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Federal Medicaid pledges are hollow

March 5, 2013

West Virginia is being forced to cut government services in order to keep the existing Medicaid program afloat. Gov....

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Mar-08-13 6:31 PM

Obama eliminated the Welfare to Work incentives initiated by the Clinton Adm. Disastous results! More folks on the dole for the long term. Medicaid is more used for the lazy and addicted than the truly needy. It will be cut sooner or later. If Bam Bam gets another term like he wants, it might cut into his Air Force 1 shuttle budget. The poor will then realize he wants to play golf with Tiger,visit withJay-Z, senad his faimily around the world and go to Hawaii more than he gives a crap about the under the bridge crowd.

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Mar-05-13 7:05 PM

While denver is correct in that the Supreme Court did indeed strike down the mandate to expand Medicaid (A mandate the President was against before it supported it) what he fails to comprehend is that laws regarding exchanges as well as laws covering Medicaid which limit the money a state can recoup from the federal government should they decline to expand, the government is in essence forcing states to make that decision. They can either join and become part of the Medicaid windfall that will reward them short term or decline in which case, hospitals and doctors in their state will be punished with their inability to collect dollars in the long term.

While I oppose Obamacare because it’s a bad bill-mirroring Singapore’s plan would have been a better plan-and originally opposed WV expanding Medicaid, I think the Governor should “opt in” by expanding Medicaid. At least then, WV doctors will at least have some access to funds in the future.

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Mar-05-13 6:42 PM

Are we being forced or not? Seems to me like the Supreme Court struck down the Medicaid "mandate" on the states as being unconstitutionally. So tell me just how is President Obama forcing us, when it comes Medicaid to do anything? This Editorials states "Yet federal law - President Barack Obama's health care takeover - orders the state to expand Medicaid by more than 30 percent. It is almost as if Obama, after exploding the national debt, is trying to force responsible states like ours to follow suit."

And that is not true! he cant force us to expand Medicaid, Supreme Court said so, remember. So if it not true, its a ... And that tells you lot about Mike Myer, now doesn't it???

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Mar-05-13 3:39 PM

West Virginia must do the right thing and provide medical care to the DESERVING poor,and not to the many,many leeches who have been able to manipulate the system as well as the shady beuracrats who make it easy for these leeches,lazy,unemployable(by choices they made in life) to be kept by those of us who worked all of our lives and must pay for this useless group of low lives.Providing for the lazy is just plain WRONG!!!

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Mar-05-13 2:47 PM

West Virginia must do the right thing andprovide medical care. Unfortunately, Our state citizens' health as a whole is not good. Too many West Virginians eat too much, smoke too much, abuse drugs too much and generally are not good custodians of their own bodies. The result is high blood pressure, high incident of heart attacks, strokes and cancer. All of these bad habits have a price. Now just pay the man.

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Mar-05-13 1:47 PM

Let's do the right thing and abolish the current Medicaid system,require poor child bearing women to have their tubes tied after being allowed to deliver one brat,get the lazy poor(who are indigant by choice) off of the current system while it is being dismantled,then establish a new medical program for the deserving poor who have been labled as such by the physicians working for the government. These recommendations will go a long way in solving the fiscal problems that exist in providing medical help for the truly desrving. We should also check recipients for drug use every three months. Those guilty are quickly removed from the program.

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Mar-05-13 6:30 AM

Can't seem to make up your mind Myer,

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Mar-05-13 5:53 AM

"West Virginia is being forced to cut government services in order to keep the existing Medicaid program afloat." and then in the same {Article} "West Virginians are being played for suckers by Obama and liberal lawmakers. We shouldn't fall for it by expanding the Medicaid program." Can't seem to make up mind Myer, are we being forced or not

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