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BOE to hear Erickson fund pitch

March 9, 2013

PARKERSBURG — Members of Parkersburg South’s Erickson All-Sports Facility Foundation will be at next week’s Wood County Board of Education meeting to present a request for fund....

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Mar-09-13 12:09 AM

It's always been a North South issue, South side raised the money for their field, PHS should do the same. It's time South side got their fair share.

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Mar-09-13 12:54 AM

PSHS & Wmstown will not be getting any money. This is not about the "kids". It's all about PHS. The favortism that is shown is disgraceful.

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Mar-09-13 1:08 AM

Absurd. The bleachers were condemned. South's facility cannot handle all of the events that Stadium field holds. Southsiders always want to make everything a North-South issue. Grow up people. The real money should be going to education, main building maintenance and upgrades not athletic facilities anywhere.

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Mar-09-13 1:43 AM

Well heck no there isnt any funds left for anyone else you gave that to phs as they always do i feel for williamstown they didnt even want to fix a stadium they wanted to fix the school with a leaky roof and foundation issues but of course what money the Boe was giving out went to PHS please the board will never vote to help anyone else in this county till you get neutral members on the board not just phs fans plain and simple

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Mar-09-13 3:27 AM

Disgruntledfew, have you even seen the Erickson Sports field?? I'm a PHS Grad from back in the days where we had some real knock down, drag out fights between PHS and South at the games when we were mouthed off or cussed at (or hit in the back of the head with a rebel flag)... Pride runs deep and long. But now, as an adult, this looks to me as nothing more than pure discrimination against other schools. PHS has always had a parking problem for events; where is a parking problem with Erickson? And how can it not handle events; it appears able to handle significantly better events IF ever given a fair chance, IF there were a fair board. I am just waiting for some legal repercussions to pop up in a report from this 'stunt' (if, it is reported on).

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Mar-09-13 9:14 AM

Pride is a sin, by the way, and the animosity between PHS and South is a good example thereof.

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Mar-09-13 9:16 AM

I wouldn't expect South to get $700,000 as they don't need that amount PHS Stadium is falling down. Great, fix it. But to then not fund something for Erickson (who might I remind everyone they paid nothing to build)because "they can always share HS facilities" is disgraceful. You always "find" the money for PHS. So find it for South. Or ANY county school that needs it. I am not saying South should get something every time PHS does or vice versa, that's ridiculous. I understand PHS needs to be fixed and that's acceptable. But BOE has never given a dime to Erickson and they need to cough up something.

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Mar-09-13 9:24 AM

Really Mr. Yeater?? It's not a North-South issue..where have you been? It shouldn' be, but it clearly is. It will always be that way as long as the BOE makes decisions that keeps the friction between the two. I only ask for all students to be fairly treated and my tax dollars be used to benefit them equally. Way back when, Parkersburg South was suppose to have their own facilities, or at least that's what the voters on your levy was told. For years we used Stadium Field and the Fieldhouse for our HOME games. I believe it is time to make good on the promise. Let's get Erickson completed, and update the bleachers in ROAC,it's the only right thing to do. As for me, I will not vote in favor of another bond levy....

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Mar-09-13 10:22 AM

The board would rather fund PHS football than fix the leaking schools. What a joke of a board. You help a few athletic kids but you put them ALL in danger for black mold from the continued leaking. It can get in your bloodstream and literally kill you. But that's cool we will all just go to the game.

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Mar-09-13 11:14 AM

All three high schools need to accept the fact that money is tight. Fiscal responsibility on the part of the board will be to only address repairs and maintenance at this point. PHS stadium is the oldest athletic facility at this point and will naturally need more maintenance.

For other groups to stand up and launch continuous appeals for equal funds would be likened to a child throwing a temper tantrum because his brother received a graduation gift and he received nothing.

I hope the board remains fiscally responsible and allocates funds for maintenance and repairs only.

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Mar-09-13 11:21 AM

It is hard to see the favoritism when you are on the receiving end of it.

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Mar-09-13 11:43 AM

Would it not be quicker and more cost efficient to spend that $700,000.00 towards artificial turf at Erickson and all the team could play there games there? Oh that’s right you couldn’t expect PHS to play a home game outside Stadium Field. I have a sneaking suspicion Rick Bush will be wasting his breath. The invitation is just to appease the South Side people. I’m sure even a blind person can see what Mr. Yeater us up to.

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Mar-09-13 11:49 AM

"Disgruntledfew: South's facility cannot handle all of the events that Stadium field holds."

If Wood county ever wants to have a premier sports facility and host the super six games then we need to spend money to finish the bleachers and turf the field at Erickson. Ample parking, proximity to the interstate makes it an ideal location. Or we can blow all of are money on an antique. Antiques are nice to look at but usually not very useful.

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Mar-09-13 2:00 PM

Stay tuned for extreme budget diets the teachers and principals will be on, brought to you by the Wood County "We Only Care About Athletics" BOE. Pathetic!

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Mar-10-13 7:21 PM

It's only fair. PHS gets the money to fix Stadium Field. Erickson should get money for theirs. Williamstown should get help with theirs. That's the dangerous thing the WCBOE got into when they approved funding for Stadium Field.

And yes, even doing one per year would be a reasonable solution to this can of worms.

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