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Employers down on minimum wage hike

Higher labor costs or fewer workers

March 26, 2013

MARIETTA — The federal minimum wage is making news again. In this year’s State of the Union address, President Obama called for an increase in the minimum wage from the current $7.25 to $9 per hour....

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Mar-26-13 9:24 AM

Nice job supporting the 1% and the corporate business lobby using the same tired argument for the last 75 years since the fair labor standards act was passed in 1938. Full time at $7.25 hr is $13,920 a year before taxes. Federal poverty guidelines state $11,490 is the poverty level for a single person. After tax they are now eligible for food stamps. So now you can cry entitlement, and how lazy these full time workers are.

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Mar-26-13 9:53 AM

I can see how consumers are going to suffer from this. I went to a local pharmacy one day last week to buy a 16 oz. Coke. I was in a hurry, and just grabbed a bottle and took it to the register.

I nearly fainted when I realized it was $1.69! Two liters aren't that expensive.

Someone will have to pay for the increase in minimum wage, and it will be the consumer. I think we can expect a lot of BIG problems. :(

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Mar-26-13 10:04 AM

You got it Vonklempt. Businesses keep raising their prices regardless, it's always something. The cost of living has skyrocketed over the last 20 years...minimum wage has NOT. You can't have it both ways, either you want people to be able to make a living without government aide, or you don't...period. Of course businesses don't want to pay their employees any more, or give them any bennies for that matter. MORE IN THEIR POCKETS. They forget they would not be successful without their employees. Without the workers, all they have is an idea.

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Mar-26-13 11:38 AM

If you have stopped at one of the produce stands last year you would have thought that a certain farming family was already paying $20 an hour as other stands were 30 -40% less. Bad choice of who to ask for input from.

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Mar-26-13 7:44 PM

Vonklempt, Look at it this way. Minimum wage goes up. So does the poverty line. So does the prices on the shelf. Local convinience gets bought out by GoMart and Wally world is the only place to grocery shop. The poverty line goes up becuse of minimum wage. Do you think the Dems are going to let everyone attach the poverty going up along with their minimum wage. You guys are crazy. How about this keep the base at 7.25 and work off of a mandatory increase after evaluation of 6 months. Maybe the smart or hardest workers get the hint to better themselves and the others work hard for a raise. But don't let the government set the standard anymore. You can see where that takes us know.

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Mar-26-13 11:36 PM

An increase in Federal minimum wage is sorely needed. The current minimum wage has not kept up with inflation since the last time it was adjusted. Workers' buying power needs to be protected. I am sure that when slavery was finally eradicated that employers were bemoaning how prices would increase and how the economy would be harmed. The chamber of commerce needs to come up with a new argument. We have had many minimum wage adjustments in the past without causing a melt down of our economy.

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Mar-27-13 8:56 AM

Vonklempt, You said,"Full time at $7.25 hr is $13,920 a year before taxes. Federal poverty guidelines state $11,490 is the poverty level for a single person." This sector doesn't pay taxes and they get a credit for earned income. They get food stamps and maybe a medical card. Pretty good scam if you can get it.

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Mar-27-13 10:13 AM

Gunsrock, I have to agree with Suttle that inflation drives prices up. The min. wage was $5.25 for a decade, but the price of goods and services kept rising. In the late 60's min. wage was worth about $10.50 hr in todays dollars, compared to the current $7.25 - it has slowly decreased. I'm not asking to give people a free ride, just a fighting chance. I do like the idea of the 6 month evaluation, I worked my way out when I was young. A "pretty good scam" is not the description I would pick lol.

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Mar-27-13 5:33 PM

You are right about the inflation. But I also worked for minimum wage at superior car wash for 2 years. Went to school full time and didn't have parents to live with. It is hard but not impossible. Raising the rate only makes people more comfortable with just getting by and it also makes it easier to stay on the assistance from the government. Which we pay for. There should also be limits set for how long someone stays on the welfare system. Just being my opinion, which sounds like it isn't that popular. LOL

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Mar-28-13 7:16 AM

From the cradle to the grave. The safety net is stretched mighty thin. Prices going up, wages going down, welfare going up, taxes going up, stress going up, amount in package going down, price stays the same or goes up. Can't wait to start drawing my SS, should have went on disability long, long ago. Got to check the mailbox Publisher Clearing House envelope might be there.

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Mar-28-13 10:00 PM

This is the same old argument employers love to use and frankly, it isn't true. For example, say you are in the business of building swimming pools. You want to pay your employees as little as you can so you get more profit. Say all the other business people feel the same way and only want to pay minimum wage so they get a bigger profit. I can understand their desire to make more profit but if most of the customer base only makes minimum wage or barely more than that-who are they going to sell their pools, cars, houses, clothing, meals, etc., to? When wages don't keep up with the minimum things people must have to survive, something has to give and I am pretty sure rent money,utilities, gas money and food money is going to be at the top of the minimum wage workers spending plans. Given how expensive those minimal need items are-there's not going to be very many folks shopping for pools, cars, new houses,dining out, new clothes,travel or anything else now is there?

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Mar-29-13 11:01 AM

There's over 11,000,000 "Illegal Aliens" living in the United States. Most work for below the current minimum wage. The ones who don't work receives benefits as any citizen.

Congress and the Obama administration are proposing another "Immigration Reform and Control Act(IRCA) 2013. This is simular to (IRCA) of 1986 which gave estimated 3,000,000 "Illegal Aliens" "Amnesty".

This is 14,000,000 people who broke our existing "Immigration Laws" because "Our Federal Government" has failed to enforced these laws.

If another IRCA or Amnesty legislation is past, how many "Illegal" will be invade our country in the near future. Write your Reps. instead of P-burg News and Sentinal.

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