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W.Va. workers weigh in on federal cuts

Firefighters say reductions would cripple service

March 1, 2013

CHARLESTON — As automatic budget cuts go into effect today, a group of workers from across the state tried to appeal to federal lawmakers to find a solution before these massive cuts affected West......

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Mar-01-13 5:42 PM

Remember Congressman David McKinley voted for the automatic budget cuts "sequester" and there is something we can do about that!

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Mar-01-13 4:45 PM

This will continue until the party which is perceived as obstructing forward progress is voted out. Right now that is the republicans. It doesn't matter if you support or hate the republicans. The consensus still tips to them as being more of a problem than a solution as shown by the last election.

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Mar-01-13 3:53 PM

Here we go again with the same old argument of my party is better than your party crap. The best thing we could do is get rid of all of the millionaire idiots in Washington who sit on their butts thinking they know what is best, but in reality, they have no clue how a normal person lives.

Both sides are desperately trying to make America believe that their ideas are the only ones that make sense and both have their own agenda. It is physically impossible for them to read the entire proposal and make sense of it because there are to many "extras" in it for political reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with the subject.

Get over your pathetic party insults and make logical decisions about one subject at a time. And while I don't agree with this sequestration, it will by no means cripple the country. There is more than enough pork barrel nonsense that would more than cover the necessary costs if only our government would stop fending for themselves.

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Mar-01-13 1:05 PM

We now have proof positive that the Republicans put their allegiance to Grover Norquist and the Koch Brothers over the United States of America. Norquist has said the object is to make the government so small that you can fit it in a bath tub and then pull the plug. Well, now they are crippling the government and they aren't done yet.

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Mar-01-13 12:25 PM

Are we so deponent on the federal government that a 1% annual growth in the budget destroys our economy ? That seems to be the case proposed by Obama. THEY ARE NOT CUTTING SPENDING relative to last year, only relative to what they proposed spending this year. Only the government would call that reduced spending. Quit lying and trying to scare us..

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Mar-01-13 12:22 PM

BOLO52: I know that we need to spend it all too get more but what am I suppose to do with all of these worthless ipads I did not even want. These things are expensive and I have two in my possession at work.

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Mar-01-13 12:18 PM

Many of you are implying that reducing the federal budget through the sequestration process is harmful to the American citizens. Across the board cuts could be temporarily harmful to those "sacred cow" programs that benefit us all as a whole,for example environmental programs. However,in the long run it shall benefit us. we should concentrate on reducing the budget by cutting back or eliminating programs that are nonessential and a drain on the working citizen. One of those programs that quickly comes to mind is the welfare program,which in essence,has created a large dependant group of citizens who have become irresponsible,criminal,lazy,entitlement thinking,and certainly a financial drain on those of us who are working/have worked and pay for the care of this useless group of people.

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Mar-01-13 12:02 PM

From factcheck dot org "In his book “The Price of Politics,” veteran journalist Bob Woodward of the Washington Post wrote that it was, in fact, Obama’s then-director of the Office of Management and Budget, Jacob Lew, and White House Legislative Affairs Director Rob Nabors who brought the idea of sequestration to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid before it was proposed to Republicans in Congress"

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Mar-01-13 10:24 AM

Being an active duty service member it is mind blowing to see how much of your tax payers dollars are spent for nothing.

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Mar-01-13 10:14 AM

One more thing, could we please quit calling this thing a cut. It is not a cut. The only way it can be deemed a cut is to understand that it is a cut in the INCREASE.

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Mar-01-13 10:02 AM

Just in case you don't know, this situation was engieered by the current administration. Bob Woodward, hardly a cconservative, exposed the truth and is being crucified by the left for it.

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Mar-01-13 9:33 AM

Right the Senate Democrats should have voted for the House republican bill because it was offered. Never mind that it would have done even more damage to the economy and the middle class The republicans proposal was so noxious that "NINE" republicans voted NO!

Again, Did you read those bills?

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Mar-01-13 7:36 AM

"BOLO52" {While the House offered a serious plan to cut spending and reduce the deficit,Democrats’ plan actually increased the deficit with more spending} Did you read those bills?

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Mar-01-13 7:16 AM

Time to see how the Tea Party's Frankenstein monster experiment in "right wing social engineering" (Newt Gingrichs phrase) pans out. Everything the ultra-right wing has touched for the past decade and a half has tended to smash in pieces. Iraq, the economy, U.S. respect overseas, the deficit, bank deregulation, suspending wall-street oversight, voter suppression. .....

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Mar-01-13 7:09 AM

It is a disgrace that Congressman David McKinley, and Shelley Moore Capito, as well as House Speaker John Boehner have walked out without doing what they should have done. Made a compromise and kept this country working. I wish I had a job where when I didn't want to work I could go home. But they will still have a job when they come back , but a lot of other workers will not because of their stupid behavior

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Mar-01-13 6:03 AM

Has anybody heard anything from our Congressman David McKinley about the federal cuts?

That's what I thought!

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