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Davis death ruled as accidental

March 22, 2013

PARKERSBURG — The death of 20-year-old Marietta resident Jaleayah Davis has been ruled accidental, officials said Thursday nigh....

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Mar-22-13 12:12 AM

Wow... Such a beautiful girl. How sad. I hope for peace to find her family now. They said from the beginning they could imagine anyone being so angry at her to hurt her. Now we know that no one hurt was just a freak accident. Such a sad situation. Peace be with all who knew her.

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Mar-22-13 12:13 AM

couldn't* oops

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Mar-22-13 1:46 AM

How do you fly out a passenger window,hit a guardrail and then sail back over your car to land in the road? The guardrail would have to be higher than the window and it is not.It does not add up.

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Mar-22-13 3:35 AM


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Mar-22-13 5:52 AM

Wandy, when you're in a vehicle, and impact at a high speed, you're going to be flung up. And, yes, that is what happened to this poor girl. It was nothing more than a tragic accident. It's hard to accept, but it's the truth.

It's sad, but, she was also drunk. It could have been more of a tragedy.

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Mar-22-13 7:17 AM

such a sad incident. My prayers and thoughts to the family. As an EMS and Fire professional I have seen accidents such as this with unrestrained persons being thrown through side windows. Always wear your seat belts. It's a shame that alcohol was obviously a factor in this crash. I hope the family can find peace.

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Mar-22-13 8:58 AM

as others have stated, i hope that the family can now find peace. it is truly very sad. just goes to say.. PLEASE DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE! it can not only kill others, but also yourself

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Mar-22-13 10:24 AM

it's sad,but that's what happens when you drink and drive. It could've been worse,taking out an innocent person.

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Mar-22-13 10:39 AM

Coming from a party where there was drinking and drug use. Did anyone really expext any other outcome. Just happy she didn't kill anyone else.

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Mar-22-13 12:31 PM

I don't doubt the conclusion, but I couldn't follow the description of the accident either.

Probably b/c this is the first I've read of it. The description in today's article doesn't even say whether the vehicle was southbound or northbound. (I think I've figured that out.) The article is written for readers who have been following this story for months. Or else the writer is so familiar w/ the material he/she couldn't see it through a first-time reader's eyes.

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Mar-22-13 2:17 PM

whoever disagreed with my comment, i would be interested as to how/why you could disagree with what i said?

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Mar-22-13 3:08 PM

All of this negativity is totally uncalled for. I hope to God someday you don't have something so tragic happen to your family and to have to read/hear about these comments from ruthless people with no heart. People really should think before they post and how they would feel if you were on the other side of the fence. Regardless of if it was an accident as they are calling it or murder, someone still lost their daughter, sister, granddaughter, best friend, etc. Keep that in mind!!

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Mar-22-13 4:20 PM

Everyone should look up the pictures of her car on google. The story told by the sheriff doesn't make sense. The car did not sustain enough damage for the report to be accurate. I hope the family continues to pursue the real answers. The girl that is reported to be involved ( through social media), is the grand daughter of a former sheriff. An outside investigation should be done.

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Mar-22-13 6:38 PM

SuzzyQ I respectfully disagree. Just because the pictures don't show a crumpled heap of a car does not mean this didn't happen the way it has been explained. She was probably traveling the speed limit give or take a few MPH which happens to be 70 MPH. That is alot of energy that dissipates when a moving object strikes a solid object that doesn't give very much. I would say as strange as the findings are they are probably true. This is just a very tragic story. My heart goes out to the family for the loss of their loved one. Now they must try and pick up the pieces and move on.

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Mar-22-13 10:05 PM

Fop member. I guess that says it all! First an autopsy report NEVER in reality takes that long. Believe me- I've had experience with the wood county sheriffs dept under Ken Merritt. Not that Sandy was any better though- the only reason I finally got an autopsy report on my husband after 6 months is that I called the medical examiners office every week. They apologized and said they thought it was released. Finally. AFTER six months! The report was completed within 2 weeks of his death. 70 mph into a guardrail would not cause the side damage and force her out the passenger window. Head on, maybe. It needs to be investigated by an expert. Funny how it's solved so quickly after Merritt and Graham are back together!

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Mar-22-13 10:15 PM

I pray that this family can find peace somehow. I have experienced the death of a child. This family will never be who they were before this accident. This family will carry this the rest of their life.

Dwight D.Eisenhower said, "There's no tragedy in life like the death of a child. Things never get back to the way they were."

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Mar-22-13 10:51 PM

The report said the door pillar was broke. So common sense and science say something hit it with enough force to break it. Also consider the possibility she was not wearing a seatbelt. The car without the driver would continue to move (coast)forward until something stopped it. When this poor girl was ejected through the passenger side window the car would continue to travel past the point of impact on the guardrail. If you have ever watched Nascar and watched the replays of the cars hitting the wall even on short tracks with reduced speeds the driver is jerked to the right (passenger) side of the car because the wall does give and car only absorbs so much of the force of the crash. Believe what you want about law enforcement in this area but science has a way of explaining what seems impossible.

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Mar-22-13 11:01 PM

SuzzyQ the video on tv showed the whole passenger side of the car pushed in and scraped all the way down the side. To realize how much it was pancaked you would have to compare it to the other side which was not damaged. It was reported that a factory rep from KIA was brought in to examine the car as well as other experts in accident reconstruction. As these people aren't just sitting around waiting for someone to call them it takes time to coordinate schedules etc. Also the medical examiners office does cover the whole state. So it is not out of the realm of possibility for it to take longer to complete an autopsy report in a complicated case such as this one. This isn't CSI they can't solve all cases in one hour.

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Mar-23-13 12:18 AM

@bfromwv. I assume you are also involved in the investigation. It was not a head on hit. It was a slide into the guardrail. So she was ejected as the airbag went off to the left, was out the passenger window then flung backwards out onto 77. Hmm. Outside Investigation is needed.

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Mar-23-13 12:21 AM

Sorry. The right.

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Mar-23-13 8:24 AM

SuzzyQ I have no connection to this investigation on either side. I am just a regular citizen with common sense, basic science education and years of life experience. As for the crash being a side impact not head on. Air bags deploy in accidents going 25 mph. Have you ever been hit by an air bag? They deploy with enough force they can kill or severely injure the person they are trying to protect. So the impact of the crash and the airbag deployment could eject an unrestrained person from the vehicle.

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Mar-23-13 8:41 AM

Is it possible, since she did call her sister and seemed very afraid - is it possible someone she was scared of was chasing her which caused her to wreck? My daughter was in an accident - woman hit her in the side - the door post was so bent you couldn't open the door and it had to be replaced. This accident happened at around 30-40 mph so I can see how 70 mph would totally break it.

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Mar-23-13 11:10 AM

Kids make choices in life but sometimes they make bad is part of life..which sometimes causes death. The parents seemed to not want to think their child died making bad choices, they refused to believe that their perfect child cannot do no wrong. I thought it was BS when I saw Facebook with them saying "justice for whatever her name is" no seat belt, speed, inexperience driver and alcohol a prescription for trouble. Glad she did not hurt any innocent bystanders.

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Mar-23-13 11:34 AM

Bath Salt makes you think someone is after you. Deal with the facts and let it go.

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Mar-23-13 9:03 PM

All you people need to get a life. No one knows what really happened. God help you if you lose someone important in your life. This poor girl just lost her life. You people need to keep your comments to yourself. And it wouldn't be the first time the justice system has failed a family in this valley if that was the case.

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