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Air traffic control tower to close

Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport losing tower to sequester cuts

March 23, 2013

WILLIAMSTOWN — The air traffic control tower at the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport has been chosen to be closed with 148 others across the country to save federal funds....

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Mar-23-13 12:53 AM

Make the cuts as painful as possible. Nothing except the rate of growth was cut and more money will be spent this year versus last. Make it hurt till they bleed. Power to traffic signals will be next.

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Mar-23-13 1:00 AM

It is time to cut all forms of entertainment for the Obummer family that is paid for with tax dollars. When the million dollar vacations end there will be plenty of money left over to keep the MOV airport tower open, and probably most of the other 148 that are being shut down. While they are at it, they can discontinue the use of the TSA agents doing full body searches on domestic flights. With all the searches and pat downs, they have not arrested one single terrorist since their inception. Recently a test was conducted to see how efficient they were, and a person with a fake bomb got right on a plane undeterred.

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Mar-23-13 7:08 AM

The real bomb was dropped this morning when EAS funding was ended. No more commercial air traffic for WV. Makes you wonder if politics had anything to do with it. Remember WV voted for Romney and sent a Blue Dog Democrat to the Senate. Getting even can be painful.

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Mar-23-13 7:17 AM

they should close the airport all together , it's nothing but a money pit! and the the 20 or so passenger's that use it, well just drive to columbus like the rest of us do!

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Mar-23-13 7:50 AM

Although I agree the government needs to cut fundings, but not at the expense of loosing the control tower at the Wood Co. Air Port. This airport has been around since I was a kid. My parents were there each time my brothers as well as myself flew out of to start serving the military service. Why doesn't the goverment officials making these decisisons take a pay cut, lets say the amount that they will be taking away from the employess in the tower as well as those who work in the restaurat, maintenance personel and any other business the airport hosts; for they will eventually leave.

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Mar-23-13 7:56 AM

There are aiports in Columbus, Morgantown, Clarksburg, Huntington, Parkersburg, Lewisburg, Charleston, Pittsburg. How many airports does one need in a 100 to 150 miles radius. Parkesburg is a sorry example of an airport. Close is up and put the Baseball field up there.

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Mar-23-13 8:03 AM

The airport is pretty much a joke. You can only go to Cleveland and then change planes and move on at a much greater expense. We have never done that, choosing to go to Charleston or Columbus. This area simply is not big enough to support this airport.

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Mar-23-13 9:07 AM

I used to work at the airport, back when Piedmont and Allegheny flew in and out. It was busy then, but that was quite awhile ago.

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Mar-23-13 9:14 AM

This is politics in action. Never let a crises go to waste. The FAA has been trying to do this sense the PATCO strike. For those of you that are not form this area, this is where I worked up to last July when I retired. I could not guess the number of near misses were diverted or lost pilot's assisted over the years. just hope there is no disaster in the making here.

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Mar-23-13 9:14 AM

There is a lot more going on at the airport than commercial flights. Go to www dot flightaware dot com and enter KPKB in the orange box on the left entitled Airport Tracker/Info to see what flights are moving thru the airport. Hover your cursor over the various flight numbers shows to see who owns the planes, etc.

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Mar-23-13 9:43 AM

Let Parkersburg incorporate the Airport and Pothole Bob can operate it with the User Tax. Pothole could put his baseball team there as Rightfacts suggested, Then we could name them team after the Mayor

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Mar-23-13 9:48 AM

How much money did we give Jordon yesterday? Cut foreign aid before you cut at home.

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Mar-23-13 10:49 AM

There are 3 Commercial flights and a dozen or so Private aircraft a day in and out of that Airport. I believe that one article said that there were 4 of 5 Air Traffic Controllers working there and about 5 passengers per Commerical flight. Do the math, it’s not rocket science. I see another article where they pulled the Controllers from an Airport in Northern Ohio the housed 325 Corporate Aircrafts, we house from 5 to 10.

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Mar-23-13 11:40 AM

Non compromise Obama did this gleefully. He wouldn't agree to being able to choose less important cuts.

No, no, no. Let's make it hurt and blame it on republicans. Did you see how many hundreds of thousands of dollars we are going to spend to send loony Biden to the Pope festivities ????

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Mar-23-13 12:01 PM

But but but Rushbo said all the stories of sequestration cuts are not true and fabricated to feel sorry for people, he stated that the stories will be all lies, so, this story is not true. If anyone would know it would be Rushbo.

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Mar-23-13 12:06 PM

Funny, how Bo will hurt the states that did not help him get in office. We have an airport out here that is way worst in every category than the Wood County Airport but they are not closing it because of the the witches of CA ..Boxer and Fiensten. We need to look at the family members from Bo's husband Michelle that is working at the White House. She has more staff than any prez in the past. Bo has Not done anything during his first four years

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Mar-23-13 12:36 PM

Can you cite your sources for the "more staff ever in history" or are you like the rest of the R party, state it and "poof"'s true! It must*****to see Obama coming after you from behind every tree, bush and blade of grass.

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Mar-23-13 12:39 PM

"No compromise Obama" even thought the right has used the filibuster how many times? You can't filibuster EVERYTHING for 4 years THEN complain about nothing getting done and no one is falling for the phony budget outrage when you said absolutely nothing about unpaid for wars!

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Mar-23-13 12:51 PM

Queen Michelle believed to have taken 42 days of vacation last year. Included 1)Trip to Spain for $375,000. 2)For day ski-trip to Vail where she spent $2,000 a night suite. 3)Family nine-day vacation to Marth's Vineyard for $50,000 per week.

The above is a short list and does not list cost of AirForce 1 & 2, cost of Secret Service and personal staff.

And Obama closes 149 small "Air Traffic Control Towers".

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Mar-23-13 1:23 PM

Hey,JoyceByBama, we do worry every day about him coming after our last dollar and last freedom. Because he is.

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Mar-23-13 1:25 PM

"Remington" whats funny about it? And whose Bo?

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Mar-23-13 1:35 PM

@gorilla: are you not the person who claimed a few weeks back "Obama never stops campaigning! Could he be running for a third term?"

well guess what, rational people DO look into and research crazy people's claims before falling for your lies and faulty logic. do you want me to cite again the truth about your claim again that made you shut up?

it sounds like all you are doing is pulling sensational headliners from glenn beck's website. please stop the distribution of misinformation for your causes.

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Mar-23-13 1:46 PM

and since you seem like the type to fall to fear tactics... let me sell you some seeds for your vault because the world is ending next week!


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Mar-23-13 1:49 PM

Here you are JoyceByBama. Sorry bit i don't use the word God in a frivolous way.

"Word coming out of a Canadian press outlet is revealing that American taxpayers are shelling out a staggering total of $1,591,200 annually for the First Lady’s 22 member personal staff"

h ttp://w ww.westernjournalism.c om/how-big-is-michelle-obamas-staffs-budget/

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Mar-23-13 1:59 PM

"Canadian press" Lol.

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