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Illegal alien arrested in marijuana seizure

March 6, 2013

PARKERSBURG — A man who said he was an illegal alien from Mexico was arrested Tuesday and charged with possession and intent to deliver marijuana in one of the largest drug busts in recent history,......

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Mar-06-13 6:17 AM

The bigger story will be the players who were receiving this stuff. I hope this guy names names.

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Mar-06-13 6:40 AM

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.Why such a difference in the bail?

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Mar-06-13 8:17 AM

LOL @ Marijuana still being so taboo in 2013. And yet alcohol(Also a class 2 narcotic which failed in prohibition) is far worse. Legalize it,regulate it and tax it. As broke as this country is the revenue would be welcomed because legal or not marijuana will always have a market. The 30+ year old war on drugs is a bust and statistics have proven that.

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Mar-06-13 8:32 AM

Sounds to me like he is just an 'undocumented worker'

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Mar-06-13 8:46 AM

No great loss. 100 lbs of dirt weed right there. But seriously, it's 2013 and a much more dangerous drug, alcohol, is legal. America, get your act together.

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Mar-06-13 11:14 AM

i like how "they did a JOINT investigation" WAS THERE NO PUN INTENDED? I bet they have.. Just Sayin... Lol

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Mar-06-13 11:18 AM

I guess he wasn't intimidated by the new police substation on the corner of 13th and Avery.

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Mar-06-13 12:24 PM

Interesting to know why the wife's bond is higher. Is it more illegal to be married to an illegal?

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Mar-06-13 12:35 PM

Story does not make sense, he was married to an American citizen, unless he did not file he paper work, he should have at least a green card. Looking at these" Bales" they have been smuggled across by "Mules" because they weigh so much it takes 3 men to take turns carrying it across. So common that this guy tells everyone that he is illegal because he knows he is going straight to the border without serving anytime...I hope not...people need to be careful with guys like him because he is connected to these cartels which are crazy. They will skin you alive then cut your head off and put on a stake next to the road. Glad that the police got him BUT there are more in that town. The last time I was in I met a Californian in a bar, I asked him why he is in my town. This guy from Compton told me that the white folks are say pickings to sell the powder to. It is the drug pushers from out of town that is killing WV. Who would you rather face the Parkersburg police or the L

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Mar-06-13 12:38 PM

LAPD, Highway Patrol or the Border Patrol? I wanted to kick his butt but his buddy had a sidearm on him in that bar!

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Mar-06-13 1:02 PM

More scum invading our town. There should not be any bond. He needs executed immediately for attempting to peddle his drugs here and doesn't belong here to begin with, so who is going to miss him? Obviously he doesn't have any fear of the law so why should the law be applied to him?

We should teach her a lesson that if she wants to be married to a Mexican but not follow the law, send her to Mexico to find a new husband and don't let her back in.

How in the world are they married if he is illegal? Am I the only one who this doesn't make sense to? I would find it easier to believe that he is legal, just wants a free ride to get more drugs in Mexico without any actual punishment.

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Mar-06-13 1:57 PM

DisturbedAgain, seriously? Execution? Calm your rabble.

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Mar-06-13 2:45 PM

That'd make a lot of brownies.

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Mar-06-13 5:07 PM

Until we do the right thing and EXTERMINATE these sellers and users,the war on drugs cannot be won. BUT,start the extermination process by eliminating those caught for drug possession and dealing that are now incarcerated in our prisons,and I swear to you this drug activity will cease 99%!!!

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Mar-06-13 5:41 PM

Obama's open border policy and his attempt at giving these Mexicans amnesty must stop. didnt Obama just release thousands over the sequester deal ? the majority of which were drug mules ?

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Mar-06-13 7:54 PM

Marjiuana is like a cancer eating at the fabric of our society.There is no way it should ever be legalized.Gradually the research is coming in of its insidous effects on peoples health,like lower IQ,lung disease,increasded mental illness tex.

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Mar-06-13 9:51 PM

lol.. I find this story kinda funny. Ironically the first thing that came to mind was the phrase..."Smoke some..get some." Imagine how many brain cells of his must be dead or just floating aimlessly through space..haha On a more serious note.. Good job PPD! ~:)

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Mar-07-13 1:08 AM

I find it funny that this was published the same day as a poll on making illegals legal. I don't mind the legals but the illegals are like this guy. Sure Obama send us some more NOT!

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Mar-07-13 7:16 AM

I think that all of these comments about getting rid of the scum are quite humorous. If you magically found a way to do this, you would probably be a bit confused about where most of our population went. The lazy, unemployed slob stereotype needs to go. Some of the smartest and hardest working people I know partake daily. Conversely, it's usually the dumbest people that I know that spout the "weed is poison" crap. The war on drugs is slowly coming to an end, people are slowly realizing it. Legalize it, tax it, put the cartels out of business. After all, more often than not the most dangerous thing about drugs are the people supplying them.

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Mar-07-13 7:54 AM

YES, execution. There is no recourse for illegal activity anymore. We slap them on the wrist, put them in time out and politely tell them no but it just doesn't seem to have the same affect. It is time to make these criminals realize that illegal activity will result in harsh punishment. Once they decide to commit these crimes, they forfeit their rights, plain and simple.

Respect and trust is earned, not a right. Since they could care less about them, they should not be afforded the same.

Illegals are draining our society. If you want to come here legally, I welcome you with open arms, if you can't follow our rules, get out. We must teach these drug dealers that severe punishment is waiting and we will not accept anything less. Start getting rid of them and it will detract more from the same stupid thoughts.

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Mar-07-13 8:16 AM

A Logan county father suffocates his one month old son after he takes drugs and passed out while holdindg the child. What is wrong with this scene? GET THESE LOW LIFES OFF OF DRUGS!!! ELIMINATE THESE SOB'S!!!

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Mar-07-13 10:58 AM

Sie alle toten, meine fuhrer!

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Mar-07-13 11:40 AM

Woody, CA was the first state to go legal with this pot. I know you think the actor Woody is cool and all but researchers are finding out that weed is actually hurting people in ways that was not known before. Here are some info....the lungs are 60% more likely to effected with emphysema, your eyes will be effected with cataracts, most of the brain gets effected because of the strong chemicals that this crap puts out. I know you may think it makes you feel "good" relax and maybe not so stressed out..but the after effects will kill you in the long run. People are turning to yoga. Mediation and why don't you go work out everyday...get the runners high by running everyday. People are so lazy that they would rather sit on their fat arse and light one up..give me a break...loser. I hope these people get caught

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Mar-07-13 12:47 PM

Wait, smoking hurts your lungs? I never would have guessed. Seriously, there are health concerns with smoking anything, be it cannabis, tobacco, or cardboard if that's your kind of thing. There are safer alternatives to smoking, such as edibles. And again with the lazy pothead stereotypes. I know a guy that lost about 150 lbs while smoking that devil's herb. Worked out every day too. Lazy people are going to be lazy, with or without a drug to blame it on.

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Mar-07-13 1:25 PM

Well I've decided to speak after reading some of this tripe for the last 2 days. I can say without a doubt REMINGTON has false inf. I don't know where your getting it but I follow studies from around the USA and it has yet to be proven cannabis is harmful in anyway you claim. As WOODY has said the paper is the most harmful part of smoking it. With vaporizer tech and edibles there is no real reason to claim resin would be in peoples lungs other than just poor judgement and no education. In-fact the opposite of your statement REMINGTON has been proven by a university in California. But I guess when your against something people will say anything to seem like they are against it for the right reasons. More studies have come out saying everything we were told by the government has been lies. That is why the D.A.R.E. program is no longer teaching about cannabis. If your going to speak on a subject please be informed offer up sources or keep the wild claims to your self.

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