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Vienna to consider raise for city employees

Officials OK tractor bid, discuss rise in costs of new police facility

March 8, 2013

VIENNA — City Council, meeting in special session Thursday night, moved to present the budget committee with a 60-cent an hour pay raise for each city employee....

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Mar-08-13 10:03 AM

as usual the city council is not addressing the facts. an increase in the longevity pay from $.20 to $.35 per hour is from $416/year to $728/ year. this for coming to work each day? in this day and age one gets a raise just for showing up? and the $.60/ hour is another $1248/ year. must also note that this "special" meeting was not properly advertised for people to attend. this is in violation of the state open meeting law. it is nice to get a $2000/ year raise when so many are still hurting in this community. what a farce.

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Mar-08-13 10:10 AM

As usual Telfon is complaining anything and everything. City employees are still being paid well below average for a city of this size. If you want to keep quality employees then you have to give them some incentive not to leave for more pay.

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Mar-08-13 10:21 AM

as usual, the cheerleaders are starting to come out for a sunning. IF and i repeat IF the employees are with vienna for the money and have no loyalty to the city than they should go elsewhere. and since "educated" presents no numbers on how badly underpaid they are how can that statement be made? this town is about 8-10K people; MANY on retirement and cannot afford the never ending grabbing by the city council of every penny it gets. how about some BACK to those who are paying the bills? educated= you are not.

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Mar-08-13 12:03 PM

Average pay for a patrolman in the USA is $55,000. That is about what Vienna's cheif makes. I know of city road and park workers who were hard working people that have left after years to make more money starting out at the same job in a nearby city.

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Mar-08-13 12:32 PM

And 8-10k? There are nearly 11k. If you want to talk numbers you should make sure yours are correct. You've been educated.

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Mar-08-13 4:13 PM

Teflon, just so you know the city employees pay taxes and bills just like you do. If you need more help paying bills why not get all of the mooches living off SSI and quit complianing about people that work in all hours, weather, and conditions just to make sure "you get yours"

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Mar-08-13 5:15 PM

Educated. You have Teflon pegged just right. Always complaining, no ideas, just likes to be noticed. There are no tax increases and have not been for a number of years. Teflon is just one that likes to complain to hear himself talk. Bet he gets a Government Check every month. Take it for what it is.

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Mar-08-13 8:58 PM

educated; am going to make this really easy even for you. population for 2010 census was 10,749. DOWN from 10,861 ub 2000. loss of 1%. so because i was off by a max of 749 people my whole concept? the issue with you and rightfacts are you are both either city employees or relatives of same. you are assigned to come on and attack the messenger; in this case me. my facts are correct as stated. who cares what the average pay is for a patrolman in the u.s.a. are you trying to connect the bob and weave boys of vienna with a policeman from chi-town, la, frisco, seattle, new york and so on? no comparison; use p'burg, or marietta or williamstown. something and informative. if the local lt. is getting about $55K per year, would suspect he is overpaid. and moonlight, can't call you stupid as that is a lifelong affliction, but the three of you are for sure ignorant when it comes to the truth in vienna.

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Mar-09-13 12:02 PM

Williamstown proposed a $2 an hour raise that will bring their starting rate to over $15 an hour, which is more than Vienna. They have half the population. Belpre has about 8000 people and starts around $19 an hour, smaller population and $4 more an hour than Vienna. Aaaand Parkersburg is getting a $2 an hour raise. I keep giving you numbers and you keep deflecting all the facts. and thanks for confirming that there are nearly 11000 people in Vienna.

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Mar-22-13 5:20 PM


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