhat"???

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Mar-29-13 6:05 AM

The Senate budget is an honest budget compared with the budget proposed by the Republicans majority in the House. The Senate budget preserves Medicare and Social Security, while the Republicans want to gradually destroy both. The Republicans want to turn Medicare into a "voucher" program, putting insurance companies between us and the government, and Insurance companies don't make money by approving claims, they make money by denying clams, so bye-bye Medicare. The republicans also want to turn Social Security over to giant Wall Street bankers, which means during the next recession like George W. Bush's 2008 recession, bye-bye Social Security. The Republicans also want to decrease even more the amount their pals the billionaires pay in taxes. Most don't pay anything close in percentage to what the average working guy pays. Beware of the smoke and mirrors between us and the Republican budget. It will make us all poor and make the 1% or 2% who are billionaires richer.

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Mar-29-13 2:47 AM

It's so sad they raise our taxes and increase spending. People complain about it but are too lazy to do anything other than complain. A simple phone call or email to each persons representative could go a long way if everyone would do it. Let the people be heard that we are mad as H and not gonna take it anymore. Politicians close down everything paid for by taxes that are for the public such as White House tours but you can bet they still get their paychecks and benefits and continue to live like kings. enough is enough

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