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Senator details cuts state may face

February 27, 2013

PARKERSBURG — Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., on Tuesday outlined what the sequestration cuts will mean in West Virginia....

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Feb-27-13 1:09 PM

The fact that there are millions of hard working Americans who did everything right, worked, saved, got retirement funds, budgeted...and then one day whoosh, lost their jobs...eventually their homes...or got cancer...and medical bills cleaned them out...none of you find this wrong?? None of you see that this is NOT the way this country is supposed to be? Because Wall street Bankers and Corporations screwed up...ALL OF US HAVE TO PAY??? You're good with that? They fly away on their private jets with their cayman bank accounts and you're good with it? I'm NOT. It's unreal to read this crap on here, insinuating that our country is in this mess because of 'lazy people' are partially right...lazy people sitting in air conditioned offices punching computer keys and moving their investments to avoid taxes.

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Feb-27-13 1:01 PM

It great to wax nostalgic about the good ole days, and how we pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps. The cost of living has increased at break neck so much. I remember when you could go out and get a job problem. What is wrong with this country is NOT THE FAULT OF THE WORKING PEOPLE OR POOR much as the Teabaggers and such want you to believe that. What is wrong is the the 1% most wealthiest citizens and Banks and Wall Street that destroyed our perfectly fine economy and will continue to do so until we are all standing in food lines. You folks that keep pounding the talk that Romney tried to push...we're all just moochers?? Read something other than the funny papers sometime why don't ya?

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Feb-27-13 12:07 PM

jbennett:God bless your Mother in law!That was back when men and women weren't afraid of work and didn't depend on local stores/restraunts to cook for them.I'm from a generation 20 years later and we did the same.Most young people today can't cook from "scratch"and have no clue dandilions are more than a weed! So sad!

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Feb-27-13 11:54 AM

How much cut in foreign aid?Don't cut the aid to anyone other than Americans.I never heard one word about that.

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Feb-27-13 11:43 AM

The USA has lived the good life in the "land of plenty" since the end of WWII,with no thought of cutting back on that carefree,frivilous,and "getting what is mine" lifestyle. Now the chickens have come home to roost!!!

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Feb-27-13 11:11 AM

Just don't cut mine, right?

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Feb-27-13 8:26 AM

And if we didn't have these cuts, we would be further in debt. Now is the time to pass laws that would double or more these cuts and increase our income with real tax changes. After all, do we need federal and state mine inspectors doing the same job? Let the states take care of their poor, and watch over the safety of their people. No state should need the federal government to run their business. My mother-in-law who is 96, told me she raised 7 brothers and sisters after her mother was killed in a wreck. She had 4 children of her own and raised 4 others that couldn't afford theirs, and said "she didn't know she was poor until the government told her she was". Maybe there is a message here, the government had to tell her it was so.

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