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Terrell, Young face loss of teaching jobs

Harlem Shake, Bad Kid Fort suspendees not on contract list

March 27, 2013

PARKERSBURG — Two teachers who were suspended by school officials this year may find themselves out of the Wood County classrooms permanently next year....

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Mar-29-13 4:30 PM

Good job Board of Education. I wish my county would do this. A speech teacher in Cabell county commit fraud , didn't follow IEp, my child was in the restroom 13 times when speech teacher said she giving my child speech. She didnt get anything. My child loss year speech. 50 other kids did too. She first year speech teacher. Cabell county should got rid her like Parksburg . Teachers are bully to all kids including special needs. High school students with learning disability teachers don't follow IEP. They miss school. Parents go jail. Kids get in trouble. Teachers nothing. School system grant to help drop out rate and more money for them. Parents kids are victim in this. Educations need change. Way to go Parksburg board. Others need follow their lead.

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Mar-27-13 9:53 PM

It is a shame that this situation has come to this. Unfortunately, the kid in the kid fort will not be held accountable for his actions in leading up to the punishment. I'm sure this teacher would love a do-over. It was handled badly by her. And now she may lose her job. And even if she doesn't, this story will likely not completely die. Both situations are definitely a learning experience for all teachers....But what is sad to me is that the high school students behaved poorly in both situations (15 years old or older) and no consequence of their action, at least that we know of. And social media and news media (and us commenting here) play a huge part on all of it.

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Mar-27-13 6:46 PM

I ended up in a "Bad Kid Fort" @ Gihon Elementary back in the 80's..loved it...even cut a hole in it so I could see the class lol..tall appliance box..I was being a class clown and needed put in my place..made me a better person..Thanks to that names needed mentioned..because they are no longer with us....Rest In Peace

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Mar-27-13 3:19 PM

i have seen the video,and it is beyond inappropriate. the quality of the video is less than amazing, but from my understanding the teacher is in the group of people dancing on the video...there are children simulating several sexual actions in the crowd(69)along with other questionable activities including one student getting his pants pulled word come to mind...guilty

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Mar-27-13 12:19 PM

I think most of us don't really know the details of what happened. I hope the Board and Court of Public Opinion consider the long-term effects of this decision. These are people that may never work again in their chosen field if terminated. Think carefully and don't respond to public "outcries". We seem to have turned into a society of people pleasers. No matter what decision is made, somebody will be offended.

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Mar-27-13 11:55 AM

Giving a time-out to a child is very effective. How the "Bad Fort" was done, I don't know, but the idea was there. Sounds like the Board is more worried about public opinion. I saw the Harlem Shake video. I only viewed it once, but, I didn't see the issue. If there was an issue, I think it's more about posting the video without the parental consent. That was the mistake and makes me question the teacher's thinking processes and concerns for safety.

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Mar-27-13 10:08 AM

The video should be made public.

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Mar-27-13 9:38 AM


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Mar-27-13 9:05 AM

Harlem Shake videos are being done by everyone. Get over it and move on. I didn't see the video so I can't speak to the raunchy nature that it supposedly had but at least they were up moving around and not sitting on sedentary, obese WV behinds. A suspension of this length for what was supposed to be a harmless bit of fun? Move on folks.

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Mar-27-13 8:36 AM

I believe Mr. Young has taught at PHS for this his 3rd year and not his first and was at Wirt County prior to that. Humm, somebody at the board is in his corner it appears with that he is a first year teacher and that there are rumors that he was on what teachers call a plan of improvement? prior to this incident but that may be hear say. We will all see

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Mar-27-13 8:21 AM

This is too bad. I wonder if these two teachers are effectively teaching our children? In other words, how are the students evaluation of learning in the classes of these two teachers, and how do the students feel? There is more to this story then one meets the eye! Regardless, its time to move on.

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Mar-27-13 7:39 AM

They knew the rules when they took the jobs. Accountability is a hard lump to swallow.

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