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Right to Know

FOIA doesn’t need more exemptions

March 15, 2013

In an effort to protect gun rights, 11 members of the West Virginia House of Delegates are sponsoring an ill-conceived and illogical bill that would do little for gun owners but take rights away fro......

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Mar-16-13 5:48 PM

I guess the author wants me to trust the media and others with this info!!That is fine but trust goes both ways,so how bout we just trust everybody and no concealed carry permit is required.God gave me the right to protect myself and i wont allow anybody to take or infringe on it!!!!

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Mar-16-13 4:47 PM

I have an idea. The news paper says that it should be made public so we all know how much support they have for gun rights. Thats right it only needs to be a number. not the addresses and names. Just start a numbering system and shread all documentation of the cert. Just a thought. The CIA does it why not us.

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Mar-16-13 3:18 PM

Why don't we instead post the names of those that do not have a permit or guns? Either way you are inviting a criminal element to that persons home either to steal guns, or knowing that that person is unarmed and therefore an easy target. The bottom line is that we are free to keep and bear arms as outlined in both the US and WV constitutions. There is no need to share with the world who chooses to exercise this right and who does not. This is no more public information than your medical records. Please stop drinking the mainstream media kool aid and use some common sense.

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Mar-16-13 2:59 PM

"We believe it is always wrong to remove public information from the public." Again the author makes an assumption this is/should be public information... There is a record of individuals medical records... should this also be made public? This is "private" information that by being made public could endanger and allow the targeting of individual citizens. Again the author is spreading distortions and assertions not based on facts!

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Mar-16-13 2:54 PM

"For instance, it is in the public's interest to know how many concealed carry permit holders are in a city, a county or the state." In no way would this proposed law preclude the gathering or obtaining of overall statistics... The Editor/author of this propaganda has not done their homework!

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Mar-15-13 12:53 PM

Several years before the NY incident the same thing happened in Florida. In both cases homes that were published were targeted by thieves and guns stolen. The editorial says they "would hope" that other media outlets wouldn't publish this info but it's already been proven that they will. WV needs this law.

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Mar-15-13 7:06 AM

Another waste of time and money. Any and all public data should be just that, public information. Trash this bill and end this type of thinking by politicals who think they are doing good by hiding from the public, information that should be public. What next? Action by the government until it is law without public discussion, or closed door meetings?

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Mar-15-13 6:21 AM

First and for most I thought the news was to be unbiased but the artical right to know is about pro gun control. I would like to know what would be accomplised by making it public information as to who has a conceled carry permit.It would make the person with a conceled carry permit appear as though he is on the same level as a sex offender or criminal From past experience with the news media I would not trust them to not publish the list of conceled carriers. Look what happened in New York from the published list, of conceled gun carriers, Criminals had a rode map to break into homes and steel peoples guns. I would hope our representives has the courage to pass this bill to help protect citizens privacy. I was also curious as to why no editors name was shown for this artical. Ron Sinclair

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