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W.Va. leads nation in obesity

One-third of state’s population tips scale

March 13, 2013

PARKERSBURG — A local health official is not surprised West Virginia was recently named the state with the highest number of overweight residents in the union....

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Mar-13-13 9:11 PM

theexterminator,you are indeed a pathetic buffoon!!! And probably you are an obese useless taker!!!

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Mar-13-13 8:48 PM

@exterminator - so from me offering a few examples of cheap healthy eats by mentioning brown rice, oats, fruits and veggies... you turned that into eating sawdust? really??

then again, it is hard to take you seriously after you go on to write cancer was invented from the gov..

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Mar-13-13 6:32 PM

Marvin,unhealthy diets and physical inactivity are major contributors to obesity which is among the leading risk factor for many non-communicable diseases. the most signicicant consequences of obesity include hypertension,coronary heart disease,strokes,diabetes and pychosocial problems.Opportunities for healthy eating habits are determined by economic ,social and cultural factors. Obesity has the greatest impact on the less educated poor.

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Mar-13-13 5:39 PM

Guy 007 Ever seen a fat school teacher?Education must have missed there on weight control.There is fat people everywhere,ask the NJ gov, watch the fat girls on morning TV shows.

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Mar-13-13 12:44 PM

Guy007 that is an interesting comment that I think is one of the most intelligence reasons why wv is so fat. Well congratulations the state went from #2 to # 1 in a year. My question is what is the health administrative in the Capital doing about it? All the airlines are charging fat people double fares for taking up extra space and what is it that a person who eats so much develops Heath problems that they get to use the handicap parking places? This is not right...if you are overweight your health insurance should double. Like I said, stay away from fast foods because it will make you fat fast.

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Mar-13-13 12:42 PM

@guy: i do agree with you that a lot of cheap foods lack nutritional value - as our giant food industry steers us in that direction (and us consumers add the necessary fuel).

however, one can maintain a very healthy diet on a budget. it is simply pure laziness on society's behalf. how much does a bag of brown rice or oats cost? canned fruits and veggies (with no added sugars/sodium!)... maybe one has to put some time in preparing foods instead of relying on quick n easy processed foods... these are just a few examples of eating healthy on a budget...

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Mar-13-13 12:14 PM

Studies have shown there is a direct correlation between education level and obesity. The less educated,which comprise a large segment of WV's population are likewise less financially secure to eat a Mediterranean diet of fresh fruits,vegetables and fish. Likewise the young do not exercise any more. Nor do the youth play tag or kick the can anymore. If the mobile would get off their duffs and move as well as eat properly(no fast food!!!),that would put a dent in the fact that "W.Va. leads nation in obesity".

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Mar-13-13 12:03 PM

@gator and exterminator: i do not care if you choose to lead an unhealthy lifestyle. it is your life. with that being said... those who are obese/unhealthy pass their healthcare costs over to healthy/fit people (try to explain how that is fair).

i do not have an all-in-one solution but one thing for sure is that obesity=higher healthcare costs.

maybe fat people pay more? any ideas out there??

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Mar-13-13 9:11 AM

Another handle ???

Second sentence should read 'leads the Nation in stupidity'

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Mar-13-13 6:15 AM

Another fine representation of willful ignorance from the outstanding citizen Forthebetterofpbrg....

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Mar-13-13 5:35 AM


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