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Arrest made in Sumner Museum break-in

Also charged with Fulton’s Supply break-in

March 2, 2013

PARKERSBURG — The Parkersburg Police Department arrested Justin Randolf Stukey on charges of felony breaking and entering at Fulton’s Supply and the Sumner School Museum....

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Mar-02-13 12:47 AM

So glad this is a felony otherwise Mag Marshall may give him a suspended sentence.

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Mar-02-13 9:56 AM

He would NEVER give up anyones names!

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Mar-02-13 10:09 AM

you guys make me so sick. Nobody knows the situation and yes he did wrong I am not saying it wasnt. but he needed help and when he tried to get it we were turned away. Do you people even know how hard it is for a drug addict that wanted help to get help. Its*****near impossible and thats unfair.

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Mar-02-13 10:56 AM

I would to just like to say a few things. First being an addict ***** but being a recovering addict is a blessing especially for me bc I got help. This a very well loved part of my family who tried to get help and was turned away! Yes, this is a terrible thing however good people do bad things sometimes! Everybidy always has to have their two sense in this acting like their perfect. If u were selling dope u would worry huh well I guess ur lucky he's not made like that. Its obvious u r though so y dnt you do yourself n every1 else n get a real job n quit destroying lives. Was for the rest please don't been quick to judge if you don't know nothin and this is Billie Up I really don't care who knows my name on here.

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Mar-02-13 11:10 AM

How were you able to get help and he wasn't?

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Mar-02-13 12:19 PM

Good question "Geezer" you got an answer for that "hiscuzn?" Maybe you could help somebody else, before its to late.

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Mar-02-13 12:20 PM

Geez; because one REALLY wanted help.

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Mar-02-13 12:39 PM

You people want sympathy for a felonious drug addict? Cry me a river.

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Mar-02-13 12:57 PM

Where in the article was the word "drugs" even mentioned? (0) Trial by media on an assumption? I'd like to see the property recovered before making any judgements or at least find out where it was sold.

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Mar-02-13 2:19 PM

Technically addiction implies a compulsion to use without regard to negative consequences DD Sumrok MD

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Mar-02-13 5:45 PM

Wildkitty, your words seems a little harsh...... hope you never make a mistake and then complain because people trash talk you. That being said, if he used illegal drugs or abused prescription drugs, he has no one to blame for himself. If he sought help and was refused help, why? I don't believe that was mentioned. What ever the reason, he will have to admit to himself that he has a problem and continue to seek help and not give up.

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Mar-02-13 6:58 PM

There's a rich one from our residing troll; looking at a picture in the paper and can tell drug usage,guilt and what else? What he had for breakfast? Just because some-one sticks half jointed sentences togather and claims to be a relative does not make it so. Neither article mentioned one thing about any drug to the jury of the media,so WTF?

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Mar-02-13 7:18 PM

Josef Mengle had the same talent. Looks doesn't mean s--, to who and what some one is will do or has done. If THAT is all you've gathered from your fantasy rides,is guilt and rousting by looks, then you are one gullible little puppy. If found,or admits guilt,then heave the book at him by all means,until THEN,or have you forgotten the meaning of the words?

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Mar-02-13 7:27 PM

Joe,it just burns me up,that thanks to craniums like that is the reason for guilty until proven innocent, instead of the other way round. Drilled in the act is one thing,accused is still merely that; Accused.

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Mar-02-13 11:20 PM

WildCityKitty- Who exactly is it that you think you are? You certainly add nothing more to society then the "thieving drug using piece of street trash" do. Think real hard, and I know this may not come as an easy task, as it seems you do none of the sort. There are plenty of times you deserved some sort of criminal punishment, be it even a 'parking ticket'. From the sounds of things maybe we should all cruise around with LEO's. I hear they've always been willing to write things off for favors from 'the passenger seat'.

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Mar-03-13 4:47 PM

To "Denver" and "Belmont" I don't care who knows this...I am his sister. And he did really want help. And do you know why he couldn't get help? Because he didn't have an address or an ID we couldn't get an ID because he didn't have any mail with proof of residence. Another thing, you people are all automatically assuming that just because they arrested him for this that he is guilty. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Everybody needs to get off there high horse and quit being so quick to pass judgement.

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Mar-03-13 8:21 PM

WildCityKitty- My intelligence level has nothing to do with my comments. We all really appreciate all of the volunteer time you put into letting everyone know your 2 cents for The Parkersburg News and Sentinel! My father was a Sergent for the WCSD for years. I was raised very well and lived a very good life. I have had my battle with drug addiction as well, but that doesn't mean I'm a bad person. I also know this man very well, as he lived with me for awhile, and he was a dear friend of mine. I also know, yes he mas mistakes, but he was a great father and person! As far as I'm concerned you're the street trash. You think you're better than everyone else because you've 'never' made a mistake. I have some news for you, some of these 'druggie pieces of street trash' you mention, do much as for society as you do. I guarantee you've worked beside many for years and never knew it!

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Mar-03-13 8:28 PM

Hdsister- I also know you, not very well, and obviously not under my screen name. I personally know his struggles as well, and know he wanted help. I love him very much, as did his family. All of us would've done anything we could have for him. I agree with you on, what happened to innocent until proven guilty.

@ WildCityKitty It's people like you that have turned it into Guilty until proven innocent. Judgemental, know it all, pieces of trash themselves. Just because this man has been arrested, has he been charged with anything?? Let's leave that up to the judge, unless that's you, as well, in your spare time.

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Mar-03-13 11:11 PM

Shorty,any person dealing,selling or imbibing in illegal drugs,which by the way is indeed a crime,is certainly not a good person,but indeed and undeniably a bad dangerous low life who has no right to live. That kind of life form is a threat to decent folks like myself. The right thing would be to reinstate the death penalty and remove these miscreants from society. They are a drain both financially and emotionally to the good people.

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Mar-04-13 2:50 AM

Life is all about choices, this guy made a bad choice and that was to do drugs because he never respected himself. I made a choice not to ever do drugs because I wanted a better high...a good paying job, loving wife and kids as well as standing on that stage with my Masters degree in my hand when they announced my name... That was my choice... Not taking the easy way out and steal copper out of a Veterans building. I really wished we adopted the Iranians version of dealing with guilty drug addicts. Because lately Pburg has been arresting alot of these losers

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Mar-04-13 12:07 PM

Remington,one has choices in life!!! HOWEVER,when a choice that is made threatens me and other decent folks,at that point the irrational choice made should be eliminated for the sake of protecting the good.

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Mar-04-13 12:37 PM

The only thing Guy007 has to fear is, Fear Itself.

------ F.D.R.

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Mar-04-13 1:05 PM

Neocurmudgion,in his inaugral address of 1932 Franklin Damnation Roosevelt did say "you have nothing to fear,but fear itself". HOWEVER,he later ate those words. Protection of the good(which I think is still the many) should be the ultimate concern of any legitimate society(government) even if that means the expulsion of those that threaten it.

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Mar-04-13 3:08 PM

Here we go again, "don't judge someone until you know all of the facts", baloney. This idiot caused his own problems and now is going to pay the price for it. If his mother did give him drugs early on, shame on her, but that does not condone his continued use. He soon became old enough to make his own decisions and made the wrong one.

Regardless of why he committed the crime, point is, he committed it, plain and simple. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Do you really need to ask such a frugile question. You know yourself that he is guilty. I feel sorry for his child knowing she has him as a father.

And cry all you want about me not knowing everything, I was once in a bad way myself and when I had kids, I gave up everything for them and it remains that way to this day because they were worth the effort. People choose and he made the wrong choice, now he will pay the price.

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Mar-04-13 7:12 PM

aprilskids- it's so sad that you choose to call people names and such, and then yet you hide behind your screen name.You think you are so much better than somebody else. My brother didn't even do this, he is only accused. The paper states no evidence at all, he is just a suspect. SUSPECT-feel that something may exist or be true. Believe someone to be guilty WITHOUT proof. Doubt the genuineness of.

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