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Air traffic control tower to close

Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport losing tower to sequester cuts

March 23, 2013

WILLIAMSTOWN — The air traffic control tower at the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport has been chosen to be closed with 148 others across the country to save federal funds....

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Mar-26-13 4:51 AM

Both of you two live in a fantasy land!

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Mar-26-13 4:41 AM

"Remington" I"m sure "BakerKat" agrees with you! You know two of a kind think alike

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Mar-26-13 3:26 AM

How original stealing lines from a Marine movie now? Sorry but you cannot be a Marine because you never earned it. By the way, those towers could have used the $595,000 that the idiot Uncle Joe spent in one night while in Paris. Tonight's news are saying that 24% of the CA people are now regretting to voting for Bo....just give it time....while his daughters are on the tax payers nickel vacationing in Bahamas during spring is adding up. A leader would be conservative in spending

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Mar-25-13 6:33 PM

Someone can't handle the truth!

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Mar-25-13 12:54 AM

Thanks Bakerkat, I guess some people will never understand the true brother love that an organization has for one another. ( Just like any organization they have flaws) I am at Pendleton on most weekends, so yes I do have access to very close friends that know details but hey den, your right it is not made public...why? Public panic fear in the second largest city in the bad..should have kept my mouth shut. But since Parkersburg does not have anything worth blowing up..why not share with my people..again my bad! But I refuse to be a bitter person about everything, heck I voted for a Dem in the past..if I thought he would actually help the American people I would do it again....would you vote for a Republican, Denver if he would help this country be respected again? No?....I rest my case

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Mar-24-13 7:24 PM

Again Shame on you "BakerKat"!

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Mar-24-13 7:22 PM

"BakerKat" you better read it again. You said you were married to a Marine, do you think he would tell a stranger about a top secret mission.It must be top secret because nobody else has heard about it. And I said he was "drunk again" not 'drinking again' you said that to. And I never called anybody a drunk. You did! So you need to be a man or women and own what you said.

And I can't belive you agree "We had a seal team go to Syria and took out a group of high importance people and gather intelligence that this group was planning on bombing many important places like Disneyland, Walt Disney, sears tower, many different places that would have made American cry more then they did on 9/11."

Get real!

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Mar-24-13 6:54 PM

Having married a Marine and made one yes I read it and yes I agree and yes you said he was 'drinking again'. Be a man and own what you said. You and your buddy holler about others calling names and saying derogatory things, but let someone disagree with you and you both act like very bad junior high school boys. Semper Fi to all the Devil Dogs out there.

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Mar-24-13 12:21 PM

Shame on you "BakerKat"!

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Mar-24-13 12:18 PM

"BakerKat" did you read "Remington" comment {Mar-23-13 8:55 PM}

And you agree with that?

And who called "Remington" a drunk? I think that would be you!

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Mar-24-13 11:34 AM

Shame on you Denver - just because someone doesn't agree with your nonsense doesn't give you the right to call them a drunk. You don't even know them.

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Mar-24-13 2:50 AM

I have a little breaking news for all of you. There isn't an ounce of difference between either of the two major political parties. They have you bickering back and forth between yourselves about who did what, etc., and they are sitting back laughing because they still have you believing they are different. Bush sucked, and Obama ***** just as bad because he has followed right along with the same neo-con agenda that has controlled this country for at least the last century or so. When Wilson allowed the Fed Reserve to take over the monetary system he allowed the military industrial complex to take control of the country as a whole. The last president to try to end the Fed was Kennedy, and you all know how that turned out. Ron Paul was your last chance, and you blew it. Sorry about your luck.

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Mar-24-13 12:34 AM

By the way FOS ...many people never dreamed that we would ever be attacked again in this country....WRONG. What happen on 9/11?? Oh right...lame Bush...sigh We will be attack again someday if we let our guard down..that's why we fight over there because they would be fighting over here in our backyards. Go tell a Marine that he is wrong or going over there and be prepare to pick up what teeth you have left off the ground. Freedom is not free....I lost my brother over there in 2008, so do not tell me that it was or brother earns that respect!

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Mar-24-13 12:03 AM

This is the exact attitude that has people thinking that you people are so backwards that you would not know he truth if it hit your toothless mouth. I know because I was born, raised and educated there..I bet I know more people in law enforcement then you for all the fist fighting in bars that I used to do. We are Americans, we should want the BEST person in office to help us..Bo is not the person..lets get someone else a chance.

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Mar-23-13 11:59 PM

Denver, you are wrong again as usual..I do not drink. I go to the gym everyday because I do not want abuse my body. Your just some sorry pitiful man that just wantsto hate on anything different han what you believe. i would have voted for Obama if Romney was elected first and have not done anything in his first 4 years. i want the bet for American people period. FOP...whatever that act like you are smarter then anyone. By the way your welcome for the new word for your limited vocabulary because when I used it, you started to use it as well..just don't be an " Arse" Let me know if you need help with your English because you write like a 5 year old. The Marines I hang with are pretty reliable because they have been in over 20 years. Just like your FDR did not start WW2 with the Japanese, now I know you don't get out much from those hollers,

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Mar-23-13 10:48 PM

Let's return to the good old days when LBJ lied and used fake attacks in the Gulf of Ton kin to expand the Viet Nam war and send more ground troops which ended up costing the lives of 55,000 American soldiers so his almost lifelong political allies, Brown and Root company, could make millions back when a million meant something. This stuff happens when this country goes to war, not as if it is the sole reason to wade into conflict. Democrats in the early part of this century must have been real dumb to overwhelmingly support with speeches and votes to allow the War in Iraq to be prosecuted.I'll never forgive them for being against the war after they were for it. Past is past. Barry owns this economy and the six trillion added to the national debt.

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Mar-23-13 9:27 PM

"Biden's One-Night Paris Hotel Tab: $585,000.50" Plus the night in the UK was almost the same wasteful cost.

Oh, it's okay for Buden and the Obamas to waste our hard earned money.George Bush took working trips to his ranch in TEXAS.

Course, we know that didn't cost much but let'e still show our ignorance and rant and rave about it. The Secret Service had permanent quarters there and it was not a lavish place in Martha's Vinyard or Hawaii where the Obamas go. In separate planes, mind you.

Business was conducted in Texas and many foreign leaders went there instead of the White House.

And George Bush NEVER played golf after 911. That says it all. High class vs. no class. Just keep whining about what happened years ago when you don't even know.

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Mar-23-13 9:06 PM


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Mar-23-13 8:55 PM

Manydem I live near the biggest Marine base in the country and these Marines tell everyone that e needed to be over there. Why? It is not about greed and oil that The Libtards had brainwashed people such as yourself. We had a seal team go to Syria and took out a group of high importance people and gather intelligence that this group was planning on bombing many important places like Disneyland, Walt Disney, sears tower, many different places that would have made American cry more then they did on 9/11. Denver ..we call the Kenyan, Bo out here. I travel to Europe and everywhere I go people hate who the libs put in the White House. Libs have one thing going for them..if it does not work..they can always blame the Honorary President Bush...

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Mar-23-13 7:50 PM

WESTBYGOD, Unlike you Republicans, I will never forget the 4,500 American Lives WASTED by the WAR CRIMINALS BUSH / CHENEY. I know of three families here in the Mid Ohio Valley that lost loved ones for ""NOTHING"" BUT THE REPUBLICANS GREED OF OIL AND MONEY. You & others can bury your heads up your ***es and try to pretend it never happened. But hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost or ruined because of the lies of BUSH / CHENEY.....

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Mar-23-13 4:09 PM

@westbygod - name calling is a lot easier than explaining rationale. you must've learned that from palin and company... good luck with the future of the GOP :)

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Mar-23-13 3:59 PM

I see that there are a lot of ignorant people on here. Still blaming Bush five years later for ole commie boy's doings huh? If and when any of you party of the freeloaders wake up, it will be too late.

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Mar-23-13 3:39 PM

Unless you have been living in a cave; no one can deny that the Republicans have been screaming "We've got to have spending cuts" over and over as their mantra for the last four years.

Now they get what they been screaming for and all of the sudden it's: "I didn't mean in my back yard!"

Remember, the GOP still believes that the deficit is our biggest priority. They have yet to check their answering machines for the latest messages.

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Mar-23-13 3:27 PM

and when you insinuate Obama is running for a third term... was that a fact? or was it you trying to lead people in false claims for a given agenda?

get real dude.

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Mar-23-13 3:16 PM

@gorilla - do you want a fact? george w. bush set the US presidential record for number of days on vacation while in office.

what is your point? that you can use a quote from a founding father?

and yes, it costs a lot of money securing our president and family. you act like you were born yesterday just learning this.

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